Pavitra Rishta 28th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Pavitra Rishta 28th January 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 28th January 2013 Written Update

Punni tells everyone in her family that she loves Mital and wants to marry him .Manav wants to know why she did not say this before , she tells him that she was trying to give hints to her mother that she was not happy about marrying Pradeep. Punni is very firm about marrying Mital only as he is divorced now .
Manjusha is so angry that she slaps Punni .Manav tells Purvi and Ruchi to take Punni inside her room .Vinod is also looking disgusted with his daughter .
All the grown ups sit together to talk about this awkward situation.

Manju says that she will nto let Punni marry Mital and after a few days Punni will come to her senses .Manav feels that it is not as easy as Manju thinks .Manju aks Manav and Archana if they would let their daughter marry a guy like Mital .
Vinod says that he is ready to put up with all the gossip for his daughter’s sake .
Savita also tels Manjusha to think practically .She says that Mital might be old but he is rich and this is what Punni wants . Punni herself has had engagements broken and will be difficult to find another groom for her now . She tells Manjusha to do what Punni wants .

Next morning in the Karanjkar house , Sulochna has got some sacred threads from the mandir for Punni ( so her relationship with Mital finalizes properly ) , Ovi and Purvi ( so their delivery goes smoothly ) .Archana tells Sulochna that they should be happy with what makes Punni happy .
Purvi is about to put the sacred threads in the mandir when Archana asks her about her delivery date .Purvi makes an excuse that she has forgotten her reports in the Deshmukh house .She tells Archana that she is 6 months pregnant .
Archana tells her that since Onir does not wish to do her delivery ( he wants to be besides Purvi as her husband and not as her gynac) she wants to have another good Gynac for Purvi .
She says that she will get Purvi’s teports from the Deshmukh house and then both Purvi and her mother will go to the new Gynac .
Purvi gets nervous as she knows that the new Gynac will immeditaely know that Purvi is 6 months pregnant .She thinks that somehow she will avoid going to the clinic with Archana .

Manju and Vinod go to talk to Mital in home , about their daughter Punni. They tell him that they have decides to accept his proposal for Punni . Mital is very happy and tells them that he will do everything to keep their daughter happy . He tells Vinod not to call him ‘ Sir ‘ . Vinod and Manju tell Mital that they are middle class people and will not be able to afford a grand wedding but Mital assures them that he too wants to have a simple wedding .He tells them that he wants to have a simple court marriage .Vinod and Manju look confused but he tells them that he wants to have a simple court marriage to avoid the media attention as media is already after him because of his divorce .
Punni’s parents agree to his request of a court marriage .
Mital says that afterwards he wil lthrow a grand reception in some big hotel and introduce his new wife to everyone .

Archana in in the Deshmukh house .She is looking for Purvi’s medical reports but cannot find them .She calls the hospital and requests them for duplicate reports .
Sunny calls her and tells her that his parents are coming over to her place to talk about his rishta with Teju .She tells Sunny not to worry as she and Manav will take care of everything .

Sunny’s parents come to the Deshmukh house .They are greeted by Manav and Archana .Savita also comes in and starts talking to Snehlata ..All the discussions are pretty much between Snehlata and Savita . Savita says that she has agreed to this marriage as she does nto wish to seperate two people who are in love .She says that her problems with Snehlata should not be the reason for Sunny and Teju’s heart break .Snehlata also looks convinced now but she puts in a condition .
She says that as teju grew up in a marathi home ,she wants Teju to come and live in their Gujrati house for a few days ( before marriage ) and experience the Gujrati culture .
Archaha is feeling uneasy about this but Savita immediately agrees on one condition that Sunny too will have to come and live in their home so that he too should experience the Marathi culture of this house .
Snehlata agrees to the condition .Manav and Archana are feeling uneasy but Savita says that adjustment should not only be expected fro mthe girl and Sunny too has to learn what kind of a family he has to adjust in ..

Precap : Savita is telling Teju that only on this condition will she let the marriage happen and right now she has not said yes to the wedding . She says that she will have to see what Teju wants after living in that house . Teju agrees to go and live in Sunny’s house .

Update Credit to: Tanyaz

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