Pavitra Rishta 28th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Pavitra Rishta 28th February 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 28th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Naren taking Ankita out of the house and asks her to get out. He says, she is not my Ahana. My Ahana would have done whatever I asked for. She loves me and my family and you don’t us. He throws her out. Ankita is hurt and cries. Sunanda asks Naren, are you fine? Naren says I am fine. We will enjoy at Raunaq’s birthday. Kinnari speaks with her friend and says she has make up her mind to spend rest of her life with Raunaq. She tells her friend that Naren threw Ankita out of the house. Raunaq asks Kinnari, with whom you are talking to? Kinnari taunts him for raping Mansi. Ankita looks at the house and recalls the moments when she entered the house. She recalls Naren’s words. Raunaq asks Naren, are you fine? Naren says, I am fine. If she don’t love my

family then I don’t love her. He asks to start the music.

Naren, Kinnari and Raunaq dance on the song Oh Pape Shaadi Karke Pachtaya……………….Raunaq says, this song is specially made for you. Kinnari says, I am repenting for marrying you.

Mansi tells Ankita that she should have give the statement and saves her married life. She says, we already lost the case. Ankita says, I can’t take my statement. I will get Raunaq punished. Mansi says, we don’t have any proofs. Why you are risking your life for me. Ankita says, truth also comes out finally. Mamta says, this case is very complicated and we don’t have any proofs. Ankita says, if we lost the case then we will appeal in high and supreme court. She asks Mansi not to accept defeat. She says, I want to live with Naren but he doesn’t want to live with me. I won’t accept defeat and won’t allow you to accept it.

Naren is working on the laptop and thinks to watch the film Shaadi Ke Side Effects. He gets a call and he says he is making the CD. Raunaq sees him awake and wonders what this mad man is doing. He says it is wonder that he threw Ankita out of the house. He says, but he didn’t get any attack and thinks to find out. He comes to Naren. Naren says, I was listening song and seeing the stop market update. He asks him to help him in business. Raunaq asks, are you fine? Ahana Vahini left the house. Naren says, I throw her out. Raunaq says, you are Naren Karmarkar, the genius.

Naren comes to Ankita’s home and says I came to talk to my sasur ji. He gives the money to Soham and asks him to pay the debts. He says, I need to talk to you some secret talks and goes inside. Soham comes out of the room and agrees to give the testimony in favour of Raunaq. Naren asks him to give the testimony and he agrees. Mansi says, we thought you have changed but we were wrong. Ankita says, we forgive you always but today you have broken our heart. Prashant gets angry on Soham. Mansi asks him to let their father go. Ankita tells Naren that I thought my husband is innocent, don’t know about the business, but you are a good businessman that you brought my father. You did the dealing of my sister’s respect. I am ashamed to be called as your wife. It means that you know very well that Raunaq raped Mansi and that’s why supporting him. I did a big mistake.

Shekhar tells the judge that he has submitted all the proofs and asks her to give the verdict. Judge says, it seems to be fake case. She says, woman are taking wrong advantage of law and it is very shameful thing. She says, this court frees Raunaq with respect. Naren says, 1 min. I need to ask something. He asks, what is baa izat bari means… means free to go, can do anything…..Shekhar says, he is not mentally sound. Judge says, he is free to talk. Naren says, I want to say…..Shekhar says, what do you want to say. This case is in our favour. Judge asks him to speak after coming to the witness box.

Naren says, my office employees tag me as mad and I also believes that I am mad but I am a mad genius. I am a bi polar mad guy. Whatever I do I use 100 percent of my brain. He says, I got something which I wants to submit. Shekhar interrupts. Judge asks him to continue. Naren says, I have 4 confusion in my brain and it would have occur in normal man’s brain. He says, I am upset with my wife Ankita as she accused my brother as a rapist but my perception changed after these four things. Everyone are shocked.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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