Pavitra Rishta 27th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Pavitra Rishta 27th May 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 27th May 2013 Written Update

Episode begins with punir house.. purvi gives water for drink yo shalini. She asks her what is her name & where she lives? Shalini says she is from Kolkata & her full name. purvi says, I m also from Kolkata.. my hubby name is onir.. shalini want to go back home & she wake up. But she shows her leg is paining.. shalini says she come Mumbai for job but she didn’t get job & she tells, her struggle for job in Mumbai. Purvi feels bad for her. Purvi insist her to live with her.. But shalini says your husband.. purvi says he is very good person.. he don’t mind.

At hospital every family member are present outside of Archana ward. Doc comes & thank you deshmukh for giving permission. Manav says I hope you will come out archana from coma.. doc says we will give one

injection to archu & they will take her in under observation. In archu ward doc enter & give her injection. Manav, savita, everyone is looking inside. (Finally Ankita come back I mean new Archu look). Doc gives injection to archu & come out. Doc gives hopes to manav. Savita says manav you don’t worry.. our baba(god)with us.. he will help us.
Part Two:
In punir house onir comes.. & he likes smell. He says what is making in dinner? He goes near shalini.. shalini turns.. he looks shocked.. he asks her what she is doing here? purci comes & tells about shalini. She tells, she was faint in market & she was having pain in leg. So she took her in her home. Purvi tells onir to do shalini check up. Purvi goes to do some kichen work.. onir is doing shalini check up. He asks shalini what she is doing here? shalini says I wanted to talk to you.. she says I have so many things to tell your wife but I won’t do anything like this. She says she is going outside. So come outside to meet me. Onir leaves. Shalini is also leaves.
Outside onir is calling shalini.. onir says what is she doing here? she tells did told me to do this. Onir says didi?? Didi means kinshuk baneerji.. onir tells her to stay way. He will plan how to tell truth to purvi.. so stay away.. one detective is watching & listening onir-shalini conversation..
At karajkar house sulochana is praying for archu. Soahm & varsha both are looking at sulochana.varsha says now aai will take fast 3 days for archu. She says it’s for archu tai. Varsha explains him about sradha & fast.. soham tells I will go temple for archu aai.
In Punir house shalini is singing song.. “swapna lok se aaja..”.. purvi wonders how she know about this song.. she tells I listen you. Shalini gets kinshuk call. she receive & says I have 4 days to stay here.. but onir don’t wanted that she will stay here. kinshuk says ” taklif ke badle taklif “.. shalini says I know.. & she cut off the call.
Outside soahm is coming in temple.. & remembering how was he shoot archu.. he says noo…. I can’t goo then he decides that he will go in temple for archana.

Part 3:
soham is stop outside.. & he thinking about archu. Purvi comes & asks soham he come here to pray for archu aai. Soham starts crying.. & tells I shoot archu aai here.. but purvi says it was not mistake that day.. she says archu aai was also come here to pray for you. Soham & purvi are enter in temple. Purvi miss coconut. Soham bumps with gauri… both are start argument & fighting.. purvi comes & stop their fighting.. gauri, purvi & soham is praying for Archana..

Precap: In punir house arjun comes.. purvi says arjun please you should not come here.. onir is not here.. you should go back.. backside shalini is doing some kitchen work & some materials are falls down. Shalini pick up & she wake up.. purvi says what happen shalini..? arjun is looking at shalini.

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