Pavitra Rishta 27th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 27th March 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 27th March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Ankita informing Sashank that she is going and does not know if she will come back. She asks him to take care of her family. Mansi hugs her and says nothing will happen to her and will come back. Ankita comes in ambulance with Naren. Shekhar is waiting for them. He helps Ankita get Naren down and make him sit in a car. They start the experiment. Ankita tries to wake up Naren, but he is unconscious. She says she has to save her Ahana today. She hugs him and says she will wait for him. Shekhar asks to think over again, Naren is unconsious and won’t be able to help her. Ankita says Naren will help her and will get well this time. She asks if ambulance is there if something happens. Shekhar says she has arranged the ambulance. Ankita asks her to go and says if something

wrong happens, their effort will go in vain. Shekhar says he will go now and asks her to keep the phone on and to call him if she needs his help.

Ankita gets into anothr car. She remembers her promises made to Naren and thinks whatever she is doing is from him and his Ahana. His Ahana will take a risk as she knows her Naren will come and save him. She remembers good time spent with Naren and thinks he fullfilled all his promises and helped her whenever she needed. She thinks he will help her this time also. She says even if she will die, she will make him get well and go.

She starts the car and bangs it, but car does not catch fire. She calls Shekhar and asks why is the car not cathing fire. Shekhar asks her to pull the wire. She pulls the wire and once again bangs the car. Car catches fire. She shouts and calls at Naren. Naren does not wake up. Shekhar calls her and asks her to get down as fire is spreading all over. Ankita says she will not get out until Naren comes and saves her. He says Naren is not reacting. She says Naren will. Shekhar goes near Ankita’s car and asks her to come out. Ankita asks him to go and she will not come until Naren comes. She then sees Naren waking up and gets happy.

Naren remembers Ahana’s car burning in fire. He gets out of the car and comes near Ankita’s car. He breaks the car door and gets her out. Ankita is unconscious. He gets her into his car and goes from there. Shekhar watches that from a distance. He gives money to ambulance guy and asks him to go. He starts following Naren. Naren says he is happy that he saved her, he is taking her to hospital and will save her. Shekhar does not find Naren’s car and thinks they must have gone home, but then thinks they cannot go so early.

Shirish scolds reporter for coming into the party and asks him to give her camera. Sunanda asks her to calm down and says if they would not have brought Raunakh out on payrole, this would not have happened. Kinnari starts acting and scolds reporter for taking pics. She says someone is not happy seeing Raunkh and her togehter. Rushali asks her to relax. Sunanda says Sirish it will be good for them if Raunakh goes back to jail. If police comes to know, they will catch them all. She says Raunakh’s sentence will be increased. Rushali asks reporter to give the pictures to her and she will give her money she needs. Reporter says she will keep her mouth shut if she gets the money. Sunanda asks Sirish to get Raunakh to police station. If reporter changes her mind, everyone will be in problem. Raunakh says he has 3 days to go, he does not want to lose his freedom. Sirish says Raunakh is inebriated and he will take him to police station in the morning. Sunanda agrees. Sirish and Kinnari take Raunakh to his room. Nurse comes and informs Raunakh is not in his room.

Shekhar is angry that he didnt find Naren’s car. He asks people around there if they saw a big car. They say a lot of cars go from there. Naren stops the car and asks Ahana/Ankita if she is alright. Ankita says she is alright and hugs him. She starts coughing. He asks if she is feeling pain. She says she is happy that her Naren sir is alright now. He says he will take her to hospital as her car was in fire. She says she is fine and didn’t get the burns. They hug each other again. She says this is not the right path and they have lost it. She asks him to take U turn. Their car does not start. Naren checks the car and finds no petrol in it. They think of getting lift, but see nobody. Ankita says she is afraid that nobody is around. He says he is with him and not to worry. They start walking to find high way. They get into the jungle. Naren says to walk further and they will find the highway.

Sirish scolds nurse for being careless and asks how can Naren go out of his room when he cannot even sit. Nurse says a maid came to the room and said Rushali asked her to go and have food. Rushali scolds her for believing the maid. Another maid comes and says they didn’t find Naren in the house and one more comes and says he found Naren’s phone. Sunanda says if his phone is here, then somebody took him out forcefully and asks everybody to search him..

Precap: Rushali and Sunanda start searching Naren on the streets. Ankita falls into a ditch and Naren helps her out.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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