Pavitra Rishta 27th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Pavitra Rishta 27th February 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 27th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Naren’s organising the decoration for Raunaq’s birthday party. Someone comes from the jewellery shop and tells Naren that Kinnari ordered some jewellery. Naren looks at the jewellery and thinks she might have ordered it for herself. He asks his servant to get the cheque book from is room. He checks the bill and says bill is made for 7 items but it is only 6. He leaves. Kinnari tells Sunanda that she likes western attires. Sunanda says, your aayi told me everything. Remember that this function is happening in this house and girl’s looks best in sarees. Kinnari agrees to wear the saree and asks her to select the saree. Sunanda says, I know you will never be overwhelmed by the things or money as you have always seen money. People get ready when they didn’t

have money and then they stoop low. We have so many examples near us but you are not like that. Kinnari thanks her. Ankita hears her taunting her.

Sunanda asks Ankita to become like Kinnari. You didn’t have even 10% values like her. She praises Kinnari and lowers Ankita. You don’t deserve to be bahu of this family but your destiny is good that Naren loves you. I would never tolerate you to stand here. You married him for money but think sometimes for him. When you didn’t think about your own sister then how can you think about your husband. You took advantage of Mansi’s rape. She says, after the last hearing Raunaq will be freed. what will happen with Mansi. Who will marry her? You might have think to give money to the guy to marry Mansi but she won’t be happy. She says, today’s function is important for Raunaq and Kinnari and asks her not to do any drama. She asks her to pretend infront of the guests. She says, your behavior has changed since yesterday but I think that you are making some plan. She warns her if anything happens then she won’t forget her. She asks her to pretend as a good bahu of Karmarkars.

Naren stops Ankita from coming inside his room. He gives her saree and asks her to wear it in the party. Music plays……..Raunaq and Kinnari is greeted by the guest. Kinnari tells his friend that Raunaq is a shameless fellow who is enjoying the party as if nothing had happened. Sunanda is happy to see the party celebrations. She says, I am missing Rushaali. She would be happy seeing Raunaq. Shirish says, Rushaali will come soon.

Ankita walks down the stairs. Naren compliments her and says I am complimenting the saree. He says, you are looking good. Raunaq tells Kinnari that time have come for their plan. Kinnari says, I have to improvise your stupid plan and threatens him. Raunaq asks her to keep the phone down. Raunaq tells her the plan.

Raunaq takes Naren to a side. Naren says, Ahana is very excited about your birthday. Raunaq says, I don’t have any problem with Vahini but my life has changed. These guest are saying that I am a scar for our family. I feel uncomfortable. Naren asks, how to clear the misunderstandings? Raunaq tells him to asks Ankita to give the statement that he is innocent. He says, Media have come and if she says that then everything will be fine. Kinnari tells Sunanda that Raunaq is talking to Naren. Sunanda tells Naren to talk to Ankita. Naren says, I will talk to Ahana. Naren calls her. Ankita comes. Naren says, you have a good chance today to clear the misunderstandings. Give the statement to media that Raunaq is innocent. Please tell the Media.

Ankita thinks about Naren’s Doctor advice and then thinks about Mansi. She refuses to lie. Naren says, tell them that it is a misunderstanding and everyone will be happy. Ankita says, I can’t say that as Mansi’s case will get weak. Naren tries to convince her. Raunaq and Kinnari try to agree her. Sunanda asks Ankita, what is your problem. Think as if you are giving a special birthday to Raunaq. Naren says, go and give the statement. Raunaq says, I beg you…Naren says, I don’t like this. I am divided between you and my family. I am feeling bad as people are gossipying about my brother. He shouts just go.


Naren comes to Ankita’s house and gives money to Soham for paying the debts. He says, I want to talk to you alone.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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  6. I miss rithvik n asha. they quit pavitra rishta still I check da written update to see anything bout dem

  7. sanah ur absoloutley rite! I mean rithvik n asha actin so gud buh I doubt dey will come bck even I check written update for dem I absoloutley cant stand raunaq,prashant,mansi.sunandi n all dat gang naren n ankita r fyn

  8. yes maariya u r rite I watch old pavitra rishta episodes , I hope rithvik n asha mke anoder serial 2gether shruti is excellent actress as well. ankita is very gud actress as well

  9. too right sanah ! i agree with wat u say u think jus lke me great minds think alike lol 😀

  10. hey sanah,maariya totally agree wiv u both. pavitra rishta needs to end nw apparently its movin to anoder time slot who will watch it

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