Pavitra Rishta 27th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 27th February 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 27th February 2013 Written Update

Episode begins with the scene at the jail..

soham says archu is better than balan, balan is angry that he is comparing him to archu, balan says he has supported varsha n raised him, n now soham is siding his family who has always insulted them, n now is considering him, balan his father wrong… balan goes on to say, he has always been at soham’s side n even had come to bail him out.. he tells soham that manav had shot soham, n now he wants soham to shoot manav! he wants to see him as bahubali.. balan goes on to brainwash him, he says archu was just posing to be nice by getting him food everyday.. balan goes on to emotionally blackmail him, he tells soham to shoot him(balan), takin out a gun, instead of accusing him of being a bad father!!.. soham apologizes n says no no..

u r my father n not manav.. balan tells him to make a decision n choose his father, soham says balan is his father n has made his decision.. soham walks away with d gun.. varsha tries to stop him but in vain.. varsha screams at balan, she says how could he do this, soham is just out of jail n u r planning to send him back again! balan says he has raised soham n he will do whatever balan tells him to do

onir n purvi come to D house, teju is there serves them tea n they chat.. ovi comes out with the baby.. onir says they just came to pay a casual visit.. the baby starts crying.. savita ajee tells ovi to feed d kid, ovi said she just did, but she still crying.. purvi gets impatient but onir stops her, but still purvi requests n takes the baby frm ovi who happily hands her over, the baby stops crying once it is in purvi’s hands.. every1 is happy n ovi says its amazing how d baby stopped crying.. purvi kisses d baby’s forehead.. onir is admiring her n thinks to to how purvi can be so selfless n give away her baby, its only her love that has forced him to keep mum, he thinks that purvi is really strong to be able to stay away frm her baby..

teju in her room, jigs comes in and hands her a phone to talk to sunny.. but teju cuts d call.. jigs is surprised, she says she doesn’t want to cheat n will not to talk to sunny… jigs says he cant see her depressed n its only sunny who can fix her mood.. teju says she cant go against their parents wishes… so jigs tries to cheer her up, n tries sum antics!! teju laughs..

at K house, purvi wakes up screaming, onir rushes to her n calms her down she tells, onir that she saw this horrible dream that somehting is wrong with d kid.. she forces onir to call them up, onir says its 1am n they cant disturb any1.. but purvi ia adamant.. finally onir calls arjun, apologizes for calling so late, but arjun says they were awake, just had put the baby to sleep, onir makes some excuse abt ovi’s meds n also enquires abt the kid.. after cutting the call he tells purvi everthing is fine.. purvi cries, she says she is sorry for troubling onir so much.. onir says its all fine.. she leans on to him n cries… onir promises to himself that he will always be at her side, thro all the bad dreams/times n be her strength… he tells purvi to sleep.. as he gets up to go to his bed, purvi is still holding his hand.. onir stops, sits at edge of the bed, holding her hand admires a sleeping purvi..

arjun n ovi are sleeping with the baby in between them.. the baby starts crying, they both wake up, n try to pacify the baby, but the baby continues to cry.. they both panic, arjun asks if the child is hungry, ovi says no she had just fed her.. they put her in d cradle but she still cries.. finally ovi takes her out sings the lullaby which purvi had sung, arjun looks at ovi n the baby, the child sleeps.. ovi smiles to herself n says that she has the life what every woman wants, perfect husband n lovely kid…

balan n soham are talking, he tells soham that it is a difficult decision to make, then balan tells soham what he has to do.. they r making plans for the shooting(convo in mute)

archu n manav walking n archu telling manav that tmrw her son will be out n that she wants him as a part of the family soon.. manav is skeptical.. archu prays, that she soon wants to see her son.

PRECAP: soham holding the gun to his head, archu is screams n tries to snatch it away but a shot is fired, she gets hit on her neck n falls back into manav’s arms.. soham is shocked!

Update Credit to: ArVi

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