Pavitra Rishta 26th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 26th March 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 26th March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Mansi disguised as maid and trying to go out. Raunakh sees Mansi with her face covered in kitchen. He asks her to show her face. Shashank comes just then and drops the tray to distract his attention. Raunakh scolds him and even scolds Mansi to do their work properly and goes from there. Shashank hugs and consoles Mansi. Mansi opens the door and lets Ankita in. Ankita says she will go to Naren’s room and to inform her if somebody comes. Rushali sees them and asks who are they. She hears Soham’s voice calling Naren’s name. Rushali thinks why did he come here.

Soham starts talking loudly and says he wants to meet his Naren. Sirish and Rushali tries to take him away from the guests. Soham starts creating a scene and says guests he lives in a chawl. Sirish

gives him drinks. Sunanda thinks he will spoil their reputation. Mansi says Soham came to help them. She enters Naren’s room. Nurse asks who is she and why did she come to this room. Mansi says she came to inform that Rushali asked her to come down. Nurse goes out.

Ankita sees nursing going out and comes into Naren’s room. Mansi says she will watch outside and goes from there. She calls Shashank and informs Ankita is inside Naren’s room feeding him. She asks him not to let nurs meet Rushali. Shashank sees nurse and says Rushali gave her a message to go and have food in kitchen.

Raunakh starts dancing in the party on Shanivaar raati hame neend nahi aati….. song. Kinnari sees that and gets angry. Ankita feeds Naren and frees him from the restraints. She applies ointment on his wounds. Shashank comes and asks Mansi about Ankita as it is getting late. Mansi says she will get her out. She goes in and helps Ankita get Naren out of the room. Shashank takes over and Ankita and Shashank take him out. Soham starts throwing jokes to divert everyone’s attention.

Shashank and Ankita take Naren out, and nobody sees them.. Soham asks DJ to play the music and starts dancing on a song. Raunakh sees him dancing and starts laughing, but Rushali and Sunanda are very angry. Guests get uncomfortable. Raunakh sees Mansi going inside. He starts following her. Kinnari sees him going and follows him. He stops Mansi and asks her to show her face. Kinnari sees that and slaps him. She says he has still not mend his ways, he was in jail for that. Raunakh says he just wants to see her face. Sunanda comes and asks what is going on. Kinnari says he was misbehaving with maid. Sunanda slaps and says he came out on payrole and to behave himself. She goes from there. Kinnari drags Raunakh from there. Mansi feels relieved.

Rushali sees nurse and asks what is she doing here instead of taking care of Raunakh. Nurse says maid informed that you asked me to have food. Rushali says she did not send any maid. Nurse says Sunanda must have sent then. Rushali asks her to go and don’t leave Naren alone.

Shekhar calls Ankita where are they. Ankita says they came out of the house. He says he has made arrangements and asks her to bring Naren via the ambulance waiting outside. Raunakh starts drinking alcohol. Kinnari thinks let him drink, he has only 1 night left. She goes and asks Raunakh if he is okay. She gives him drink to eat. He asks she slapped her just now and how come she changed her behavior. She says she is her wife. Raunakh says he liked it and asks her to take him to the bedroom. She says bedroom talks will be done later. She gets jouralist’s call who says security is not allowing her inside and asks to let her in. Kinnari comes out and asks security guard to let her guests in. Journalist comes in. Kinnari asks her not to behave like a journalist but to act like a photographer. She asks her not to let anyone know that she called her.

Ankita and her siblings get Naren in ambulance. Ankita asks Mansi to go now. Mansi insists she will go with her. Shashank consoles her saying it is Ankita’s fight and let her succeed alone. Ankita says Shashank she is going and does not know if she will come back or not and asks him to take care of her family. Mansi says nothing will happen to her and hugs.

Precap: Ankita and Shekhar experiment on Naren. Ankita’s car catches fire and she calls Naren. Naren wakes up listening to her voice.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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  1. Woow,,cant wait to watch 2mao.great precap

  2. Waaaaw great episode !!!! i hope after this track, they will finally focus on soham’s track 🙂

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