Pavitra Rishta 26th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Pavitra Rishta 26th February 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 26th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Sunanda asking Ankita to do aarti of Raunaq and says nothing will happen like before. Naren asks Ankita to do the aati and say sorry to Raunaq. Naren says, Mansi didn’t recognise the culprit as her eye sight is weak. Kinnari tries to stop Ankita but Raunaq asks Ankita to do his aarti. Ankita does his aarti with tears in her eyes. Shashank watches on TV about the court case. He tells his parents that he is going to Mansi’s house. They asks her not to go. Shashank says, it is my responsibility to support her. His aayi says, I have already broken your alliance with her. Everyone are telling about her bad reputation. She blames Mansi. Shashank says, there is no difference between you and the media. Don’t you care about Mansi. She says, I care for

my society. Shashank says, you liked her but now you are refusing. His aayi says, she is not good for you. She asks him to choose either her or Mansi. Shashank leaves.

Kinnari comes to her room and asks Raunaq to get up from the bed. Raunaq says, we need to talk and asks her to sit on the bed. Kinnari tells him that she has proofs against him. She asks him to be careful. Raunaq says, I am Raunaq Karmarkar. Kinnari says, , don’t try to become my husband. Raunaq says, you are forgetting something and says we have a motive. He asks her to sit. He says, we have to throw Ankita out of the house tomorrow. I have a plan. Naren will throw Ankita out of the house.

Kinnari is talking to her friend and tells her that Raunaq is so irritating and she hates him. Naren knocks on the door. Raunaq opens the door. Naren asks them to come downstairs. Kinnari says, it seems they came to know the truth. Raunaq fears for the worst. Kinnari scares Raunaq even more and tells her that she will not support him. Naren asks Raunaq to come to him and asks him to tell the truth. Naren wishes him happy birthday. Raunaq gets relieved. Kinnari thinks he don’t deserve it. Ankita recalls about her conversation with Naren’s Doctor. He tells her about Naren’s worry and asks her to do what he says. Ankita comes and wishes him Happy birthday. Raunaq says thank you. Naren says Ahana is a good girl, sometimes she is wrong. He asks Raunaq to forgive Ahana. Raunaq says, I don’t have any complaints with her.

Raunaq cuts the cake. Everyone sing Happy birthday song. He makes everyone eat the cake. He asks Ankita to eat it. ankita eats the cake for Naren’s happiness. Naren plans a birthday party for him. Kinnari says, Ankita is unpredictable. Raunaq says, She is behaving strangely. I don’t know about her changed behavior. Kinnari says, I want to kill you. She speaks blah blah…..I am supporting you to my motive. She says, I think of murdering you as you have raped her. Just think what Ankita might be feeling. We have to find the motive behind Ankita’s move.

Ankita calls Mansi and says sorry. Ankita says, I would have never done this. Mansi asks, what have happened? Ankita tells everything. She says, I did it for Naren’s happiness. Ankita says, he means a lot to me….Somewhere in my heart I love him…..I did it to save him and to make him happy. Mansi asks her not to cry and says you did the right thing. I am ready to forget everything for jiju’s sake. I am happy for you both. Ankita says, I can’t tolerate Raunaq. Mansi says, you have to live there for Jiju. Mansi says, now it is my turn. Naren comes and hugs her. She says I am very happy. He thinks I can’t take you in my room else Attu will be angry. He says, Shekhar will fight for Mansi’s case after proving Raunaq guilty. He asks her not to take any tension. Ankita thinks to keep him happy.

Sunanda tells Ankita that only one court hearing is left and says after that Raunaq will prove innocent. Did you ever think what will happen with Mansi. Who will marry her…?

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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  3. are ankita and mansi deshmuks children

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