Pavitra Rishta 26th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 26th February 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 26th February 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Manav calling Sunny and asking him whether him and Archu left from the temple. Sunny says, aai went to get flowers.. and we are above to leave. He asks if baby is fine. Manav says baby is fine. Sunny says, aai will be very happy knowing this.. she was getting so worried. Manav asks him to tell Archu to call him before leaving.

Ovi and Arjun come to Manav’s house with their baby. Savita does their aarti and everyone welcomes them. Manav’s dad tells them the baby has gone on Arjun.. she looks so like him. Ovi says, I was telling him same thing. Teju has decorated the room. Ovi and Arjun are happy. While on the other hand, Purvi has tears in her eyes and is putting away all toys and baby clothes. Onir comes there now. He gives her a hug. He then sits down

beside her and tells her, you cried enough.. and you can’t be this weak.. in a difficult time, you took a big decision.. and now you can’t step back from your decision. We are now in Mumbai, away from the baby, you have chance to move on. Purvi says, I am trying.. and I am happy as well. She says baby is out in normal environment and slowly slowly she will get used to it. what more I want. She asks if any more problem with baby’s health. Onir says, she is absolutely fine now. Purvi asks him how did Arjun-Ovi feel when they took baby in their for the first time.. they must be very happy right? and then she gets quiet. Onir tells her, Arjun-Ovi has our baby and they will take good care of her. Purvi says, we will go back to Kolkata. Onir says, okay I will arrange tickets. Right then, sulo comes and says, Arjun and Ovi are back and I was thinking we all will go there. But you’re planning to go Kolkata. She asks if anyone said anything to them? Purvi says, it’s not like that. Sulo then says, forget about going to Kolkata then. Onir tells Sulo that they will stay here as long as she needs and will go to see baby as well. Manju hears the conversation and gets angry at Sulo as she stopped Purvi from going. Sulo tells Onir to come as well. Onir says he will definitely go as well. Sulo leaves.

Purvi asks Onir why did he say yes when he knows Purvi can’t go. Onir says, I said yes for that reason only. This is your test.. you will have to learn how to stay away from the baby by staying closer to her. Purvi says, I don’t know how I will be able to do this. Onir says, don’t worry.. I am with you.

Precap – Soham being released from the jail.

Savita is making space in a cupboard. Manav tells Savita, baby is going to stay here only for few days. Savita says, Soham is going to be released from the jail tomorrow.. I am making space for him. Manav says, he won’t come here. Savita says, our Archu said.. court also said.. he’s changing and that’s why court is releasing him early. He’s trying to be a good guy.. he’s guilty for what he did.. you should give him one chance as well. Manav says, no.. I know Balan very well.. as soon as Soham comes out.. Balan will fill his ears. Savita says, give him one chance for our Archu. Manav is thinking.

Police come and tell Soham that they are releasing him. Soham gets shocked. Soham says but I was going to get released tomorrow. Police say tomorrow is public holiday so we are releasing you today. Police congratulate him and says, I hope you won’t come here again, and yes.. meet your mother who used to come here with your lunch box everyday. Soham leaves.

He now comes out of the jail and sees a guy taking blessings and hugging his mother.

Manav is playing with the baby. His sister comes and she plays with the baby now. She says, she must have brought lots of happiness in this house. Manav says, yes..when she smiles.. everyone smiles.. and when she cries.. everyone gets sad. He says he is very happy as he became grandpa and this happiness Ovi gave him.. he says I will always be thankful to her. Now they think about Purvi. His sister says, this shouldn’t have happened with Purvi. I went to meet her and didn’t know what to say to her.

Balan (new Balan) comes to meet Varsha. Varsha says you must have some work that’s why you came. Balan says, you know me very well. Varsha says, I know you’re a very mean person. And today it’s just too much.. you want me to do something for you when I am in jail? He says, you’re in the jail because all the deeds that you did. She says, I accept my mistakes and the sad thing is .. because of me Soham is in the jail as well. He says, I have came with Soham’s news. Varsha gets excited now. Balan says, our lala is releasing from the jail tomorrow.

Precap – Soham comes to see Varsha and asks Balan, you don’t seem too happy seeing me here?

Balan says, jail authority told me and that’s why I came here to give you this news. Varsha is very happpy. Balan says, I know he will come here to see you first.. and I want you to explain him and make him agree to go back to village.

Varsha refuses. Balan says seems like you’ve gone crazy by staying in the jail. Big big people are waiting for him.. he will become Bahubali. Varsha says, and again he will come a gunda. Balan says, cut the crap and tell him to go to the village. Soham comes and says, but I won’t come.

He runs to Varsha. He says I was dying to see you, but I didn’t know baba would be here as well. Balan asks, but you were going to be released tomorrow right? Soham says, yes,, but I got released today. And by looking at your face, it doesn’t seem you’re happy about it. Balan smiles and says, I am very happy.. I missed you so much. Soham says, but why I can’t see that from your face? I needed you so badly when I was in the jail and you never came. And now as I am released, you’re too happy about me. Balan says, I was busy with work. You became Bahubali and went into the jail so someone had to do all that work na. Now as you’re out of the jail.. you can take Bahubali’s place again. Soham says, you don’t care about me or my happiness.. you just care about my wealth.. my power. Varsha says, finally you found out the truth.

Soham tells Balan, Archu is better than you.. she loved me more than you. Balan says, what? You’re comparing me with her? Soham says, yes.. she gave me birth and did her responsibilities. Varsha is shocked.

Episode ends.

Tomorrow’s Precap: Archu is at some temple. Manav is also with her. Soham comes and calls mother to Archu. Archu gets surprised and runs to him.

Update Credit to: DesiTvBox

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