Pavitra Rishta 26th August 2013 Written Episode Update


Pavitra Rishta 26th August 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 26th August 2013 Written Update

Arvi come running into the hospital to Archu’s side. They ask about Manav and if they’ve gotten any update on him. Archu says no and they ask how long as it been since he’s missing. Onir comes there and says half hour. They’re all worried.

Manav is chasing down a guy who looks like a wardboy and gets into a huge fist fight with him. A crowd gathers around them to watch and Manav just keeps throwing punches at the guy. The guy apoloizes but Manav just continues to unleash his inner beast on him.

Back in the hospital, Purvi asks Sacchu if he told Savita or Damador about the problem of Manav being MIA. He says no. Purvi then tells Archu that maybe it’s time to file a police compliant of Manav being MIA. Soham agrees.

Onir is yelling at a security gaurd of

the hospital in another corner and tells him to do his job properly.

Archu gets a phone call from the police officer telling her to come down to the station because her husband is with them.

Manav is sitting quietly in the police station. Two police officers are discussing among themselves and say while pointing at Manav that look how relaxed and quiet he is now. Would anyone be able to say how violent he just was a few mins ago? They shake their head. The police officer says there must be a problem in his head somewhere.

D family shows up the station asking about Manav. Sachu asks why they’ve arrrestd Manav. The officer tells them how Manav was involved in a huge fist fight with a wardboy. Archu says she can’t believe that. The officer says he doesn’t understand how such a huge bussinessman could be involved in such a brawl. The officer allows one person to go inside and meet Manav.

Archu goes by Manav’s side. Manav is very relaxed and seems like himself and tells Archu why she come so late to see him. Manav shows Archu her ring. Manav explains how the wardboy stole the ring she left at his bedside and therefore he went chasing him to get the ring back. Archu says there was no need for this. Manav says it doesn’t matter it was your ring, i had to get it back. Archu says that’s fine but dont do this again, because you’re the most important for me.

Arman walk to the front of the police station and the wardboy is bring brought in by another officer. He’s really badly beaten. Manav tells Archu that this is the wardboy who stole her ring. He says but he shouldn’t be beat up that badly. He tells the officer that the wardboy did wrong but he shouldn’t be beat up that bad. He tells him to not beat him up. Everyone is looking at Manav like he’s crazy especially the officers. D family leaves from there except Sachu and Onir.

The wardboy begs the officer to let him go but the officer doesn’t listen to him. Onir then tells the officer that Manav just had brain surgery and perhaps that’s why he’s behaving so weirdly because he’s not okay mentally. The officer says he saw himself Manav beating the ward boy violently and had they not reached there, who knows what would happen to the ward boy. Onir tells him he agrees but Manav is not okay. The officer says he understand the ward boy stole the ring and thus Manav beat him up but he did so violently that he must take action against Manav especially if the family files an FIR against the ward boy. Sacchu asks what if they don’t file any complaint against the ward boy? The officer asks who he is. Sachu gives his introduction and begs the officer to not take any actions Manav. Then Onir tells the officer he’s a doctor and he’ll give all the proofs that Manav is not well right now. The officer says okay, if you won’t file anything against the wardboy, we’ll let him go with a warning and end it there.

Soham is speaking to Ovi on the phone. Ovi tells Soham she was so upset she was about to tell Savita and Domador but she didn’t. Soham says don’t tell them and take care of them and the home.

Soham is assuring Archu everything will be okay. She asks Soham if there’s any complaint filed against Manav? She’s confused why this all happened and why Manav got so violent. Soham is calming her down. Onir comes there and tells them that Manav is getting more complciated. He’s noticed that whenever something wrong happens that Manav doesn’t like, he loses his temper he reacts very violently towards it and the most worse thing is that he doesn’t even remember these violent episodes after they’re over.

The doctor comes there and tells the family that Manav’s case is the rarest of the rare. He says inspite of the bullet still being in his head, he’s fine and all his body functions are fine too. He tells them that nothing should happen that would upset Manav and not to talk about the incident at all. He says to be happy and have good happy conversations with Manav so he can have a speedy recovery.

Purvi tells Archu to sit with Manav. She tells her she got clothes for her from home.

The next morning Sulo is sitting with Archu outside Manav’s room in the hospital. Savita says someone must have evil eyed the family. Archu tells her we must not talk about this infront of Manav and be happy around him. Suddenly she sees Mittal walking in the hallway with flowers in his hands and looking at his cell phone. Mittal comes to where they are and says hello to them. Archu says why is he here and not give such flowers because all he’s done is give thorns in their lives and to leave form there. Mittal asks or what? You’re gonna file a police report against me? He says do you really think I always think about your family only and how to ruin your lives? He says there are other patients in this hospital and he’s here for his friend. He says with sarcasm that with your permission can he go visit his friend? Archu and Sulo are quiet. He says thank you and leaves. Sulo says what a batameez after he leaves.

Mittal goes into Sandeep’s room and greets him. Sandeep is happy to see him. Mittal says you’re my close friend’s son and I’m sad to hear about this and thus he left everything to come see him. Mittal notices Sandeep staring at something behind him. He turns and sees gauri there. Then he turns back to Sandeep and he’s still just staring at Gauri. Mittal asks how he is? And Sandeep snaps out of it and introduces gauri to mittal. He praises Gauri to Mittal alot and Mittal thanks her and Gauri leaves in a bit of anger. Mittal asks when is he coming home. Sandeep says he’s getting discharged tomrorow but he doesn’t want to leave. Mittal is confused and then realizes because of Gauri he doesn’t want to leave and he teases Sandeep about her.

Gauri is sitting outside in the hallway and Soham comes to her and hands her coffee. She thanks him and invites him to sit with her. Soham tells her why does she work so much. Gauri smiles at him and Soham says he’s worried about her and she’s laughing at him. Gauri says she knew she would have to study really hard to be a doctor and it will be a lot of work but this is what she wanted. She’s happy and she tells Soham she has to go now. She leaves and Soham stares at her as she leaves with a smile on his face.

Archu is at Manav’s bedside. She’s on the phone with purvi and asking if pari fell asleep yet. She tells Purvi to take rest now too. Manav is smiling and Archu hangs up and asks what’s the matter. Manav says he’s happy that his daughter got her love and that most importantly that Ovi accepted Arvi marriage happily. He says Ovi and Onir got together and got Arvi together. Suddenly Manav gets pain in his face. He says to Archu did he get hurt on his face? Archu remembers the doctor saying not to talk about the incident infront of Manav. Archu tells Manav that remmeber you chased the ward boy? you slipped and hurt yourself then. Manav says oh yes. Archu says Manav, it’s just a small wound, you’ll be okay soon. The doctor said you’ll be fine soon and we’ll go home and celebrate Janmastami. Manav is happy to hear this and says he’s cant wait to be together with the whole family. Manav discusses prepartions for the holiday with Archu as she listen and looks a little sad.

Precap: Mittal is telling Sacchu that all the money he has is only Manav Deshmukh’s. Sacchu says to him don’t take my Baba’s name from your dirty mouth. Mittal says he’s not your baba. You have no existence in his life. Remmeber your mother and your “baba” [he puts quotes around the Baba] never got married. You are an illegitimate child. Sacchu gets upset and screams BAS to him.


Update Credit to: soniiyaa

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