Pavitra Rishta 25th October 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 25th October 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 25th October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Mansi and Prashant discusses what they will tell to the principal. Mansi says that aayi or baba can’t meet the principal. Soham comes and says he got fruits for them. Also he got chocolates for Sonu and Pranav. Prashant tells Ankita that he is changed. Soham says he didn’t drink the beer today. Ankita tells him that she wanted to talk to him. Soham asks sweetly what she wants to say? Ankita says you have to go to Pranav’s school for the parent’s meetings. Soham says school. Soham gives bondi sev to Mansi. Ankita asks, will you go to the school. Soham says he will go as he is Pranav’s father. He says but he has some condition and asks what is Ankita’s salary. Ankita says she gets 10000 Rs as salary. Soham asks 2000 Rs from her 10000 salary. Ankita

asks, you want money for going to Pranav’s school. Prashant yells at him. Soham says you don’t have any other option. Ankita agrees and says she will give him the money once she gets her salary.

Soham says he wants money now itself else he won’t go. Ankita says she didn’t have money now. Soham leaves. Prashant tells Ankita that we will go to meet the principal. Ankita agrees.

They comes to the Pranav’s school. Principal asks them to sit and asks, where is the parents. Ankita says they can’t come and she take care of Pranav. She says she wants to talk to the responsible parent who can take the decision. She says Pranav beats some boy at school. Ankita says sorry. Principal says what will happen with your sorry. Just then principal asks Mr and Mrs. Kohli to come. Ankita looks at Soham and gets shocked.

Soham gets shocked and tells Mrs. Kohli that he is his son. He says he did it for 2000 Rs. She asks him to come and she will handle. Principal gets a call from someone asking her to come as one boy falls down the stairs. Prashant gets angry but Ankita asks him not to do anything. Mrs. Kohli tells them that she knew the truth but tells her not to tell anything to Principal. She tells Ankita that her husband is a drunkard and she gave the money to soham to come to the school else the principal may expel the kid. Mrs. kohli tells sorry to the principal on his son’s behalf. Principal then asks Ankita, why your father didn’t come. Ankita says he can’t come. Principal says who will take care of his responsibility. Ankita says she is doing her responsibilities. She shows her medals of her siblings and says her siblings are educated in this school. She says our circumstances are like that and we have to work hard.

She says she reached here with a lot of hardwork and requests her to give a chance. She tells the principal that their father is drunkard and he is not the ideal father. She promises that nothing will happen next time. Principal says there is some rules and regulations and it is difficult to keep the kid at school. Shashank comes and introduces himself. He says I am Ankita’s fiancee. He says she is working hard to give best education to her siblings. She didn’t have the good parents, but she has loving siblings. He declares that he is going to marry Ankita soon and will take responsibility of the kids. He says he will adopt the kids and will give a written statement. Principal agrees. Pranav says sorry.

Soham is sitting outside and asks Pranav, whether he got expel from the school. He says nothing happens with studying. and gives 1000 Rs to Pranav. Prashant angrily throws at his face and leaves. Soham picks the money and thinks he is bad for them in either ways.

Prashant tells Shashank that he did a great act as he said he will adopt the kids after marrying Ankita. Prashant leaves. Shashank asks Ankita, why she didn’t tell Prashant about them. Ankita says he might get hurt. Shashank says it is a good chance. Prashant comes and asks, what they are talking about. Ankita says she will talk later. Shashank says, he loves Ankita. She also likes me but she never committed to me because she wants to settled you all. She wants to marry after settling everyone. Shashank says he is ready to wait for her. Shashank tells that he said the truth at the principal’s office. Prashant asks, is it true? Ankita doesn’t say anything. Prashant says it means it is yes. he says he wants to talk to her alone.

Arjun is talking with his manager. He tells him about some company. Arjun says he heard this name before. At the other end, Purvi is asking Pari about the company, someone says it is in India. Arjun is being told that the company is in Canada. Purvi tells Pari that we should not deal with this company. Pari says what is wrong with this and says you don’t want to go as that man resides in India. Purvi asks her to take his name with respect. Pari says he didn’t see my face, never try to know about me, he married his first wife and settled with her. She asks her to give her one reason so that she accepts him to be her father.

Pari tells Arjun not to call her aayi again. And says be happy with your wife and daughter. She says we are happy without you and asks him not to trouble them. Arjun is shocked, hurt and speechless.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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