Pavitra Rishta 25th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 25th March 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 25th March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Rushali greeting her guest and saying she didn’t forget his hospitality in London towards her. She introduces Sunanda and Shekhar to the guest. Guest asks about Raunakh. Sunanada gets tensed hearing that. She asks Rushali to take care of the guests and excuses from there. Rushali says the guest that Naren had to go for an important conference and introduces Raunakh to him. Guest says he heard there is a legal case against Raunakh. Rushali says it is rubbish, he is an accused. If that was the case, why would have been walking free. Kinnari listens to her and says let her tell lie, what will she tell to reporters. Rushali praises Raunakh for taking care of guests. She says she will go and check Raunakh. Kinnari asks her not to worry as she already fed him and nurse

gave him sedatives. Shekhar says Rushali that Kinnari is right and asks her to attend guest and he will check Naren. He thinks Ankita and her siblings should have come by then. Just then, Shashank enters disguised as Sardar waiter. He sees Raunakh and gets angry.

Shekhar goes to Naren’s room and sees him sleeping. He asks him to get ready, his Ahana will come and help him get back to normal soon. Shekhar gets Ankita’s call. He asks him when is she coming as party has already begun. He says he will distract Karmakar family so that she can take Naren out easily. He comes out of Naren’s room and sees Rushali going towards the room. He stops her and says he is coming from Naren room and he is sleeping. He asks her to be with Raunakh.

Sulochana gets dizzy and was about to fall, but Pia holds her. Archana sees that and goes near Sulochana. She asks Pia to get water and asks Sulochana if she is alright. Sulochana drinks water and says she is alright. Pia says she should have food on time at this age. Archana thanks Pia for helping Sulochana. Pia says Sulochana is like her grandma and goes to bring soup for her.

Ankita and her siblings come near Naren’s house and waits for Sashank’s call. Rushali comes and asks security not to let anybody in and asks him not to let Ankit in especially. She turns back and sees Sunanda. She says Ankita should not come to her house. Sunanda says she just wants the guest leave soon to stop any drama in the house.

Sulochana says Archana that she will not allow MRI scan done. Pari says she will take her for MRI. Sulochana agrees if she accompanies her. Pari says she is her big grandma. Savita says she is big. Pari says she looks younger than Sulochana. Savita gets happy and says she looks younger. They praise each other. Pia comes and says everybody has soft corner for each other. Savita says she just came 3-4 days, how can she know everybody. Pia says she is a chef, so she should know everyone to know their taste. Savita asks her to tell about each and every member of her family.

She describes everyone’s nature. Savita asks how can she know everyone’s nature and asks if she is chef or detective. She futher describes about the other family members. She says she even knows about Ovi, Purvi, Soham, etc. Savita gets angry hearing that and asks her to be a chef and not to interfere in her family. Archana asks Savita not to scold Pia and asks Pia to go from there.

Shekhar sees Shashank and thinks his first move is successful. Raunakh calls Shashank and asks him to serve the drink. He does not identify Shashank. Shashank tries to go in. Rushali stops him and ask where is he going. He says he is going to kitchen to fill the glasses. She says drinks are on the other side and to go there.

Pari comes to Pia and sees her crying. She asks sorry for Savita’s misbehavior. Pia says Savita is just like her grandma and she didn’t feel bad. Pari asks if she is missing her famly. She then repeats Pia’s encouraging words for her and asks her not to feel lonely and to share her problems, she is always with her and like her sister. Pia hugs her and thinks she is her sister.
Shashank calls Ankita and asks Mansi to send in as he cannot come out. She says what Shashank said. Mansi says she will go inside. Prashanth tells her kid siblings something. Kid goes near the door. Security guard sees her and comes near the kid. Prashant comes and starts quarreling with the security guards saying they are trying to kidnap the kid. He holds them and signals Mansi to get in. Mansi knocks the door. Chef opens the door and asks who is she. Mansi says she is servant’s daughter and Rushali asked her to come. Chef says he cannot allow her in. She requests him and says her father is ill and if she gets some money, she can buy medicines for him. Chef allows her. She comes to kitchen and SMSes Sashank. She then picks utensils and says she will wash them. She thinks she should find a door to get Ankita in.

Raunakh comes to kitchen while speaking to his friend on phone. He sees Mansi and asks her who is she.

Precap: Ankita comes to Naren’s room. She sees him tied and unties him.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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