Pavitra Rishta 25th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 25th July 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 25th July 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Archu and Manav waiting for Purvi. Archu tells Manav, I want to tell you something. Manav says, go ahead. Archu says, I want Purvi to get married again. I mean we are with her and will always be with her, but after some time, Pari will need her father. That’s why I think we should get Purvi married. Manav says, I understand what you’re saying and we need to talk to Purvi about this. Manav asks, do you think she will agree? Archu says, I know it’s a very difficult decision, but Purvi will have to marry for Pari’s future. I am sure I will make Purvi agree. Manav says, you’re right.. we both know very well how hard it is to raise your children alone. And we don’t want our children to go through same.

They are at their home now. Archu is worried as Soham

still didn’t return home. Savita says he is very carelessness. Couldn’t he tell someone that he will be late. Sacchu says, he must be drinking somewhere. Teju tells Sacchu, you just need a reason to blame him. He is not like that. Savita supports Sachhu. Then they see news of an accident. The reporter takes Soham’s name as well. Everyone is shocked. Archu says, I was telling something wrong happened. Now Savita is crying. Archu runs out to go to Soham. Everyone follows her. Archu suddenly falls down unconscious. Gauri comes home and does her checkup. She tells family that Archu’s blood pressure went down. Did she get any shock? Before Manav says anything, Gauri receives a call and she is called immediately for an emergency. Archu is taking Soham’s name. Gauri says, it’s not good for her to take stress. She tells family members to take care of her and she will have to leave for an emergency case. Purvi asks, how can you go like that? Gauri tells her there is an accident and she will have to go. It’s same place where Soham got into an accident. Archu wants to go with Gauri, but Gauri tells her to rest. Archu asks Gauri to promise her that she will inform Manav as soon as she finds any news about Soham. Gauri promises and leaves. Archu is very stressed. Manav tells her to have faith in God. Manav receives a call from Sulo.

Manav comes out to talk with her. Sulo and Varsha are crying. Sulo says, we just saw news and they are showing Soham’s photo. Manav says, don’t worry.. a medical team has gone there and Gauri has also gone along with them. Sulo asks if he’s going there as well. Varsha takes phone from Sulo and tells Manav, I also want to come with you. I am worrying about him a lot. I can’t call him either. Manav says, he forgot his phone here and I and Archu wanted to go there as well, but no one can go there. Police have sealed whole area. Soon all helplines will start, and we will know about Soham. Till then you take care of Sulo aai and we will try to get update on Soham. He hangs. Varsha feels sad. She tells Sulo, jiju hasn’t found anything about Soham either. He will inform us when they find any news. Varsha is crying. Sulo tells her to calm down. Varsha says, I don’t know, but today for the first time, I felt like that I have no right on Soham. I don’t know why I am saying this, but when jiju said they are trying to get an update on Soham and when they have any news, they will update me.. for a moment I felt like I have no relationship with Soham. Sulo says, what are you saying? If you think like this, then it will affect all relationships. Archu has given you all the rights on Soham.. you can meet him anytime you want. Varsha says, you’re right.. I shouldn’t think like that. She prays to God for Soham.

Gauri is in the ambulance. The staff is talking how bad accident is and due to heavy rain, it’s going to take double time to reach there. Gauri feels sad and has tears in her eyes.

Archu is sitting alone on the stairs. Manav comes to her and asks her to go inside. Archu says, I won’t come inside until my Soham comes back. She blames herself for what happened with Soham. She says, Soham was telling me this morning that he doesn’t want to go to work and wants to stay with me, but I sent him to work forcefully. Manav says, you believe in God, right? God doesn’t do anything wrong with good people. Archu says, I want to hear his voice.. I want to talk to him.. please do something.

Police stop the ambulance in midway and tell them they can’t go ahead because heavy rain has affected roads very badly. Gauri says, but there are many patients who need us. If they are not treated on time, then their lives can be on risk. Police say, we are checking.. once we get an update, we will let you go ahead, but for now, you will have to stay here whole night.

Gauri tells this to Purvi. She says, I didn’t tell this to Archu because her bloodpressure is already low. Gauri tells her she will call later when there is an update.

Savita asks Purvi what Gauri said. Purvi tells everything to her. Savita is sad and doesn’t know why God does this to them. Purvi says, I don’t know how to tell this to aai. Savita says, you won’t say anything. I will tell her my way. You stay quiet.

It’s morning now. The ambulance arrives at the accident site. Gauri is scared seeing everyone’s condition. A nurse tells her what are you thinking? Start the treatment. A man comes running and tells Gauri, my wife’s condition is very bad. Please come and see. Gauri starts checking everyone. When she is checking one patient, Soham comes running to call a doctor. Gauri gets surprised seeing him. Soham says, now don’t ask what I am doing here.. come and check that patient. Gauri goes with him. Soham is running here and there to make sure everyone is fine despite being injured. Gauri tells him, you have got injury on head, hand. Soham says, stop worrying about me.. I am fine.. people there can’t even walk.. I will bring them here. Gauri says, you’re injured and running here and there without any treatment.. if your wounds get deeper, then your life can be on risk. And if you can’t save yourself, then how will you save others? She forcefully takes him with her holding his hand. As soon as his treatment is done, he again goes to help other people saying they need him. Gauri says, what about your family? She didn’t let him speak and says, You didn’t even call them once. Do you know how worried they are. Soham says, will you let me talk? I forgot my phone at home and I tried with other people’s phone, but it didn’t work. Gauri says, how can you forget your phone? Call with my phone. She takes out her phone and sees there is no network. Soham leaves from there. Gauri wonders how she will inform Archu now.

Arjun and Purvi are in a car. Purvi is lost in her thoughts. Arjun asks her, what are you thinking? Worrying for Soham dada? Purvi says yes. Arjun says, you shouldn’t have come to office today. Purvi says, it’s okay.. work was important that is why you called me. She receives a call from Archu. Archu tells her Soham is fine. Purvi is relieved and happy. Arjun asks, so are you feeling better now? Purvi says, yes. Arjun then is talking about their work and Purvi asks driver to stop the car as she saw her friend. They go back. Her friend says she is going for her son’s school admission. Purvi tells her that they will drop them. Purvi’s friend’s son asks driver to stop the car as he sees balloons. He says he wants balloon. His mother says, we are going to school, so not now.. next time for sure. Arjun smiles seeing them. The boy feels bad and goes out of the car and tries to cross the road himself. Arjun goes out and brings him back from heavy traffic. Purvi’s friend thanks him. Arjun tells her to relax. Purvi asks her friend why she seems sad. Her friend says her son has become very stubborn these days and talk rudely with the elders. She says, since I got divorced, I can’t take care of him properly. I am realizing now that parents have to be together to take care of their child. Arjun and Purvi get quiet. They arrive at the school. The boy thanks Purvi and Arjun and they leave.

In car, Arjun and Purvi look at each other recalling Purvi’s friend’s words.

Precap: Seems like Gauri is injured at the accident site. She is unconscious on a tree. Soham comes and carries her down.

Update Credit to: Desitvbox

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