Pavitra Rishta 25th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Pavitra Rishta 25th January 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 25th January 2013 Written Update

Part 1:
Episode begins with karanjkar house punni’s engagement ceremony starts.. everyone is present in hall. Panditji starts doing engagement rituals. Punni is looking at archana ear rings & her necklace. She says to herself.. wow.. so beautiful.. sure manav kaka would gave this necklace to archu.. if I will marry to mital he will also give me expensive necklaces.. then panditji gives saree to punni & says wear this saree & then remaining rituals will starts. She goes in her room & sends one pic of her & mittal hot via sms. Pradeep sees sms & looks at punni. Then mittal comes in karanjkar house & gives flowers bucket to vinod & congratulate him.. archu & sulochana sees mittal & shocked to see mittal. Sulochana recalls that once time she saw punni with mittal.. ovi asks to sulochana & archu what happen…? Why are you tensed? purvi says to archu that I know he will come here.. sulo says means you knew everything na.. archu tells that I want to tell manju but punni’s ceremony & she does not want to hurt manju. Manju heard everything.. Then vinod calls manju. Vinod introduce mittal as his office boss.. pradeep is looking at mittal. Manju looks shocked to see mittal.. manju backs to near archu & sulochana. sulochana asks her do you know that he will come here?? manju says I also don’t know but I m totally shocked to see him. Manju says before telling something to vinod he introduce mittal as his boss.. archu tells he may create problems & if pradeep know about punni’s past.. then.. sulochana says now we want to try keep away this mittal from ceremony.. purvi goes near to manav & tells him about mittal.

Part 2
In karanjkar house punni comes back wearing pink color saree. Ruchi tells punni that manju is calling to you.. punni is confused & thinks that still her rishta not broken.. she says to herself that he may not see sms.. she comes put from her room. Punni looked shocked to see mittal in function.. she says to herself that mittal is here.. now why he come here?? pradeep glares at puuni & he wakes up from ceremony. Panditji asks pradeep why are you waking up? It will be bad.. pradeep goes near to her mother & tells that he won’t able to do this engagement.. he tells you see this pictures.. pradeep mother gets angry. Manju calls vinod that she want to tell something. Before saying anything to vinod pradeep’s mother tells vinod that this relation is not happen. Why you all hide punni’s past to us? She tells see this pic… you all are insulted us & she tells why are you calls mittal here? vinod looks confused. Pradeep’s mother tells everything to vinod. she asks why are you hiding all this? Manju says I felt this will not necessary to tell you.. pradeeps mother breaks punni’s & pradeep relations. She leaves. Vindo tries to stop them but they leaves. Vinod is hurting.. he comes backs in house & asks to mittal what is all this sir? How your picture comes on pradeep’s phone…? mittal tells vinod that I m serious with this relation & I want to marry to punni. Punni shocked to hear this & says to herself that yesterday he said not but now he is agree for this relations.

Part 3:
In karanjkar house manju says do you know what are you..? mittal says yes.. I know it will difficult to accept me but I love punni. He tell when you leaved me before 1 and half years that time I was alone.. I felt alone & that time I divorce to my wife.. he says that time I don’t want to spoil punni’s life… he tells but now I realize that I love punni. So now he want to marry with punni… manju says no… mittal tells that you thinks about my proposal.. then you decide what you want to do… manju gets furious & tells sulochana that what mittal told me…. Manju starts scolding at punni & all things happen because of this punni.. she attacks on punni… purvi & archu stops manju.. then sulochana says to punni that why you want to destroy our house good will.. she tells why punni..? sulochana gets asthma attack.. vinod tells sulochana that you cool down.. manju says why punni not told truth about mittal…? punni confirms in front of all family members that she loves mittal… everyone looks shocked.

Precap: Manav, Archu, Sulo, Punni’s parents all are gathered. Manju asks Archu-Manav, if this happened with your daughter, then would you get her married to this older man like Mr. Mittal?

Update Credit to: Naresh

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