Pavitra Rishta 24th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Pavitra Rishta 24th October 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 24th October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Mansi telling Prashant that tai lost her job but now she got her job back. Arjun sir came to inform her. Prashant asks Ankita, why she didn’t share her problem with us. Ankita says, as she got the job our life will be changed. She asks him to concentrate on studies. Soham gets happy hearing about her getting a job. He thinks he will eat on Ankita’s money. Mansi is looking at Shashank photo which she kept in her book and smiles. Sonu comes and says she is hungry. Mansi says she will prepare food and leaves. Meanwhile Sonu sees Shashank photo in her book and smiles.

Shashank tells Ankita that it is a good news that you got a job. Ankita tells her that baba saw them together on a bike. Shashank says he will talk to him. Ankita says she can’t marry

him as she has to look after her siblings. Shashank says we will marry later. Ankita says she can’t marry him. She don’t want to bind him. Shashank asks, are you mad? Ankita says you have to wait for me and I don’t want that. Shashank asks, then what he can do. He asks her to answer him and asks, Do you love me? Ankita says she wakes up at 5:30 am, make her siblings ready for school. Prepares breakfast etc etc etc. She tells him her complete schedule.

She tells him that if she finds time then she will think about his question and will answer then. Shashank laughs and wonders if he could stop himself from loving her.

Purvi comes to Archana and says didn’t you sleep yet. Archana says she isn’t getting sleep since she saw Ankita’s photos. She predicts Ankita is Soham’s daughter. She asks, whether Arjun called her. Purvi says no. Archana says she still hears Soham voice. She can’t forget that Soham ran away with his brother to be wife gauri. She says she wants to meet her grand childrens ( Soham’s childrens). she says she wants to give them every right and wants to love them. She says Ankita should get every right. And says she will go to India to meet her. She says she hates Soham but wants to love Ankita.

Purvi says she understands her feelings. She says I am also waiting for Arjun’s phone call. Archana asks did you asks about him. Purvi says I didn’t want to know about him. And says Arjun’s daughter picked the call. Archana says sorry and thinks it is Pia. Purvi says she has made herself very strong.

Archana thinks your love for Arjun reflects in your eyes. I will not pray for your togetherness but will pray that you forgets him.

Prashant is teaching Pranav. Pranav says he is feeling sleepy. Prashant asks him to study on the weekend. Pranav says he will study now. Pranav tells him about Bh se Bhade show coming on Zee. Pranav plans to watch the show on their new television. Ankita comes and gives milk to him. She checks the diary book and says that they called our mummy pappa. Pranav says he had a fight with some boy. Pranav says he will manage the principal. Ankita asks how you will manage him. Prashant asks him to go to sleep. Prashant and Ankita wonders from where to get parents. They recalls their step mom curses Soham saying that she married him after her sister died. And then she gave birth to two kids. Soham asks him to shut up. His second wife says she will leave him. Prashant urges her not to go. She leaves. Prashant says she is not at fault either as this man did hurt her so much. She didn’t have any other way out. Prashant says our aayi tolerated our father till the last. Ankita says we have to take Baba to the school else the school authorities will expel pranav. Prashant wonders what to do?

Teju asks Pushti to come first in the school. Gaurav asks her to start reading the speech. Manav cheers for her. Pushti starts giving the speech. She says her parents are the best. They follow Indian culture in Canada. She says she learnt about relations from her parents and they have supported me. She says I love my family the most. Pushti asks, did they like her speech. Everyone applauded for her speech. Neena says my daughter loves me very much. Pushti says she prepared this speech for her family. Archana blesses her and asks her to take Sachin and Neena for the parents day function. Manav says we all shall go. Pushti says you are my inspiration and wants to show her family to her friends.

Ankita asks Soham, will you go to School. Soham says he will go but he has some condition. And asks her to give 2000 Rs from 10000 Rs salary. He says then he will go to Pranav school.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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