Pavitra Rishta 24th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 24th March 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 24th March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Shekhar requesting judge that he wants them to release Raunakh Karmakar on payrole as his brother Naren is seriously ill and being constrained. Judge says she will accept the payrole, but on a condition that Raunakh should not do any crime during payrole. Shekhar says she will not let Raunakh do any crime and take his guarantee.

Shekhar comes to Naren’s room and sees nurse sleeping. He remembers Ankita’s words and switches off the AC. He scolds nurse for sleeping and asks her not to switch on the AC and to keep the windows open. She says okay and goes from there. Shekhar gets Ankita’s call and she asks about Naren. She asks if he opened the window. He says he opened it and informed nurse also. He then says Raunakh got payrole and Rushali has thrown

aparty. She has to take advantage of the party and get Naren out. She says she knows. Naren calls Ahana in his sleep.

Rushali guides her servants in the decoration. Kinnari calls someone and says she was happy without Raunakh and has to see the dog’s face again. Rushali comes and asks if she is happy that Raunakh is coming back. She says as Raunakh comes, the environment will be happier. There will be positivity, and even Naren will feel good. Kinnari thinks house is being decorated as if Ruhali’s son is coming by winning a battle.

Raunakh comes out of jail and thanks Shekhar for releasing him for jail. Shekhar asks him to sit in a car. He thinks he is doing wrong because of Naren, else he would not have. He calls Ankita and informs that he has released Raunakh on payrole and party’s preparations are going on. She asks Ankita if she knows what to do. She says yes.

Shashank informs about the plan to get Naren out of the house. Soham’s family listens to him carefully. Soham thinks he will help his daughter, though Sashank didn’t involve him in the party. He will go to Naren’s house party. He knows how to enter rich people’s house.

Rushali sees Kinnari speaking on phone and asks her to prepare pooja thali as Raunakh will be coming any time. Sunanda sees the decoration and says Rushali that her son has not won an award, he is coming on payrole. Rushali says she has to do this to make her clients think everything is normal. Sunanda thinks Rushali has gone made in her son’s love. She calls Shekhar and says she is tensed if something happens in the tonight party. She says Raunakh is coming on payrole, if police come to know about the party, what will they think. She asks if the party can be shifted to hotel instead of house. Shekhar says Rushali insisted for party at home. Even he thinks it should be at home as only few guests will come. He thinks Ankita will be able to remove Naren only if the party is at home. Raunakh comes home. Rushali and Sirish get happy and hug him. Kinnari calls someone and says cartoon came home, his smile is so fake.

Rushali calls Kinnari and asks her to bring aarti thali. She brings thaali and performs aarti on Raunakh. Sunanda comes. Raunakh touches his feet, she gets angry. She calls Sirish and says she is worried, nothing should happen in today’s party, if people come to know about Naren, whole Karmakar empire will be shattered. Sirish assures her nothing will happena and goes from there.

Kinnai asks Ranuakh to be careful with aarti, else his hand will burn. He says looks like she is burning and not happy that he came back. She asks him to control his emotions as he has come on payrole. She warns him not to tease any girl again, else he will go back to jail. Sunanda comes and says Raunakh that he is here because of his mother was adamant, if it was in her hands, she would not have let him come out. Shekar asks Raunakh to keep low profile.

Ankita goes into flashback where she spent good time with Naren. Naren says he love Ahana so much that he can do anything for her happiness. Ankita cries and says she loves him so much deep from her heart. Mansi comes and asks Ankita not to worry, their plan will be successfull and they will get Naren out and cure him. She says she has got a chance to help her and Naren. Shashank comes disguised as sardar and asks them to get ready.

Kinnari comes to Naren’s room and listens him requesting for water. She takes water glass near his lips but does not give him water. She says she will punish him like that often and even will punish the rapist. She calls news channel informs about Raunakh’s release on payrole.

Ankita is getting ready. She remembers her marriage and saath pheras with Naren. She then remembers him being tied and cries. Mansi comes and sees her crying. She helps her get ready.

Precap: Rushali sees Ankita and Mansi running with their face covered. She asks who are they.

Update Credit to: H_hasan

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