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Pavitra Rishta 24th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Panditjis wife waking him in the night and tells him that Vaishnavi is missing. She didn’t reach home. She asks him to search her and tells her that she Ranvijay didn’t come home. Panditji knocks on Vishnu’s door and asks him to wake up. He asks him to come to search Ranvijay. Vishnu asks him not to worry. Panditji says, they are worried about Vaishnavi and have to inform Ranvijay. Kavita tells Panditji’s wife that may be Ankita took Vaishnavi with her. Panditji and Vishnu see Ranvijay sleeping on the road and inform him that Vaishnavi is missing. Ranvijay says, I don’t know and sleeps again. Vishnu tells Panditji that he doesn’t care about his own daughter and they goes to search her.

Panditji sees Vaishnavi’s kundli in the

morning and says she will soon come back to our house. Kavita tells that Ankita took Vaishnavi to Mumbai for begging purpose. Panditji asks her to think positive and speak positive. Ranvijay comes home and asks what happened? Panditji’s wife tells him that Vaishnavi is missing since night. she says, Ankita took their Vaishnavi with them. Ranvijay goes in search of her. Ankita brings Vaishnavi to a Ved/ Ayurvedic doctor. He asks her to have medicines and rest at home. Ankita makes Vaishnavi sit in the rickshaw. Ranvijay comes and sees them.

Before Ankita can say anything, Ranvijay yells at Ankita for taking his daughter. Ved informs him that Ankita saved his daughter who suffered pneumonia. Ankita tells him that you ignored your daughter when she went to show her trophy. She waited for you and got drenced in water. She asks him to be responsible towards his daughter. Panditji and his family look on. Ankita says, you can’t forgive yourself if anything happens to your daughter. She asks him to make her feel his love. Ranvijay takes Vaishnavi and is going.

Vaishnavi runs to Ankita saying she wants to go to Choti maa. She asks her not to go. Ankita promises her that she will come and asks her to go with Papa. She kisses her and asks her to take the medicines on time. Vaishnavi goes and hugs Ranvijay. Ranvijay kisses her. Meri Duniya Hain Tujhme Kahin plays…………..Panditji’s wife stops Ankita from going and says you did a big favour on us. You have changed our son. We have seen tears in his eyes for the first time. She asks her to stay at their home and says they want to do something for her. Panditji asks Vishnu to keep Ankita’s bag in the house.

Ankita writes in the dairy that one month have passed and everyone take care of her very well. Ranvijay is still annoyed with her and doesn’t talk. Ankita serves the food to everyone. She writes again that this house is looking like hers. She asks Naren, how are you and asks him to be happy with his Ahana. Naren makes Pari drinks milk. Ankita writes, she can’t stay away from him but she spent one month without him. Prashant asks Mansi to rest. Ankita writes that she is in 5th month of pregnancy and her baby bump is showing up. Kavita serves achaar to Ankita and notices her baby bump. She informs Panditji’s wife. Ankita hears them and sits silent.

Panditji’s wife comes to Ankita and says she can understand her pain being a woman. She says, I know you are pregnant. I don’t have any complains with you and asks Ankita to share her story. She says, I can take care of you as a mother. Ankita gets emotional. She keeps on writing letters to Naren. Naren keeps his head on Pari’s tummy and says baby isn’t kicking. Pari says, she is just 3 months pregnant. Ankita writes that she is 6 months pregnant now and her baby kicked her for the first time. She writes that their child will be born soon and you are not aware of him/her. Naren brings Pari to some street and takes icecream for her. Pari insists to eat Pani Puri and eats it. Suddenly it starts raining. Naren takes her in the car. Pari insists to feel the rain. Naren feels the rain and gets blurred flashes of Ankita. He closes his eyes.

Panditji tells Ankita that she will be blessed with a son soon and says your face is brightening. Panditji’s wife tells her that he is right and tells her that she wants to do her baby shower. Ankita is touched by her words.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I read sonewhere that Ankita will suffer from a miscarrage because of naren nd pari’s fault.after that naren will feel guilty nd spend more time with her..

    1. YEs i read it too !!!

  2. Pari will go mad if naren spend more time with ankit

  3. Don’t knw wht d writers wanted to shw..they r also confused lk naren..dats why some day they shw that naren hv some flshbck of her married life with ankita nd nw they r showing dats its now 3 months nd he hv no flshbck…they will mk us mad lk naren..!!!

  4. I hope nothing bad happens to ankitha or her bby it wid be such a shame

  5. seriously does it matter,going round in circles is not what people want to see ,all of them (writers) shld just accept that they dont have any new thing to offer

  6. update episodes fast

  7. Where is tdy’s epi..??????

  8. Why is today’s written update so late

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