Pavitra Rishta 24th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 24th July 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 24th July 2013 Written Update

Soham tells archana he didnt knw manav deshmukh was such a philanthropist.. archu tells him to adress manav as baba.. he agrees.. archana then tells him how manav gradually by hard work became a rich man, and he understands the troubles of poor people.. she explains to soham what ‘charity’ is..

gauri is waiting for a bus probably.. she notices a tensed soham sitting outside his shop.. he has reached there before time n the shop is not open yet.. she asks him why he is so worried.. he tells her he cant see archana so tensed n knows that she has been crying, he tells her abt ovi n the divorce.. gauri tells him archu is a mother n that he has to understand her n give her time n that eventually archu will share her probs with him.. soham feels relieved for having shared all this with

her n they both smile, then soham realises he is smiling at her n goes away with some comments.. she watches him leave n thinks he is a good guy after all..

soham helps some ppl load some boxes into a van, the man tells him it for flood relief, they mention the word charity n soham recalls what arch had taught him.. they find that their diver is missisng n soham offers to help.. the man says the paritcular village is very far, but soham insists..

savita gets this news thro some one n informs archana that soham has left with some truck.. archana is worried n calls him, but soham has left his phone home.. savita says he is a careless boy..

archana is at sulo ayees home with pari n varsha.. she tells them abt soham n that she is worried abt him.. varsha reassures her.. a couple of ladies come there.. she tells them she is purvi’s frnd.. she introduces her mother n also her son.. she asks abt purvi, archu says she is at work.. archana calls her up n tells her to come home.. purvi is over excited to knw her frnd is home n talks to her on the phone n tells her that she’l come home immediately.. arjun over hears this n tells her he’l drop her home.. purvi is very happy…

gauri is chatting with her dad, he tells her abt her scooter n how he used to her mother on it.. the topic comes to soham then n asks her how he is n wonders why he has probs with manav.. gauri tells him abt soham’s story.. his previous life n all that, her father says that he has renewed respect for him now n her mother also joins in.. gauri then thinks her parents are right n being archu’s son he will change soon..

purvi n arjun reach home n purvi invites him in.. he reluctantly comes in.. ajee is standing outside with pari n on seeing arjun gives pari to him.. purvi goes in n greets her friend.. arjun enters with pari n sheetal(the frnd) tells arjun that he only must be pari’s father n thats why she stopped crying.. purvi, archana n arjun exchange glances.. that girls mother is helping sulo in the kitchen she tells her that its so important for a child to have both parents9 looking at arju n pari).. she tells sheetal recently went thro a divorce n its a difficult time, but she wants her daughter n her grandson to have good life so has decided to get her daughter married again.. coz its the responsibilty of elders to see to it that their children are happy..(hmmm get arjun npurvi married sooon ) archana also overhears all this..

sulo ayee is drying some clothes n archana joins her, sulo asks her what she has thought abt purvi’s future.. she tells her just like sheetals mother they also have to think abt purvi n pari.. archana agrees n says she knows its dificult to be a single mother.. n says pari will really need a father.. archana says she doesn’t knw how to broach this subject to purvi n after what onir did.. sulo says onir has cheated purvi n there is one right guy for her n that archana has to talk to purvi abt it.. archana is skeptical.. but sulo says its the right thing to do n that ARJUN still cares for purvi… she tells archana to talk to manav n purvi abt the marriage..

PRECAP: varsha is crying n sulo is tensed n talking to manav on the phone n says she saw soham’s photo n tv n is worried ( guess he is stranded at the flooded village)


Update Credit to: ArVi-licious

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