Pavitra Rishta 24th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 24th January 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 24th January 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Punni planning to run away from her engagement while she thinks that if i run away from here so how will the engagement take place.Punni gets her bag n starts walking out of her room but certainly Sulochana sees n stops her from going.Sulo asks where is she going? Punni says i am going to my office for some urgent n meanwhile manju too comes there even she starts telling not to go anywhere today as her engagement is there but Punni declines n says its important work aai i need to go.Sulochana stops her inbetween says you can’t go anywhere n even Manju says the same n ask if i can call Manav for this.Punni is frustrated with the drama happened outside n gets very angry.

Scene shifts to Archana n Sulochana working in kitchen while Manju enters their n says to archu move aside i will do the work,Archu declines n says let it be vahini i’ll complete the work you go outside look after the other works.Purvi is bringing some utensil in her hand n sulochana spots her says you don’t do this work just have some rest but Purvi says i want to work,sulochana says no to her.Teju jumps in their conversation n asks if she can help them so Purvi takes her n tells lets fill up the glasses of soft drinks while Ruchi is too working n Teju hugs her says she is seeing her after 1 n half year,Ruchi responds to her that they only have chatted on social netwroking sites this years,Purvi says if your chit chat has completed so can we take this glasses outside to distribute to guests.Sulochana sees Purvi doing the work n says to archu that this girl will not listen to me,While Purvi working Sulochana goes to her says i said na don’t do this work while Purvi is sitting on the chair one woman comes there to ask hows she?Purvi says maushi i m fine n that lady asks her which month is going on n says that delivery is near,Purvi is confused with her words n she says that its six month running for her,Next to her Ovi is thinking that how come Purvi’s tummy is bigger than me as her pregnancy period started after me.
Scene shifts to Arjun bringing soft drink for ovi where Arjun thinks his past days in K house(Flashback:Arjun n Purvi’s engagement)While arjun is thought again thinks of past memories which he spend out with Purvi(Flashback:Purvi says Arjun yellow i don’t like this colour,Suprised Arjun says that i liked this dress so i brough it for you) back to original scene where Arjun is talking alone n says “Purvi you beared so much of trouble in your life though it was not your fault,Today i see you happy with onir n i want you to be happy always with him”he looks at happy purvi smiling.

Arjun gets a call from office n picks up yes pradeep,The guy on the phone says that Arjun sir i need ur signatures on the AK project files so can you come down to office But Arjun says can’t i sign it tomorrow but the guy says its urgent sir.Arjun says he’ll come over there in few minutes n says ovi that he have some important work in office waves a bye for ovi.While Onir is fitting the haar on door’s main entrance,Manav comes there n gives a small bucket of flowers n says give it to panditji.Sachin comes running n says that Pradeep’s family has come so Vinod calls manju n asks to come at entrance,Vinod introduces Manav to pradeep’s family.Manju says them to come in.Sachin is watching something on mobile When Ruchi comes there n asks what he is doing here then he says that he is watching performances of SAREGAMAPA contestants bcoz he is going to watch that n Ruchi says even i like that show she asks who is his fav?Sachin is about says while she stops n says I m supporting Vishwajeet Borwankar n Sachin too supports him.
Scene shifts Where Onir goes to panditiji for if he need something more,Panditji says i need Milk n Ghee.Onir is outside fixing chair Ovi comes n says that nowdays she is really feeling confused with the yoga classes which she is attending bcoz she is feels that something wrong is happening n fishy too other side Teju is saying purvi that her’s n sunny’s marriage is fixed n aaji has called Sunny’s mom at our house for the marriage proposal of us but Purvi sees ovi talking to onir n goes there to him n says teju to wait.She wants to know that why purvi’s tummy look bigger than me as her’s n Purvi’s pregnancy period’s are having amount of difference,Onir looks confused but he says that it depends on Body structure of the person i have seen in many cases that lady is pregnant of 8 to 9 months still there tummy looks like 5 to 6 months.Ovi goes smiling n pUrvi comes there n says thanks onir for handling the situation in that he replies i have said the truth about the pregnancy so don’t worry about it..

Onir is doing some work while two ladies are talking about Punni’s Marriage proposal they are saying that punni has rejected so many marriage proposal but now its good that her marriage is fixed like Purvi n Ovi are happy with respective husbands but Onir over hear this goes to them n introduces as Husband of Purvi n damad of K house.Onir is saying to them when People comes at other houses why you point out everything wrong abut the family while Sulochana is listening it n Archu comes there she even stops her.Onir is continuing with his dialogues to them he says that even their daughters are there so if somebody points out to them like this how you will feel aunty?.Onir goes from there n Sulochana says that he is keeping up the Maan Sanman of K house i m happy that Purvi got married to him.Manju n Vinod are doing rituals of pradeep n it gets completed panditji tells to bring Punni here,Manju says to ruchi that call Punni out.Ruchi is calling Punni tai while she comes there n ruchi says aai has called you out lets go but puuni says wait for 2 minutes then Punni goes near mirror n adjusts her chain which is in her neck.Ruchi is saying that Punni tai now you will get married so you will also get busy there will be no one for me too talk,punni comforts her n says that stoping i m here till my marriage is yet to arrived,Ruchi says that when you needed me i was in hostel but now i m here n you are getting married.Punni says i have left my bangles there can u search it pls while punni goes near mirror n changes the simcard of her mobile.
Scene shifts to Teju where she says to purvi that when she gave a yellow dress to her she rejected it but today she has weared that colur’s saree,Purvi says i have changed my fav colour so now you can give me this colour’s dress or saree to me Onir is listening all this.Teju goes n Purvi says i wore this saree for onir.

Precap: Punni messages Pradeep a photo of her’s n Mr.Mittal where pradeep looks at it n gets angry n punni is laughing by seeing all this

Update Credit to: gaurav

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