Pavitra Rishta 23rd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Pavitra Rishta 23rd October 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 23rd October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Arjun speaking with his ex- female employees. Arjun asks the receptionalist for Raunaq. Lisa says he went to his cabin. Manav is talking to his lawyer Sharma and says he got the will copy. Neena hears it and thinks Sachin is not aware of his will. Manav says he needs some changes in the will. Neena thinks she has to talk to Sachin. Manav says he wants to give his maximum property to the trust. Neena gets angry. Manav says we will meet at 6 pm. Neena thinks she will call Sachin here.

Arjun comes to Raunaq and gives the resignation papers. Raunaq asks, whose resignation is this. Arjun says yours. Raunaq says I am 50% owner and your partner. Arjun says you are 50% sleeping partner and I am 50% active managing director. Raunaq says let see what my dad says.

Shirish says I am firing you from this company. He says what will happen if Naren comes to know about it.

Sachin is getting ready, Neena asks him to concentrate on home. She says our money will take over by someone else. She tells him that baba was talking to Lawyer sharma and was speaking about the will which needs to have some changes. Sachin says baba didn’t share any crucial details with any other lawyer. He says he is not having any problems. She says baba might give property to Sulochana aayi and that servant Sundari. She wants him to come at 6 pm. Sachin says he is confident on his baba. Neena says she will get the share in the property.

Manav asks the lawyer to made some changes. Everyone are listening to their conversation. Lawyer says you wants to give 80% property to the trust. Neena asks him to give full property to them. Sachin looks sad. She says you should have atleast think about my childrens. Manav says if you don’t know anything then don’t speak about it. He says this will is not mine by my friend. He wants me to verify the will. Manav says how can you think I will not give any shares to the childrens in my will. Teju insults her. Sachin asks her not to make scene now. Neena says sorry. Savita aayi asks her to go to her home. Manav says sorry to the lawyer.

Laywer leaves. Sachin says sorry to Manav on Neena’s behalf. Manav leaves. Teju says why you are sorry for Vahini’s doings. She was never connected with this family. She asks him to make her understand that she is a part of the family.

Prashant is talking on phone and enquiring about admission fees. Soham shouts asking Ankita to come out. He comes inside and starts badmouthing about Ankita. He says he can’t see her having fun with Shashank. Prashant asks him not to make the issue. Soham taunts her and says your doings are not good. Ankita asks Prashant about the admission date and says she will pay his fees.

Meanwhile some ladies are quarrelling in the neighbourhood. Mansi comes and sees this. She sees Arjun’s car coming and come to the house. Soham tells Ankita not to be with Shashank next time. Mansi tells Ankita that someone came to meet her. Ankita says he is Arjun sir. Ankita worries as Soham is still shouting at her. She tells Prashant that her boss came and what he will think if he sees their father in this condition. Prashant, Mansi and pranav takes him inside the room. Ankita cleans the house and asks Sonu to take the things inside.

Arjun comes to Ankita’s home. She greets him and asks him to come in. Arjun says I hope I didn’t disturb you. Ankita says no. Mansi comes and Ankita introduces her. She asks, whether you have any work. Arjun says nothing and says he came here for some important work. He says I came to know that you are innocent and my company is apologizing you. Ankita says no need to say sorry. Arjun says I and my board of directors have decided that you can join the office with the other employees as well, who have left the job. He says I want to talk to you something else. And says it is strange conincidence that your face is similiar to my mother in law. It is very shocking for me. Ankita looks shocked. Arjun says I want to know whether you are related to her in anyway. He says it happens only in family. Ankita says her father is Raghav matre. Meanwhile Soham is shouting to free himself. Ankita tells Arjun that her father is drunk and she don’t want him to came infront of him. Arjun says sorry and asks her to join the office. Soham free himself and goes after Arjun. Arjun sits in the car, Soham thinks he has seen him anywhere before and wonders where?

Mansi is looking smilingly at Shashank photo while the sweet music is playing in the BG.

Update Credit to: H_Haasan

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