Pavitra Rishta 23rd May 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 23rd May 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 23rd May 2013 Written Update

Dk comes to Manav’s house and tells Manav that he heard about doctor doing experiment on Archana. Manav looks nervous. Dk tells him that he will support him in everything. Manav thanks him for supporting him and giving strength.

A lady has came to Gauri’s house to talk about her rishta. However, Gauri’s father doesn’t want a simple and less educated guy. He says, I only want educated guy, not any random one working in a store. My daughter will get married to a doctor or engineer. Lady says, if you see such big dreams, then she will stay in this house only. Gauri’s father says, I won’t mind her staying here, but won’t get her married to some cheap guy. Lady leaves. Gauri hears it and hugs her father. She says, I am so lucky to have parents like you.

Manav’s family

is confident that doctor will succeed. Doctor informs them they will start first phase now, and then there will be 2nd phase in which they will require family’s support. Doctor is confident that they will succeed as he got success in Mariam’s case.

Doctor enters the room with Manav and Gauri. He tells Archana, all your family members are here and I am sure you will get well soon. Family is watching from outside the room. Suddenly, Soham enters the room, clapping. He says, everyone is doing drama. This doctor will do miracle or what. Manav gets angry at him. They start fighting in front of Archana. Soham says do whatever you want, I won’t go anywhere from here.

Manav asks doctor to send Soham out. Doctor asks him leave the room. Soham says, you said whole family needs to be present here so I came. Start your magic now. Gauri tells Soham, you can’t talk like this with him. Soham misbehaves with Gauri as well. Angry Sachin enters the room. Soham also insults him. Teju tells Soham to think about Archana. Soham says that is what I am doing. There is special place of mine in Archana’s heart and this guy, Manav Deshmukh, is trying to take away that from me. Their argument continues and Manav slaps him.

Soham takes out his gun and points at Manav. He says, other day I meant to shoot Manav, and not Archana. He says, it’s still not late. This guy means nothing to me, I will shoot him right here. Manav says, what else we can expect from you. You shot Archana, so shoot me as well. Doctor asks Soham aren’t you ashamed pointing gun at your father? Archana’s hand starts moving and everyone gets happy, including Soham. Manav asks Archana to say something, but she stops moving her hand. Manav asks doctor what happened. Doctor says, we succeeded in phase 1, now it’s time for phase 2. Manav is confused. Doctor asks him to go with him and he will explain. When leaving, Manav has an angry look at Soham.

In doctor’s cabin, doctor tells Manav that they succeeded in phase 1 and they should thank Gauri for this, and Soham as well. Manav asks, why Soham? He misbehaved with you and I should be apologizing you. Doctor says, we told Soham to do this.

In flashback, doctor is at Soham’s house and tells him, Archana can come out of coma with your help. He explains Soham and Varsha, Archana only reacted when Gauri was saying bad about Soham. She didn’t react on any other topic. He asks him to repeat what he did when Archana got shot.

Back to present, Manav says, oh that is why he pointed gun at me. Doctor says, yes.. we just wanted to provoke Archana so she reacts which she did. I don’t know what is relationship between you and your Soham, but Archana is very concerned about you two. We will now start phase 2. We will have to keep her under observation for 72 hours. Manav says, that’s very long time, what if she takes all this a negative way? Doctor explains him, in my last case, everything went fine. Archana is reacting same way. Manav says, so that means nothing will happen to her? Doctor says, I am not a God.. but we will try our best.

Manav asks him for guarantee that Archana will be out of coma. Doctor says, my last experiment was successful, I can’t give any guarantee. It’s on destiny. Manav says, so you’re leaving this case on destiny? No, I can’t take this risk. Till now I was confident, but not anymore. I can’t leave my Archana on destiny. Doctor says, your son, Soham, is not educated and doesn’t have any knowledge about science, but he’s still helping us. And you’re educated and still talking like this. Manav says, I am sorry, but I can’t take any risk. If you guarantee me that after 72 hours, Archana’s condition will be fine, only after that I will give your permission to continue with your experiment. Otherwise, nope. Doctor says, no doctor can guarantee in such cases. I came here only to help you, to bring Archana out of coma by doing my experiment. Manav says, if you feel like you wasted your time by coming here, then I am sorry. But I can’t take risk. And I don’t want to talk about it anymore. I won’t sign these papers either.

Precap: Varsha tells Manav, I am not worth of your forgiveness, but after what Soham did today, at least forgive him. Manav says, I forgive him? He is responsible for the condition that Archana is in today. And along with him, you’re also responsible for it.

Update Credit to: Aarti

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