Pavitra Rishta 23rd July 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 23rd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Naren looking at the cactus plant. Ankita comes to the plant nursery and takes Cactus plant. She recalls Naren’s words. Naren comes to the flower shop and buys Cactus plant. He thinks what is his connection with cactus plant. Ankita feels pain in her stomach. Naren drives the car and thinks why his finger is paining so much as only a little thorn pierced. He looks at the cactus plant and hits a pregnant woman. He comes out of the car and finds the woman missing. He gets shocked. He then sees the same woman walking on the road and thinks about Pari. He rushes home. Ankita feels pain and still buys a bouquet.

Naren comes home and asks Rushaali where is Pari. He comes to the room and asks are you fine. He tells that he saw a dream/ visual. Rushaali hears them.

Pari thinks this might be related to Ankita and hopes her love makes him fine.

Sulochana talks on phone and gets happy knowing the good news about her pregnancy. Manav hears them. Sulochana blesses her and her baby. Sulochana tells her that Archana went to temple. Pari says, she must be praying for me. Sulochana gets emotional thinking about Ankita. Manav takes the call and tells her congrats. He asks Pari to congrats as well. Pari says, he is very happy with the news. She says, I don’t want to stay at home. I want to work and asks Manav to explain to Naren. Manav says, I will, but don’t think he will understand. I can understand his feelings. He asks her to take care of her health. Pari thanks him and disconnects the call. Manav tells Sulochana that Naren is happy and even cancelled the meetings. Sulochana tells him that Ankita is pregnant too with Karmarkar’s heir and gets worried about. Manav asks her to pray for her.

Ankita writes letter for Naren and says 15 days have passed without him. She writes that she can’t stay without him. And tells about the routine check up. She will take good care of their baby and asks him not to worry. Kavita comes and asks Ankita to eat prasad. She says, Papaya and asks her to eat. Ankita says, she can’t eat papaya. Kavita says, its is okay and eats it. She asks, where are you going? Have you decided where to go. Ankita is silent. Kavita says, she heard that people live with each other without marriage in Mumbai and girls wears jeans. She asks, is this correct. Then says it might be true. She asks, to whom you were writing letter daily. To your lover? And asks, why you are not sending. Ankita says, she doesn’t want to send.

Ankita says, she writes to express her love and to say that she is fine. Kavita’s husband brings Kachori for her. He asks Ankita about her hand’s size and says I will bring bangles for you. Kavita gets angry and takes him in her room. Ankita smiles. Vaishnavi comes and hugs Ankita saying she won the drawing competition. Ankita says, I know and that’s why I brought this bouquet for you. She asks her to go to Ranvijay and show the trophy. Kavita beats her husband. Someone comes and asks Vishnu to come to the shop. He looks at his bandage and says bhabhi beats you. Vishnu says, he makes his wife jealous to get her attention.

Vaishnavi comes to Ranvijay to show her trophy. Ranvijay scolds her and says he will talk to her in the morning. Ranvijay’s wallet falls on the ground. He picks his wife’s photo and a sad music plays……..Ranvijay drinks wine. His friends tell him that bhabhi won’t be back and asks him to accept that. Vaishnavi looks at her dad.

Ankita tells Panditji’s wife that she is going now and thanks her for their help. Panditji’s wife asks her to go. Ankita gets a vomiting sensation and she runs inside the house. Panditji’s wife wonders why she is vomiting.

Naren and Pari looks at the thunderstorm. Naren says, what if our baby get scared? Pari says, he wont. She tells that she wants to work and help Manav in his business. Naren says, he will help instead. Pari convinces him. Ankita starts walking on the road with luggage. She sees Vaishnavi on the road drenched in rain water with high fever. She takes an rickshaw and makes Vaishnavi sits in it.

Naren is working on the project. He switches on the projector and gets flashes of Ankita. Pari comes and asks him what are you doing? Pari says, I am going to sleep now. Naren tells her that he saw strange visuals. She tells him to sleep.

Ranvijay’s mom scolds Ranvijay for bringing Ankita home and tells him that Ankita took their Vaishnavi with her. Ranvijay looks shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. BULLSHIT………dis is all i can comment……..coz nothin furder is left to say…….

  2. This crap going no no where….geese

  3. Pavitra rishta is one thing over and over stew… You guys should end pavitra rishta because it don’t have nothing new inside whatever happen to d parents happen to d children that’s bullshit …

  4. history just repeating. if you all don’t have any story line just end the show because this is just beyond ridiculous!!!!

  5. vashtie motilal

    same story over an over set of shit just finish the dam show

  6. I thought tht rannvijay would be like onir but he’s worse.

  7. He lost his wife so give him a break. An this show is crap only good thing is that anikita is getting a lil love it may be small but its good

  8. Hi Nalini where are you, I am waiting on you,the time here in Toronto 1,35pm girl, I don’t know what to say about these shows EMA just taking us for FOOLS like ring a ring a roses all fall down.

  9. So now BOTH Anikta and Pari are Pregnant BUT Akita’s baby will NOT be accepted. What RUBBISH. FIRE the Writers. They have no Creativity – whatsoever!!!

  10. I don’t understand how many days is it after the wedding and pari is pregnant already?

    1. its only 14 days ankita separated from naren. that means pari and naren married only for 14 days. so, quickly pari gets pregnant. not making sense at all.

      1. They want watever happen to d parents it must happen to d children… 2 sister d pregnant for 1 man n now 2 cuz pregnant for 1 man I don’t no y they keep showing 1 think over n over… Pari shoulda loose her baby n naren should no Anikta is pregnant for he n let he take back Anikta n accept Anikta child

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