Pavitra Rishta 23rd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 23rd July 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 23rd July 2013 Written Update

HereArchu is scolding ovi and sacchu for the papers. She says to sacchu that he’s older he should have been wiser. She says to ovi u must stay under same roof with arjun for 6 months. Manav says sacchu could have lost his license as a lawyer. Sacchu says he hadn’t filed the papers yet and arovi wanted this and he’ll take care of it. Ovi says not to blame sacchu and let her go to Canada now if they want her happy. Archu gets upset and walks away. Ovi reminds manav that he had said a person must be independent in order to be successful and she’s just following his words. Manav clarifies that he said to be independent not live alone away from family. He says what’s the point of his success and business and he can’t share his home with his family? Ovi says she’s not going away from

them but trying to go away from her past that is in india. She says not to stop her. Manav let’s her go finally and so does Archu after she promises to take care of herself in Canada.

Ovi is leaving d house and meets Soham there. He wants her to come inside but she explains she’s leaving to Canada tonight. She says her work is complete in india. Ovi then apologizes to Soham that in spite of them being around each other for months, she never spoke to him nicely or accepted him. She says she cherishes these few moments they spend together. Soham asks if she’s going for life? Ovi just hugs him. Soham says he has nothing to give her but he’ll pray for life that she always remain happy. He gives her some money and says this is a gift for her. She thanks him and says she can never spend this. He wipes away his tears and says one day I will make a lot of money and come to kanda to you. She smiles and says Canada! Lol

Arjun calls purvi very upset and wanting to meet her. She says meet her at the house. He refuses and says just meet him and he’ll explain what’s wrong.

Manav and Archu are talking in the dark in their room. Archu asks manav to bring ovi back ASAP to manav as she thinks she’ll never come back, manav says its nothing like that. He thinks Archu is worrying too much. He says it pains him ovi is leaving but she’s very depressed and wants to do this so we must support her in whatever decision that is. He assures her shell be back strong and independent one day.

Purvi is shocked to learn Arjun signed the revised Indian divorce papers that ovi made. She’s says angrily to Arjun that he could have convinced ovi still and shouldn’t have signed the papers. Arjun is annoyed and angry and says are you serious? After all of this you still think? Purvi says yes. Arjun gets really pissed off and says he’s tried to explain to ovi but ovi came to india and didn’t meet him once and only to serve the papers. And it’s her happiness in this divorce so what can he do? He says the compromise relationship is over and he doesn’t get how she still doesn’t get it! Purvi says it can still be saved and calls Soham to convince ovi to stay with Arjun. Soham explains ovi is leaving to Canada. Purvi leaves to airport and Arjun is like where u goin and she’s like let’s go!

Ovi calls onir and yells at him for keeping purvi in dark and betraying her. Onir says he knows he hurt them but he’s moved on in life and so has purvi. Ovi calls him selfish and onir says he knows ovi is speaking in guilt because in some ways she’s also responsible for purvi condition. She says what rubbish and just says before she leaves she wants him to know what wrong he did. Ovi calls him a bad doctor and bad human and hangs up.

Onir is sad and thinks to himself he wishes he could tell ovi truth. He says hes doing this so purvi hates him. He thinks now that she’s filed papers then arvi will meet more.

Arvi are looking for ovi at airport. Arjun sees ovi and she’s shocked he came. He says that she’s leaving without telling her. She says she had no other option. He says before she always consulted Arjun for every matter – small or big. Purvi arrives there but stands a far and watches them. Arjun says you’re breaking our friendship bc of the failed marriage. Ovi says she didn’t mean to hurt him. She says he wants to see her happy right so they should move on in their lives. She says she must go now. Arjun hugs her and tells her to take care. She leaves and purvi comes near Arjun and they watch ovi leaving.

There’s a man at d house telling arman that his father is sick and his salary goes to his meds and he really needs a job. Manav gives him job at his office and Archu gives money to him. He refuses to accept since he won’t be able to return it. Soham is watching this from the back. Manav says he knows he doesn’t like to take favors but right now his father is sick and he needs is money.

Soham comes up to Archu after and says he dont feel like going to work. She tells him to go. Then he says this manav Deshmukh helps the poor that much. Archu scolds him for calling his baba by name and says not to talk to her until she calls him baba. He says ok if she says so he will.

Precap: Gauri is telling Soham that Archu is very heartbroken about ovi’s divorce as what parent wants that for their child? She says give Archu time and she will share her grief with him shortly.…

Update Credit to: sk11

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