Pavitra Rishta 23rd January 2013 Written Episode Update


Pavitra Rishta 23rd January 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 23rd January 2013 Written Update

Manjusha calls Manav as she wants him to invite DK for Punni’s engagemnt party .Manav tells her that DK is out of India for some work . Manju praises Manav and DK for encouraging Punni so much with good incentives at work .
Manav is surprised and tells Manju that his company has not given any such incentives to Punni .After putting the phone down , a worried manju starts thinking about the expensive necklace that Punni had recieved .Manju is worried that Punni could be lying to her again .She then says that she should not think so bad for Punni and that too on the day of her engagement .

Mr .Mital is thinking about Punni .He calls her on her cell.Punni , seeing his caller ID, knows that Mr. Mital is getting restless and wants her in his life .To make him even more crazy for her , she starts avoiding his calls by cutting them down .Mr. Mital ( she Punni had said , gets impatient as to why is Punni not taking his calls ) .Punni on the other side says that even if she gets engaged today , she knows that Mital will still come after her with a proposal of marriage .
She then takes his call finally .
Mital is angry with her and says that she is marrying someone whome she does not loves .Punni says that at least Pradeep is ready to make her his wife but Mital only wants to have relations with her outside the wedlock .Mital gets even more angry and reminds Punni that she is a middle class girl from a chawl and she dare not bring herself to his level . Punni also gets angry now and says that she is sure to marry Pradeep now and make her family happy by doing this . She puts the phone down .
Ruchi is also at home involved in the preparations of the engagement party .
Manju talks to Punni .She tells her that she knows that the diamond necklace was a gift from someone and is glad that Punni returned that gift .She tells Punni to move ahead in her life , forget her past and settle down in her marriage like Ovi and Purvi .
A frustrated Punni tells her mother that she is marrying only because of her mother as she does not finds Pradeep to be good enough for her .
Manju is angry and she tells Punni to behave herself and stop dreaming so big .

Jignish, Teju and Sunny are having Pani Puri outside .Jignish is skeptical as to why Snehlata and Savita have called a truce and have agreed to talk to each other so soon .He feels that this conflict is getting solved too easily . Sunny feels that they have agreed because they are scared of their children eloping but Jignish feels that something fishy is going on in the minds of these two warring parties .

In their respective homes , Savita ( talking to Sundri ) and Snehlata ( talking to Chaulata ) are very excited thinking of their meeting about their children’s marriage .They both are sure that they will break up Teju and Sunny as they have a fool proof plan up their sleeves . They do not talk about the plan but say that they are out to be one up on their kids and never let the wedding happen between Teju and Sunny .

Arjun gifts a saree to Ovi . Ovi was already ready for the engagement party but she is so happy that Arjun gave her this gift that she wants to change and wear this saree instead .Green is not her favourite colour but she stil lwants to wear it . She asks Arjun if he is doing this for her or the mother of his child .Arjun tells her not to think like that .Ovi apologises to him and says that she was joking .She apologises that she gave him so much trouble specially with the baby .She feels that things are improving between her and Arjun .
Arjun also feels that she should not think about the past anymore and they should concentrate on their future .
Ovi tells him that she also wants to move forward in her life and cannot wait for their baby to come in this world and she will give this baby everything that the child wants .

Purvi is knitting socks for her baby .One blue and one pink, she happily tells Archana that she is getting them ready in both the situation as she could have a girl or a boy .Archana is very happy for her and says that now Punni is also getting married and both Vinod and Manju will miss her but they will also be happy for their daughter and for her new life .
Purvi tells Archana that Punni is stil lseeing Mr . Mital .A shocked Archana does not know what to say and is disgusted with Punni for stil lkeeping in touch with that guy . Purvi wants Archana to tell Vinod and Manju but Archana says that the house is full of guests and so they have to keep quiet for now but after the engagemnt ceremony is over , she will talk to Manjusha .

Precap : Punni has decided that she will not stay at home and will not have to go through the sakhar puda at all.She picks her bag and is walking out of the house whyen she is stopped by Sulochna .

Update Credit to: Tanyaz

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