Pavitra Rishta 22nd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Pavitra Rishta 22nd October 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 22nd October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Ankita and her kids are keeping the stuff inside. Ankita asks Pranav that she will get him treated if he is hurt. Prashant praises Pranav and says that it was his plan. They got the papers. Mansi says everything was done as per plan. Ankita gets angry and says to Prashant that you taught your brother to steal the papers. She asks, what is the difference between you and our father. Prashant says he did it to get the papers. He says if you thing I am wrong then give the papers back to him. He says our father is good for nothing. He will sell our siblings for money. He makes her remember how they spent their childhood. He says our father’s two wives, one wife is yours, mine and Mansi’s mother have died and the other wife left this two kids. He says she

is not to be blamed because our father was at fault. He asks her to give the papers to the goons and free them from jail.

Ankita comes to the goon and gives the papers to the goon saying her brother stole it. He taunts her. Ankita tells her that her siblings didn’t do anything. She asks him to name the papers on her or else tear this papers and throws away. The goons asks, are you mad? Ankita says you have a kidnapping case against you and my house rate is 10lakhs. I will win the case anyway. Goon says that she is very clever. Ankita says she is not stupid to leave the house. Ankita says she will return his money in 70 days.

Arjun comes Ankita’s house and Mansi opens the door. Arjun asks for Ankita, Mansi says she isn’t at home now. Arjun says he will come later. Arjun enquires about Ankita from her neighbour. Neighbour shows Soham from a distance and speaks bad about Soham. Arjun didn’t see his face and leaves.

Ankita comes back home. Mansi brings the water for her. prashant tells them that they got their home back. Ankita is little tensed. Prashant asks, will you pay Ghamsham sait. Ankita says she will pay the money to him. Mansi tells her that someone came to meet her. He seems to be rich and said he will come later. Shashank comes and says you didn’t tell me anything. Ankita says she didn’t get a chance to tell him anything.

Pranav tells him everything which is muted for us. Ankita thinks that she lost her job. Shashank asks, what is the matter? Ankita says she is fine. She tells him everything. Shashank says he will not leave them.It is ridiculous. He thinks to write an article against them. Ankita says she wants a job soon. She says she didn’t tell anyone about losing the job. She wonders what to do? She says they are my responsibility and I want a job. Shashank says you will get a good job. He says I will help you. He says we will apply to some companies.

Some employee tells Arjun that 20 female employees have resigned from their job and they have some personal problems. Arjun asks about Ankita. He is being told that she is fired because she stole the money. Arjun says no,you are wrong. He says she is thief. Arjun says she is a dignified girl. Arjun says I need to know about that girl. And wants to meet all the other girls who left their company. Arjun says it is his responsibility to find out the loop hole and asks him to arrange the meeting.

Ankita asks Sonu to study well. She asks Pranav to get the back. Pranav says he don’t want to go to school. prashant asks, do you want to become like your father. Ankita explains him that one needs to go to school to get educated and take care of family. Mansi says she will drop Pranav and Sonu. Prashant says he has prepared tiffin for her and asks her to go to office. Ankita gets saddened as she is not having any job.

Shashank is talking to his friend. Ankita comes and Shashank says, we will go to apply for your job. Ankita sits on his bike and leaves. Soham looks evilly at them.

Arjun gives the resignation papers to Raunaq and says it is yours resignation papers. Raunaq says he is the 50% partner of the company. Arjun says you are 50% sleeping partner and I am 50% active managing director and owner. Arjun says he is firing him now.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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