Pavitra Rishta 22nd May 2013 Written Episode Update


Pavitra Rishta 22nd May 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 22nd May 2013 Written Update

On the train onir comes n asks purvi if she met someone.. she says no, onir is relieved.

back home manav tells every1 that dr aggarwal gave false hope, and he is not sure when archu will be fine, dr.gauri comes to their house, she says they still have a chance, so manav asks her if archu was her family member would she still go ahead with the experiment knowing it could go either way.. so she replies, she would surely go ahead with it, coz it better to try, than regret never have giving it a shot.. even savita agrees with her and says they should take a chance, coz they just cant give up.. after listening to them, manav agrees, says he doesn’t want to lose archu again, and will give it a shot.. tells gauri to tell dr.aggarwal to carry on.

arjun in the train, he gets a calls

n moves from his seat.. its DK on the phone, arjun tells him he’l get back to mumbai and explain n hurriedly cuts the call..
purvi is going to the washroom, she spots kinshuk n walks towards her, but her pallu gets stuck and as she frees it, kinshuk is not to be seen.. finally she reaches the spot where she had seen kinshuk, but instead finds Onir!
she gets surprised, and asks onir what he is doing here, he says he had noticed that she was heading towards the washroom,it was too dark and he came to see if she is ok… but purvi cuts him short and says he is lying, she saw kinshuk there.. onir is taken aback, he says thats ridiculous, he has no idea abt that.. but purvi questions him, saying of late, wherever she sees kinshuk she sees onir too.. onir pretends to get offended, asks him she is doubting him, he just an employee n has no connections with kinshuk, purvi asks if he really came to accompany her to bhopal, or came for kinshuk;s sake.. onir then gets angry and mentions purvi meeting arjun secretly.. purvi also gets angry.. then onir says he wants to enD this and tells her he’l tell her who he was meeting.. he takes her tos ome guy, who appears to knw onir, and neatly covers it up! purvi doesn;t say anything and goes away..

Purvi is standing at the edge of the open door in the train and thinking to herself.. she thinks she shouldn’t have doubted onir, he was the man who accepted her even in her preg state, she wishes archu was there to help her, coz nothing seems to be right in her life right now.. suddenly she slips, and almost misses her footing and is abt to fall, but arjun holds her in time, she is turned around and they hug(like a beautiful hug) but she is not able to see his face coz it is dark.. arjun lets her go n goes away, purvi feels that the guy who saved her was arjun, then says it cant be him, she wishes that arjun stopped popping in her mind everytime..

soham comes home, he has hurt his foot, varsha attends to him, and they share a nice mother son moment..

purvi is sitting in her compartment arjun comes there.. she asks him if he was the one who saved her, he says yes, she yells at him!! asks him why he saved her, should have let her fall! then goes on screaming.. asks him if he is following her blah blah.. why he isn’t fixing his marriage n all that.. arjun he is trying.. so she says its all coz he hasn’t forgotten her yet! then realises she shouldn’t have said that… arjun then says has she been able to forget him.. she doesn;t reply, but says she is married to onir n is trying to have a good marriage but he has still not moved on.. arjun says he is also trying to have a good marriage but that doesn’t mean that…(he stopped loving her) he stops n asks if she has forgotten him n moved on.. then asks why is she so attached to pari, she says she is her ayee and can take decisions for her and all that.. arjun says he is also her father nad has equal rights.. he then says this is not the point, he has come here to tell her that there is something between her husband n his boss.. purvi gets irritated, says she doesn’t need to knw from him what is going on with her husband and starts crying.. arjun is sitting across her, trying to convince her and onir comes there, he sees the two of them and gets angry, arjun is equally angry, onir sees her crying n consoles her, arjun goes off..

next at home.. purvi is giving pari milk, onir is leaving for work, purvi says she’l make breakfast for him, but he says he has to be at work, purvi asks if he is angry with her, he says no n leaves.. purvi feels bad.. she then goes to meet archu.. she cries and tells archu whats going on in her life, she says its all her fault that arjun and ovi are separated..

Precap: Aggrawal tells Manav, one side it’s Soham, who is not educated and doesn’t know anything about medical, but he’s still helping me. And on the other side, it’s you, who is well educated, and still talking like this?

Update Credit to: ArVi-licious

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