Pavitra Rishta 22nd July 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 22nd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Panditji’s wife showing Ranvijay’s wife photo to Ankita and tells her that she died 5 months ago and since then Vaishnavi forgot to smile and even didn’t go to school. She says, I am happy since you came here. Kavita hears them. Panditji’s wife says, I don’t want Vaishnavi’s heart to get broken if you go from here. Please go from here. Ankita says, I can understand your worries, but I promise you that I will become her normal. She asks her not to worry. Kavita tells her that Ranvijay didn’t enter the room since his wife’s death. Ankita drops Vaishnavi till the rickshaw. The goons sees her and tells that she got trapped by Ranvijay. Ranvijay hears them. Ankita comes to Ranvijay and thanks him for saving his life. Ranvijay

gets angry and shouts at her to go inside. Ankita gets shocked. Rqanvijay beats the goons. Ankita looks on shocked.

Ranvijay comes home and drinks. He calls who took my pillow. Vaishnavi says, I took his pillow. Ankita asks her to give the pillow to Ranvijay. Ranvijay shouts at Vaishnavi. Ankita tells him that Vaishnavi needs his love. Ranvijay asks her to stop the crap else get out of his house.

Days passes by. Ankita drops Vaishnavi till the rickshaw. Naren is seen busy in his office, then coming home and spends time with Pari. Vaishnavi tells Ranvijay that she got ‘A’ grade in Maths and asks for a chocolate. Ranvijay goes silently. Ankita spends time with Vaishnavi.

Ankita cries looking at Naren and her photo and gets emotional. Naren comes home and says honey I am home. Pari asks him to be responsible. Naren asks why? Pari tells him that someone is going to come in their life. Naren asks, are you serious? He hugs her and says boy will be like me and girl will be like you. They have a hug.

Rushaali comes to Shirish and says she is very happy as Pari is pregnant. She tells Kinnari, can you believe it. They get happy. Rushaali blesses Pari and her child. Naren comes home with teddies in his hands. Ankita is seen instead of Pari. Rushaali asks, what are you doing here. Naren asks Ankita to leave and says this child is not mine. Ankita wakes up seeing the dream. She thinks her baby’s birth will not be celebrated grandly and he have to be born without their knowledge.

Rushaali congrats Naren and Pari and gives them sweets. She then gives sweets to Shirish. Shirish gives money to the servant. Doctor comes to check Pari. Kinnari asks Naren to stop as Doctor is checking Pari. Doctor comes out and says mother and baby are doing fine. She asks him to take her for regular checkup. Naren goes to Pari and says he is very excited. His phone rings. Naren picks the call and cancels all the meetings. Pari asks, why did you cancelled the meetings. Naren says, he have to take care of her for 9 months. He makes her drink juice.

Sachin comes home and takes Neena in his room. He shows her gift, a saree. Neena says, it was very costly. Sachin says, he brought gifts for kids as well. Neena says, our financial position is weak. Sachin says, he did some miscalculations of money in the project. Neena asks him to think big. Sachin says, I am not stupid. Neena says, their need is of crores and asks him to earn crores. She makes him understand that he have to prove his worth and can start his new business through this project. Sachin says, you are right.

Ankita gets Vaishnavi ready for school and helps her in her homework. Kavita tells that Vaishnavi has got attached to her. Ankita says, she tried to go, but couldn’t because of Vaishnavi. Panditji’s wife taunts Ankita. Ranvijay comes home. Kavita taunts him. Panditji’s wife serves him and asks till when Ankita will stay at their house. Ankita tells her that she is going today and asks them not to tell Vaishnavi. Kavita taunts Ankita and says she doesn’t want to go. Vaishnavi has been dependent on her fully. Ranvijay doesn’t eat the food and leaves.

Precap: Naren is driving the car and looks at the cactus plant. He looks down for a second and hits a pregnant woman. He gets shocked and puts the breaks.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. NONSENSE…….kuch nai mila toh bharo saare pregnant ladies…….its same like ovi n purvi………later this three are gonna live their life alone for 20 years n then realize d mistake………n d history will repeat with their children………huh……bullshit

  2. It’s too disgusting. …what you guys said bcame true today. ..pari pregnancy omg…
    But even I got shocked of ankita dream…..I’m sure ankita will deserve d true love from ranvijay.

  3. pathetic thats why i stopped watching. too blo*dy depressing

  4. this is some real shit im reading one thing over and over again like the person writing the serial is running out of ideas

  5. Hope ranvijay and Ankita get together soon n both get true love from each other plzzzz….hope dis happens soon n also let that selfish pari loose her happiness the way Ankita lost hers because of that b*t*h parish….

  6. This episode need to go off air. The part over and over but just with different characters . This directer is out of ideals so he keeping on repeating the same thing over and over. So darm boring . Same thing with ovi and purvi , and now pari and ankita. How stupid is this?

  7. These writers need to be fired. I stopped watching it all together…..

  8. No more idea, a shame for over 5yrs, same story.

    I wonder why ZEETV keeps such a move on air!

  9. Boring

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