Pavitra Rishta 22nd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 22nd July 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 22nd July 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Soham raising his hand to punch Onir. Gauri comes and tries to stop Soham. Soham asks Onir to leave from there else he will kill him right there. Onir leaves. Soham walks off in anger. Gauri follows him and explains him that he shouldn’t get angry and fight like this. Soham says, Onir did mistake and Purvi is getting punished. Gauri says, so now you will punish him? She continues, all these fighting, threatening people don’t suit you. Soham says, I don’t get angry. Gauri says, really? then was that your love that I saw just while ago? Soham says, okay okay and leaves saying he has lots of work to do.

Purvi is rushing to finish her work as she has to leave for home early. Arjun comes and asks her if everything is okay. Purvi tells him about taking Pari for

polio. Arjun asks if he can go along. He says, I want to experience everything.. her first walk, her holding my finger and walking. He requests her and says, I don’t know whether I will be able to do all that or no.. but at least I can take her for polio. Purvi smiles and says, we will have to pick her from home. Arjun gets very excited (cute <3) and leaves to take out the car. Arjun comes back and thanks Purvi. Purvi smiles. They are at polio booth now, but there is a long line. Driver says, he will stand in the line and will call them when its their turn, but Arjun says, no need for that. Him and Purvi stand in the line. When their turn comes, the lady asks parents names. Before Purvi says her full name, she writes it as Purvi Kirloskar. The lady expresses happiness as parents brought Pari themselves there. Arjun donates money and hopes their camp to be successful. Arjun and Purvi are going back. Arjun tells Purvi, today again they thought we are husband and wife. Do you still think that Pari doesn't need both her parents? Purvi ignores the question and says, Pari is hungry.. we need to go home. In the car, Purvi recalls what happened and Arjun's words. Driver stops the car all of a sudden and both Arjun and Purvi put their hands on Pari and in that their hands touch. Arjun tells driver to be careful. Arjun returns home and gets surprised seeing Ovi there. Ovi is there with proper divorce papers. Arjun doesn't think it will be right to sign the papers, but Ovi says, it's about time they move on with their lives and they deserve to be happy. She says, and my happiness is in this (divorce). She requests him to sign the papers. Arjun signs the papers and says, just for your happiness, and wishes her all the best. Ovi thanks him and leaves. Ovi is on the road and is crying recalling her past with Arjun. Gauri calls home and her brother picks it up. She asks him to ask his mother if they want anything from there. Her brother asks why she goes there when they have someone to deliver. Gauri says you should always go and buy yourself.. that way you find out if any new products are out. She then asks him about his studies and her brother acts as if he can’t hear anything and disconnects. Gauri then hears Soham singing a song and working. She hides and watches him. Soham then helps an elderly worker to pick up bags. Gauri smiles looking at him helping like this. The worker then praises Soham and says, your parents must be proud of you. picture6 Ovi gives signed divorce papers to Sachhu. Manav and Archu come there. Ovi tells them that she went to Arjun’s house to take his signature. Manav says, and you’re telling us now? Ovi says, I didn’t have any other option. Archu says, no matter what you will still have to live with Arjun before you can get divorce.
Precap: Arjun and Purvi are searching for something or someone near airport. Purvi sends Arjun other way and she goes other way. Arjun sees Ovi.

Update Credit to: Desitvbox

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