Pavitra Rishta 22nd January 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 22nd January 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 22nd January 2014 Written Update

Mansi tells Raunak if she had told his truth to everyone, then he would be thrown out of the house. She only didn’t say it because of Ankita. She was happy and she didn’t want to spoil that. She tells him not to think this as her weakness, but take it as last warning. Raunak still shows attitude, but with fear on his face. Mansi tells him to go and see his face, he looks so scared. In last Mansi says, for poor people like her, their honor matters the most. She leaves. Raunak fumes.

Ankita comes to Shashank and asks if he saw mansi. Right then Mansi comes there. Ankita asks her if she enjoyed the function. Mansi says yes and she loved her performance. Ankita then says she wanted to be with Mansi, but tomorrow is Raunak’s marriage so she won’t be able to

stay with Mansi in her sangeet function. Raunak hears it and smiles. Mansi says its okay as sangeet is in the evening. Ankita says still she wanted to do all her makeup and all that. She asks Mansi to go to parlor as she has to look prettiest. Shashank says if two sisters are done, then kids are waiting outside. Mansi and Shashank leave.

Naren tells Ankita she’s a good dancer. Ankita says she also wanted to same thing to him that he’s the best dancer. Naren says they didn’t win, so what. He has brought a gift for her. He gifts her a saree. He asks her to try it and show it to her. Ankita asks if she can say something. Naren says he knows he is mental. Ankita says no, you become stubborn and ask for crazy things sometimes, but you’re not mental. And second thing, your choice is very good. Naren shows her in the mirror and says that’s his best choice. He says he should be thankful to the God for getting her in his life. They both then dance. Naren plays a song. Naren covers themselves with saree and continue dancing. Ankita feels there is something to do with that song as Naren always plays same song when he’s happy.

Raunaq thinks of Mansi’s slap and thinks of Mansi’s words about her respect being dear to her. He thinks to take advantage of her respect. He says, I will make your sangeet memorable. You can’t do anything. I will give you a gift which you will remember for your lifetime and that is my promise.

Chadda is sitting in the bar. Arjun comes there. Chadda asks, why did you come? Arjun says, you were succcessful in spoiling my life but why you took the case back. Chadda says, you should be thankful to me. Arjun says, I can slap so many false cases on your face but I won’t do such a low thing. Chadda threatens him to file case against him. Arjun asks, why you took the case back. Chadda asks Arjun to ask RK as he is behind everything. Arjun recalls the past happenings involving Purvi and RK. He thinks what is RK’s motives?

Ankita is getting ready. Naren comes and says my drawstring is not opening. He asks her to open it. Ankita says I will call someone to open it. She says, let it be as you are looking good in this kurta pyjama. Naren requests her to open it. Ankita tries to open it. Rushaali comes and sees the scene. She says I will come later. Naren stops her and shows her Raunaq’s gift. He compliments Ankita for her beauty. Ankita starts humming a song. Naren comes to her and says you are humming your favourite song after many days. Soham is getting ready, Mansi asks him why you are getting ready now as the sangeet is in the evening. Soham says, I am getting ready for going to Raunaq’s marriage. He compares Shashank with Naren and refuses to come for her sangeet. Prashant tells Soham that don’t know when you will realise your children’s feelings. Soham leaves.

Prashant tells Mansi that they will celebrate her sangeet. Sonu and Pranav plan to dance with Shashank. Naren dances happily with the baraat. Rushaali and Shirish are happy. Naren takes Ankita and dance with her. Sunanda sees Ankita dancing on the road with the baraat and tells Rushaali. Rushaali says, she is dancing with the baraat. Sunanda says, wrong thinking and goes to her. She asks Ankita, what is wrong on. She reminds her about being Karmakar’s bahu. She asks her not to do any such thing. She tells Ankita to take care of her father else their family reputation will be tarnished.

Arjun tells RK that you are a dirty man and I won’t allow your marriage with Purvi. RK says, date is finalised and marriage will happen in any circumstances. Arjun is determined to stop the marriage.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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