Pavitra Rishta 22nd January 2013 Written Episode Update


Pavitra Rishta 22nd January 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 22nd January 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Archu-Purvi visiting the jail to see Soham. Soham gets surprised seeing ‘sindhoor’ in Purvi’s head. Purvi asks him, how are you? Soham says, just stuck in jail since last 7 months and seems like lots of stuff changed outside. You got married and you’re pregnant now.. it’s good to see that you moved on in your life. He continues, I was always saying that Arjun is not suitable to you. He then gets quiet.

Soham then asks her, what is name of your husband and what does he do? Purvi tells him, his name is Onir and he’s doctor. N he’s very good person. Soham gets happy and says, its very good.. u got such a nice husband.. such a nice life.. and once again he gets quiet. Purvi asks him, what happened? Soham says (in serious tone), don’t come here to see me again.. especially in this condition. Archu says, she has brought food for you. Soham says, it would be better if this is the last time. He tells Purvi to take care and leaves. Archu-Purvi leave as well.

In their way back, Purvi tells Archu, I felt very good after meeting Soham dada after so long.. but also felt bad seeing him in jail. Sometimes, I feel everything is happening because of me. Archu tells her, it’s not your fault.. it’s his own fault.. but the good thing is that he’s changing. He’s got emotions now for others.. he’s changing now. She asks her, did you see how he got angry when he saw you? He got angry because no one told him about you. Purvi also agrees with Archu.

Punni’s younger sister is on the phone with Manju. She tells Manju that she is coming there and she will help in all preparations of Punni’s wedding. Manju says, yes.. and then we will have to get you married as well. That girl says, why are you worrying about my marriage? I still have to study. Manju asks, will you study your entire life or what? She then hangs up as it’s time to pack the bags and take the train.

At home, Archu tells Purvi that she gets all her kids late. and she’s sure one day Soham will love her as well. At the same time, Onir comes there with saaree. He gives that to Purvi and says, I hope you like it. Purvi opens the box and says, it’s very good.. I will wear this in Punni tai’s wedding function. Onir cannot believe it that she liked the saaree. Purvi tells him, you worry for nothing.. you know that our choices are alike. Onir leaves.

Archu asks Purvi, but you don’t like this color na? Purvi says, I know what you’re trying to say… but all these don’t matter to me now because what happened in last few months. She says, this is first time.. I didn’t go with him to buy saaree.. and his feelings are more important to me than its color. Archu says that she’s proud of Purvi and prays that Purvi’s child lives long.

Break 1..

Purvi comes to some place for some class. She’s asked to wait as she’s early. She now gets call from Onir. She tells him that Vinod left her here.. and asks him to come soon. Arjun now comes there and asks Purvi, Onir didn’t come? Purvi says, he’s on his way.. Ovi is also with him.. maybe they’re late due to traffic. Arjun says, actually I felt like I was late. He then sits down there. A doctor comes outside. Purvi gets worried seeing her. She says to herself, oh no this is same doctor whom I met before leaving Mumbai. She prays that doctor doesn’t talk about anything in front of Arjun. Doctor now sees Purvi and feels that she seen her before. Doctor goes to Purvi and says, I think we have met before right?

Arjun is going somewhere, but doctor stops him saying.. he must be your husband right? She introduces herself to Arjun. Purvi says.. no he isn’t my husband.. my husband is on the way. Doctor is then talking about last time.. but before she says anything, Onir comes there with Ovi. He starts talking with doctor and introduces Purvi as his wife. Doctor says, oh.. she’s your wife.. I didn’t know. She asks him, you did marriage and didn’t tell anyone? She asks him, when did you marry? Onir understands why she’s asking that and says, in this profession you know we dont get time.. I just got married when I got time. Nurse comes there and says, whoever came for the class.. please go in. Onir tells Purvi that he will go and meet some doctor and will join her soon. Purvi is last one to leave. Doctor stops her and wishes her all the best. She says, I know that you were pregnant before you married to Onir.. anyways it’s your personal matter.. but I will tell you one thing that you’re very lucky because Onir is a very good guy.

Archu and Manav are trying to tell Teju that she can’t wear clothes like now after marriage. At the same time, Savita comes there and tells Manav that Teju is going to run and get married. Manav gets surprised. Teju stares at Archu. Savita says, archu didnt tell me anything and hid just like Teju.. Savita says, my grand daughter can’t marry like this.. and that’s why I have decided that I will talk with Sunny and his family. Everyone’s happy. Savita says, but I won’t start the conversation fast.. and I won’t call either. Teju says, don’t worry.. I will call. She calls Sunny right away and asks him to give phone to his mother. Sunny says, she’s not here right now.. I feel something is fishy.. can we meet up and talk about this?

Teju and Sunny meet up. Teju says, what you wanted to talk about? You know I said I am going to buy bread and came here.. They sit down and Teju tells him what Savita told her and how she decided to meet Sunny’s mother. Sunny says.. its very good.. but now I am worried about my mother. I will have to prepare my mother to talk with your aaji. I don’t want to take any chance for our rishta now. Teju tells him, fine then.. you call me. Teju says, and now I feel everything is getting good slowly slowly. Sunny says, me too. Teju leaves now.

In night, Ovi has her hands on her stomach and looking in the mirror. She seems to be upset. Archu comes there with milk. Ovi asks Archu, did you see Purvi’s stomach? She went Kolkata before 6 months.. and she must have got married after that. I got married before Purvi so my pregnancy and her pregnancy would be about same time. Archu says, I am not getting what you’re saying. Ovi then says, how can Purvi’s stomach bigger than me? Archu laughs and says, it happens.. everyone’s body structure is different. Don’t worry about her.. worry about yourself.. it’s more important. Ovi says, we still should do check up. Archu says, you want to know right? Then we will ask Purvi directly. Archu asks her to drink the milk and leaves.

Episode ends.

Precap: Savita warns Sundari (her servant) that no one should find out about her plan.

Update Credit to: DesiTVBox

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