Pavitra Rishta 22nd February 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 22nd February 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 22nd February 2013 Written Update

Episode begins with in punni’s house punni comes inside the house. she sees mittal in house & asks when you come back from pune?? she tells i did so much shopping but mittal says you don’t forget you want to give me something. he says behind wedding with you it’s just bcoz of ur karanjkar house. he says i want to change karanjkar house into expensive malls or buildings. he says you are so smart punni. do my work first then you do shopping.

In the hospital room purvi says yes onir u r rite. i don’t want to stay here anymore. she says that if i will stay here anything will happen. purvi is looking at onir. but onir keeps silent. ovi comes & gives one book to purvi & says this book will help you to come out from this condition. onir says thank you ovi. ovi

says do you know purvi i was stay alone from archana. she says now i m also one mother but purvi i can understand you. she says purvi & onir gve fresh start to ur life. nurse come inside & says to onir that the baby is unable to take breath.. purvi says what happen.. she leaves..

Onir follows Purvi and tries to stop her. Ovi also follows them. Purvi enters the room and goes crazy. She asks what happened to the baby. Everyone is looking at her. Purvi is too worried and tells Onir to tell the baby that she won’t go anywhere. Onir tells her to control herself. Purvi says how can I control myself? Look at her. Onir whispers to her saying everyone is looking, but Purvi still doesn’t listen. Onir then loudly says, Purvi your baby has passed away. Purvi finally calms down. Onir tells her, this is Ovi’s baby.. try to accept this truth. Another doctor comes out and says baby is fine.. you don’t have to worry. Ovi has a relief.

Sunny’s mausi is looking for Teju. Jignesh tells her that Teju has gone to Pune. Mausi has already got used to Teju. Jignesh asks she is very good, right? Mausi agrees. Jignesh ask her to talk with his mother. Mausi says how can I talk with your mother? He says so you like Teju but afraid telling that to mother. In end Mausi agrees to talk with Jignesh’s mother.

Manav has a conversation with Archu on the phone. He tells her about what just happened. He says baby is fine now. It’s just we got a bit scared seeing Purvi’s reaction.

Onir tells Manav, Arjun, Dk that they can’t shift to Mumbai until baby is out of incubator. He tells them to go there with Purvi, and he’ll stay here with Ovi. Arjun Manav tell Onir, but Purvi would need you in this situation. He says, I understand but she will also get upset if I leave Ovi like this.. and you all will be there with Purvi too. Arjun tells Manav that he should return to Mumbai as well. But Manav decides to stay there until Archu comes there. However, Onir says, Sunny is here na.. he will take Archu aai to Mumbai.

Jignesh and Mausi promote new zee tv show “India’s Best Dramebaaz”.

Mausi then asks about Sunny. Jignesh says he is with Teju’s aai.

Punni is upset. Mittal comes there and again reminds her about the contract. She says it’s not an easy job. House is on aaji’s name. Mittal helps her out giving some tips and says he will give money to her. He says, I will even give you money to your mother, so she will help you in this too. Punni asks why are you involving her in all this? Mittal says, she is the only one who can help you and you will need her. He asks her to get to work. Punni says but aaji is in Pune. Mittal says, she is not going to stay in Pune her entire life. As soon as she returns, go and get her signature.

Purvi asks onir if she can stay here for couple more days. Onir just keeps looking at her and then they go outside. Purvi is leaving. She tells Arjun to take care of the baby and Ovi. Ovi is beside the baby. Before leaving, Purvi again looks at the baby. She tells Onir to take care of the baby and keep informing her about baby’s health. Onir says, that is why I am staying here. Savita, Teju, Sulo, Purvi leave.

Episode ends.

No precap…

Update Credit to: NArESh

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