Pavitra Rishta 21st October 2013 Written Episode Update


Pavitra Rishta 21st October 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 21st October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Purvi is in dilemma whether to call Arjun or not. She thinks she should call him once as said by Aai. She calls him but Arjun is fast asleep. Tina picks the call and asks about her. Purvi says she is Purvi. Tina wakes up Arjun and addresses him Dad. Purvi gets shocked and cancels the call. Tina informs him that Purvi had called him. Arjun calls Purvi and says sorry. He asks, how are you? Purvi asks,why he called her. Arjun asks her about everyone and asks about Pari. Purvi asks, why you called me? Arjun says he saw someone looking same like Archana aayi. Purvi asks, what are you saying? Arjun says she was same like Aayi. Purvi says Aayi had broken the ties with you also, so stop addressing her as Aayi. Arjun says he will send her photo. purvi gets shocked to

see Ankita’s photo. Arjun says that’s why he called Aayi to inform about Ankita. He says she has some connection with aayi.

Archana tells Purvi that she don’t remember when she had this picture. Purvi tells her that Arjun saw this girl and that’s why called to inform them. Archana says she might be related to us because of Soham but he is dead.

Purvi says we have to get the info about her and then everything will be clear. Purvi leaves. Archana looks at the photo and thinks that there might be related by blood relations with her.

The goons asked Mansi and Prashant to vacate the house. They begins throwing the stuff and says Soham borrowed 70000 Rs from them and gave this house as he is unable to paid the money. Soham asks the goons to throw them out and laughs on his children’s misery. Prashant says that his tai got a good job but the goons asks them to leave the house.

While the goons continues to vacate the house. Soham looks at the stuff and thinks to sell them for a wine. Mansi asks prashant where we will go? Soham asks the goons to give him 20000 Rs as he has promised him. One of the goon says that he never saw such a hard hearted father in his life. Soham says they are paying for throwing me out of the house. Prashant holds him by his collar. Mansi asks, where we will go. Soham asks them to go to the nearby burial ground. Meanwhile Pranav sits in the car back seat of the goon’s car. Soham then asks him to give 20 Rs atleast. The goon sits in the car and leaves while Prashant, Mansi and sonu looks on.

While Soham is singing some song in a drunken state on the road, Ankita comes from the opposite side. Soham tells her to save the house and smiles. She rushes home, Prashant and Sonu tells her that they are thrown out of the house. She asks about Pranav. Prashant says may be he is kidnapped. They rushes to the police station and asks the Inspector to write their complaint.They tells that their brother Pranav is kidnapped and some goons threw them out of the house. Ankita explains everything. Sonu says she knew the car number. Police says he will inform on every checkpost. Prashant tells him about the goons whereabouts.

At the goons bar, his servant says that you got a 10lakh house for a 70000 Rs. Pranav enters the bar and hides. He then sits in the car. Police comes with Ankita and her siblings. Inspector asks the goon that Ankita reported against them and that they have kidnapped her brother. They pleads innocent. Inspector asks him to say truthfully. Prashant informs the inspector that the voice is coming from outside.

Ankita opens the car decky and finds pranav. Pranav tells her that they had beaten him and closed him in the decky. The goon gets shocked. The goon tells the Police that he went to their house to vacate the house and says I will show you the papers. Meanwhile Prashant looks at Pranav, it seems Pranav got the papers. Police tells the goon that he is leaving him and asks him not to leave the city.

Purvi calls Arjun and says I need your help. I want to know about that girl, her family and everything. She says, aayi thought she is Soham’s dada daughter. She says may be he is alive. She asks her to find about her. She says as you know, Ovi’s daughter doesn’t look like aayi and Teju did not married, so there is a possibility that Ankita is Soham dada’s daughter. She asks him to find out.

Ankita shouts at Prashant for making Pranav do the stealing the papers from the goon’s bar. Prashant says if you think I am wrong then give these papers to them…

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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