Pavitra Rishta 21st May 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 21st May 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 21st May 2013 Written Update

Kinshuk calls Shalini and tells her that she will send Purvi in the room and Purvi should see Shalini and Onir in ‘ that ‘ situation then everything will work out how Shalini wants it to be .
Onir enters the room .Shalini starts acting as if she is in a lot of pain and tells Onir that she has sprained her foot .An irritated Onir puts medicine on her foot .Meanwhile , Shalini keeps throwing herself at Onir but he doesn’t gives her attention …
Arjun comes to the room but he finds the door locked .
He knocks at the door .Onir panics and tells Shalini to hide .
Onir opens the door and Arjun comes in .Onir sarcastically comments that Arjun is always at the wrong place at the wrong time .Arjun tells Onir that he is at the engagement party of a friend


Onir gets angry with Kinshuk ( she is in the hall ) . He tells her that the time is not right to tell the truth to Purvi . He stops because he sees Arjun standing there ..
Onir introduces Kinshuk to arjun and then Kinshuk leaves .Arjun comments that this is strange that Onir is here with his boss and that he has found Onir lying to Purvi at times ..
Onir immediately goes on to say that even he has found Arjun and Purvi meeting each other many times secretly …
Arjun cannot believe that Onir is accusing him of something like this .He wants to know why Onir has started to behave in this way .
Purvi comes where these two are talking .Onir tells Arjun that Purvi has come to see a faith healer for her mother and even though he tried to talk her out of it , she is still looking for this faith healer ..Onir comments that he wished that everything was good between Ovi and Arjun and they could be as happy as Onir and Purvi are ..
When Arjun leaves , Onir thinks to himself that he has to do whatever it takes to keep Arjun away from Purvi …

Gauri goes to see the Doctor ( who is to treat Archana ) and she tries to persuade him to do the experiment on Archana .she says that Archana’s family is desperate for her recovery .The doctor tells Gauri to stop being so emotional towards a ptient and that he will not do anything until his other patient Mariam ( similar case like Archana ) is totally out of danger .

Gauri tells the doctor that every patient is different and one of his patient called Genelia recovered from coma because of such a nexperiment only . she tells the doctor that he should tell Archana’s family the truth and then do the experiment on her .
The doctor thinks and then tells her to call Manav .

Arjun goes to Kinshuk and tries to find out this secret between her and Onir .He even offers her a big bundle of cash .Kinshuk gives the money back to Arjun and tells him that the secret is just too dangerous and he should keep away from this .
Arjun is worried for Pari and Purvi and wants to keep them safe .

The doctor calls Manav and tells him that he wants to do the experiment on Archana .He also tells Manav that the experiment is risky and one of his patient is sinking after it .Manav gets very angry to hear this .he tells the doctor that he will not give him permission to do this experiment on his wife as the doctor himself is not sure of the results …

Onir and Purvi get on a train to go back to Mumbai .Kinshuk and Shalini also get on this train .They want to avoid Onir but are desperate to talk to Purvi .Onir goes out to get something to eat but he accidentally sees these two ladies .he gets angry that despite of him telling them, they are still going after Purvi .
In the same train ,Arjun too is hiding , in a sort of a disguise ( with strange big glasses ) .He is there because he wants to know what is going on as he wants to safegaurd Pari and Purvi ..

precap .
Purvi sees Kinshuk in the train and she is shocked why Kinshuk is here …

Update Credit to: Tanyaz

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