Pavitra Rishta 21st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 21st March 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 21st March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Sunanda commanding Rushali that Raunakh will not come back to her house. Rushali says she is opposing without a reason. If she has any other way, she can say. Client will meet only Raunakh or Naren, else they will doubt and start enquiring. Sirish says they have a good reputation of their company internationally. Rushali asks Shekhar to do something. He says if Raunakh’s family member is ill or death, he will get a bail. Sirish says Naren is ill. Sunanda asks how can he use Naren’s illness to bring back Raunakh. Shekhar says he will safely project and will try his best to bring Raunakh out. Rushali asks him to do something.

Pari is jogging on treadmill. Pia comes flowers and greets her. Pia sees flowers and goes into flashback where Aman used to give

her flowers. She gets angry, throws the flowers and says she does not love Aman. She takes his pic says she will never forgive him. She tries to burn his pic but does not.

Ankita comes to Soham’s house. She asks Mansi why didn’t she inform her that her in-laws didn’t accept her. She says instead asks but why didn’t you share your problems with us.

Ankita says she wanted to inform her, but she didn’t want to trouble her as she got married recently. She even did not want to trouble Prashant as he has to take care of his studies and siblings. Prashant says everyone has problem, but that does not mean we should not share them with dear ones. Even we share our problems with you, do you feel we trouble you. Sashank says he will support her. Soham gets angry on Rushali and says he will not leave her as she kicked Ankita out. Ankita stops him and says she is a mother and she did it for her son. Soham asks her not to cry and will do whatever she says. He cannot see her in trouble. She says Naren will get well soon as she will do one more experiment on Naren. Naren wanted to save Ahana and may be he gets panic attacks because of that. Shekhar will help her and she will sit in a burning car as Ahana. Soham says it has a lot of risk. She says she know about its risk, but she cannot see Naren like that. She married Naren for her interest, but she loves Naren a lot now and cannot leave him alone. Naren has helped us a lot, even Mansi got her justice because of him. She asks promise from everyone to help her. Soham asks her to stop crying and says what he should do to help her.

Shekhar comes to meet Ankita. She asks how is Naren. He says there is no improvement and his condition is getting worse. He says he is his friend and will cure him anyhow. He says Rushali asked him to bring Raunakh out and he has prepared for it. Ankita asks how can he do this, Raunak raped Mansi and waht will Naren think. He says about the celebration and says we will make use of this celebration. He says Naren’s family will be busy attending guests, and they will get Naren out. He says he will need Mansi and Shashank’s help as they know each nook and corner of Naren’s house well. Ankita says only she knows Naren’s house well.

She asks Mansi to come there as Raunakh will be there. Mansi says Raunakh cannot do anything to her now, Naren helped her a lot and she wants to help Naren now. Ankita agrees and asks Shekhar when is the party. He says in 2 days. She says she will prepare well in 2 days. She asks Naren to inform nurse that he does not like AC and likes fresh air while sleeping and his other likings. Shekhar says not to worry and to prepare for the party.

Pia brings breakfast for Pari and even brings flowers. Pari gets angry and throws flower. She asks her not to bring flowers for her and not to come in her room. These flowers reminds of a person whom she loved a lot and who ditched her. She requests her not to remind her of him. Pia says sorry and says she will not bring flowers again. Pari thinks she scolded Pia unncessarily adn asks sorry to her instead. Pia says it is ok and gives her breakfast to eat. She says one should cry to get their frustration out. She says she has her family who loves her and asks her to share her problems with them. They both hug each other.

Sunanda comes to Naren’s room and says nurse she will feed him soup. Naren is still not in his senses fully. Rushali also comes and they feed him soup saying they will let him meet Ahana.

Mansi asks Ankita to come inside the house and have something. Ankita says she does not want to eat and asks her to go in. Mansi goes in and brings food. She insists her to hav food. Ankita resists first, but sees Naren’s favourte lauki sabji in it. She says Naren’s like lauki sabji a lot, but she cannot prepare it for him now. She asks Mansi to take this food out. Mansi insists she will feed her food. Ankita asks her to go from there. She keeps the food there and goes from there.
Peedha majha… song plays in the background. She takes lauki sabji bowl, remembers her time spent with Naren and starts crying vigorously.

Precap: Shekhar sees nurse sleeping and thinks of taking Naren out from there.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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  1. miss Ankita is till drama queen, if not as Archana as Ankita. Oh please stop this silliness and give this show some sense. No wonder the ratings dropping like flies.

  2. This show is going on frm mny yrs.. Bt at present the story bcm quite boring.. Plz encourage the show so that people cn enjoy

  3. This show is well past expiry date- it should have been stopped earlier and it would have retained its magic- it has gone totally sour!

  4. Its still quite interesting thou

  5. This show too drawn out for me

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