Pavitra Rishta 21st July 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 21st July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ankita waking up in the morning and is about to go. Vaishnavi holds her dupatta and asks her not to go. Ankita makes her sleep and sings a lori. Panditji wife sees them and taunts Ankita. Ankita is about to talk to her. Panditji’s wife asks her to take bath and be fresh as it is Pandit’s house. After taking bath Ankita looks at Sindoor. Kavita asks her, if she is married. Ankita says yes. Kavita asks about her home. Ankita says, Mumbai. Kavita gets happy and takes actors’ name. Ankita says, she is going now. Kavita asks her to go and says Ranvijay brought her here in this room. Ankita asks, what is in this room. Kavita asks her to go. She sees a letter written by Ankita. Kavita’s husband come there and gets surprised seeing Ankita. He compliments Ankita’s

beauty. Kavita tells her that he is her husband and takes him with her.

Ankita gets sad and thinks these strangers helped us. We will return their favour some day. She thinks to go. Kavita gets angry on her husband for praising Ankita’s beauty. Her husband praises her fakely. Kavita pulls his nose and threatens to kill him. Panditji’s wife calls Kavita.

One couple comes to Panditji and shows their kundli. Panditji tells them that his prediction will never be wrong. The man asks him to prove it. Panditji worries about his prediction. The man asks Ankita to stop and asks Panditji to tell about Ankita. He asks, can she sing a song. Panditji gets worried and thinks he has to do something to save his respect. He tells that she can sing well. The man asks Panditji to ask Ankita to sing a song. Ankita looks surprised. The man says, if she sings then I will accept that you are not a fraud and a good astrologer. Panditji says, she will sing.

Panditji asks Ankita to sing a song as his respect is in her hands now. Ankita says, I don’t know how to sing. The man asks her to sing and says they were waiting. Ankita sings the song Saathiya Yeh Tune Kya Kiya…………………….Vaishnavi comes and listens her. Everyone listen to her song with much interest. Ranvijay comes and stops to hear her song. She gets emotional. The man praises Ankita’s singing. Ankita recollects singing for Naren and Naren praising her. Panditji smiles. Ankita smiles.

Vaishnavi laughs. The man gives 4000 Rs to Panditji and says you have proved to be a good astrologer and praises Ankita. The man’s wife thanks Ankita and says my husband is special ( he was already mentally challenged like Naren). Ankita asks the woman to support her husband always. Panditji offers partnership to Ankita and offers her money. Ankita says, she doesn’t need money and thanks him. Kavita says, she saw smile on Vaishnavi’s face since long. Panditji asks Ankita to stay at their home and says she forgot to smile. Vaishnavi hugs Ankita. Panditji asks his wife to agree and says Vaishnavi is happy with her. Panditji asks Ranvijay, if he has any objections. Ranvijay says no and says he didn’t bring him to stay for forever. Ankita is about to leave. Panditji stops her and tells her that Vaishnavi is not having a mother. She laughed after you came in her life. He requests her to stay back.

Vaishnavi calls her choti maa surprising everyone. Ankita thinks she can’t give love to her loved ones and thinks to give love to Vaishnavi. She tells that life is strange and hugs her. Ranvijay looks on. Ankita kisses her. Kavita and her husband look happy.

Naren and Rushaali sit in their car after attending a meeting. Naren asks his driver to get his phone from the office. Rushaali asks Naren to take time off for his family for enjoyment. She asks him and Pari to think about baby. Naren asks, what is the hurry. Rushaali says, kid increases love in the couple and brings responsibility. Naren says ok. Two kids knocks on the car window and ask for money. Naren gives them money and chocolates. The kids thank Naren. Naren says, he saw the same kids in his dream and wonders why they came in his dreams. Rushaali says, I know and says now it is high time to go for kids. Naren asks the driver to take them home and tells Rushaali that her advice is taken.

Kavita takes out school clothes for Vaishnavi and tells that she doesn’t go to school daily. Panditji wife comes and asks Vaishnavi to get ready to go to school. Vaishnavi goes out of her room. Panditji’s wife asks Kavita to keep the uniform inside. Vaishnavi brings Ankita in her room and says she will go to school if choti maa gets her ready. Ankita agrees and asks them not to worry.

Panditji’s wife tells Ankita that she is scared if she leaves Vaishnavi after making her close to her. She asks her to leave. Ankita promises her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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