Pavitra Rishta 21st January 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 21st January 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 21st January 2014 Written Update

Soham is about to drink alcohol, but he then sees Naren playing with the kids, and doesn’t touch alcohol bottle. He stops a waiter and asks him if there is anything to eat.

Then there is a dance competition between two hot couples – Raunak and Kinnari, Naren and Ankita.

Raunak and Kinnari first dance on song Tu to avey avey lut gaya.

Ankita and Naren come on the stage now. Ankita feels shy. Naren opens her hair. Kinnari tells Raunak why they are even watching them, winner was decided when they performed on the sage. How a chawl girl can compete with her.

Ankita and Naren start dancing slowly on song Main bhi Gulaabi and then they go in fast motion.

Sunanda will decide who the winner is. Sunanda tells Ankita their dance was much better,

but it’s special day for Raunak and Kinnari so she will declare them as the winner. She goes on the stage and says both performances were good and the winner is Raunak-Kinnari. Naren is shocked and disappointed. Sunanda gives a gift to Raunak-Kinnari.

Naren expresses disappointment to Ankita. He says everyone clapped more for them and their performance was much better, but still they didn’t win. Ankita makes him understand that it doesn’t matter, it’s their sangeet so they had to win. Naren finally feels satisfied. Sunanda notices it and feels happy.

Raunak feels where he’s stuck in this stupid competition. Mansi and Shashank are looking at Naren and Ankita. Mansi says they performed so good. Shashank doesn’t respond. Mansi is walking away, but Shashank stops her and says what she said is right, but what she’s thinking now is wrong. He tells her he was looking at Ankita, but not with any feelings. He says I had problem with Ankita’s marriage as I thought Naren is not made for her, I thought she would return to me. But I was wrong. When I see them today, I feel they are really made for each other. They both look so happy together. Mansi agrees. Shashank says he hopes everyone will say same for him and Mansi.

Kinnari is busy talking on phone with her friend. Raunak is getting bored and wonders if he’ll be able to spend his entire life with her or no. He says she’s pretty, but Mansi is prettier.

Naren and Ankita go to Mansi and Shashank. Naren takes Shashank’s interview to make sure he’s a good life partner for Mansi. He asks him whether he will keep her happy, always support her in any situation. Shashank says he will always keep her happy and support her in any situation. Naren asks Ankita if any more questions. Ankita says no. Naren then says they will finalize Shashank then. He hugs Shashank and welcomes him to the family.

A waiter purposely goes to Mansi and drops drink on her. Mansi then goes to washroom and Rauank follows her. Raunak misbehaves with her and also insults Naren and Ankita. Mansi loses her cool and slaps him for insulting Naren and Ankita. She tells Raunak that she will tell his truth to everyone today.

Mansi goes on the stage and starts talking about Raunak and his family’s thinking. Raunak is very scared. Mansi says they are big people and she wants to talk about one member particularly, son of this house. There are many people with double faces and she wants to tell truth of such person. Raunak is very afraid. Mansi now changes her tone and talks about Naren. She says she has met many people, but has never seen a guy like Naren. Raunak has a sigh of relief. Mansi praises Naren and says he’s best jiju of her. Ankita gets emotional. Soham feels proud. Mansi too starts getting emotional. Naren tells her you don’t cry and calls her to him. Mansi hugs Naren and Ankita. Kinnari is annoyed with useless speeches.

Later, Mansi comes to Raunak and asks him what happened to him when she was on the stage. She didn’t say anything about him and his condition is already bad, what would have happened if she had said everything. He would be thrown out of the house and the happiest person would be Mansi herself because she knows that is what he deserves. Raunak looks at her with anger.

Precap: Raunak decides to take revenge from Mansi in her sangeet function. He says he will give such gift to Mansi that she will remember for life.

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  3. Naren, superb acting. Ankita very good too. Mansi is beautiful. Nice episode. Very good serial

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