Pavitra Rishta 21st January 2013 Written Episode Update


Pavitra Rishta 21st January 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 21st January 2013 Written Update

Archana and Purvi are talking on the phone .Archana is telling Purvi how Onir handled Ovi despite all the tension between them and Ovi too is responding well to him .Purvi tells Archana that Onir knows everything about her past with Arjun .She tells her mother that Onir was upset first but then he took all this very positively and Purvi is glad that Onir knows the truth .
Archana is happy that Purvi got such a good husabnd who understands her so well. Onir is done with Ovi’s check up so Archana hangs up the phone .

Archana has made kanda poha for Onir . Onir , while eating , tells Archana that Ovi is doing well and he gives her credit for it because she is taking care of herself now and also coming to terms with the past .Archana tells him that she is so happy that Purvi got a great guy like him for a husband .Onir says that Purvi is the best thing to ever happen to him , he does not know how important he is to her but she means a lot in his life . He says that Purvi is lovely just like her mother . Archana again tells him how happy she is that he is with Purvi . Onir wants Archana to make a proper lunch for him next time and happily Archana tells him that she will do just that .

Early morning in the Karanjkar house , Sulochna sees Onir making tea in the kitchen .She tells him that he is the damaad of the house so he shoulod tell other to do these chores but Onir tells her that he wants to make tea for Mishti .Sulochna beams happily when she sees how he is doing all this for Purvi and tells hi mthat he reminds her of Manav as he too used to do all this for Archana .She tells hi mthat husband and wife should do these little things for each other as all this helps them to spend quality time with each other .She tells him that her daughter Archana and her granddaughter Purvi , both are lucky girls .

In the Deshmukh house ,Savita is in a bad mood .She is taking it out on Sundri .The reason why Savita looks so worried is because she is afraid that Teju might run away from home .She knows that Teju is just as stubborn her her grandmother Savita .

Onir takes morning tea for Purvi who is sleeping . In his imagination Onir thinks that he was about to kissed Purvi’s cheek but she wakes up and gets upset as she feel that Onir is crossing the line as their relationship is somewhat restricted in some ways .
Onir takes the tea for Purvi and wakes her up by putting her finger in the hot tea .Purvi gets up quickly .Onir tells her to get ready soon and goes to get her a towel .Onir then thinks that he wants to say so much to Purvi but he knows that their relationship is only based on friendship .Today he loves her but will not tell her anything until she too feels the same way about him .

In the Karanjkar house , Archana and Sulochna are making a list of things to do for Punni’s engagement party .Purvi is also there . Sulochna tells Archana that Onir made tea for Purvi this morning .Archana teases Purvi that just like his sasur Manav ,Onir too made tea for his wife today . Sulochna wants Onir to give her the phone number for his family so that they can also be invited . Onir gives a phone number .Suddenly Archana realizes that this is Archana’s cell number ..Onir says that he has lived alone for a long time and now Purvi is in his life and Purvi’s family is his family .He tells Sulochna to treat him like a son and not a son in law . He also wants Sulochna to give him some chores to do for the party .He insists so Sulochna gives him the responsibility of bringing the mithai …
Archana is about to go to see Soham in jail and also take lunch for him .Purvi wants to go too to visit her Soham dada .

Onir goes to a show room to buy a saree for Purvi .He does not knowwhat to buy .Arjun too is in the same showroom buying saree for Ovi for Punni’s sakhar puda .Onir asks Arjun to help him chose a saree as he is a novice i nall this .Arjun just stands there but does not gives him any advise as he is firm about not interfering in Purvi and Onir’s life . He remembers how once he had bought a saree for Purvi but Purv iwas a bit annoyed as the saree was yellow .Purvi does not like yellow colour .
Onir too is about to buy a yellow saree. Arjun still does not interfere and thinks to himself that he is feeling bad that Onir is buying a yellow saree as Purvi does not likes this colour but he will not interfere in Onir and Purvi’s relationship .
Onir tells Arjun that Ovi has to go for a periodic check up and he wil ltake her to the clinic .Arjun tells Onir to give the saree , tha the had bought for Ovi, to her .Onir tells Arjun that he should himself give this saree to her as it will make her happy .

Savita goes to the Khandesi home . She tells Snehlata that she has something to talk to her about Teju and Sunny .Snehlata is reluctant but savita then tells her that Teju and Sunny want to elope and get married . Snehlata is shocked . Savita says that somehow they have to be stopped .Theb oth plan to work together to stop this from happening .savita has a plan and she tells Snehlata about this ..We do not get to hear the plan but Snehlata looks pleased to hear it and agrees to go along with it with Savita .
Savita happily tells herself that she is Teju’s grandmother and is 10 steps ahead of her .

Precap : Savita is telling Manav that Teju wants to run away from home and get married . Archana and Teju are also standing there listening to Savita .

Update Credit to: Tanyaz

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