Pavitra Rishta 21st February 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 21st February 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 21st February 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Savita telling her daughter until I don’t see Ovi and Purvi, my headache is not going to go away. Teju then comes there. Savita gets surprised to see her there. She cannot believe Sunny’s mother let her come. Teju says I told her about Ovi and Purvi, and she let me come. Manav has sent car for them. Savita tells Teju that she can’t come. Teju says, I have to.. Purvi took care of me when I was sick and now she needs me. Vandu lets Teju go and she stays at home.

Mittal is talking with the same doctor with whom Onir had caught doing illegal things in hospital. Pune’s hospital also belongs to them. Mittal tells them he fired the doctor so Onir doesn’t find out Mittal is involved in this too. Doctor asks Mittal, do you think he’ll find that we do

illegal things there too? Mittal says I don’t know and tells him to tell his men to get alert, move everything away from there. He says he’ll handle rest.

Savita, Teju, Sachu, Sulo arrive to the hospital. Sulo doesn’t want to go inside as she can’t see Purvi in this condition. Savita tells her if you get sad like this, then who will take care of Purvi? We are elder so we have to take care of her. They go inside. Savita asks Purvi, how are you? Teju sees a plate there. She tells Purvi, you didn’t eat right? You don’t take care of yourself.. I will complain to Onir. Let me make you eat. Purvi holds her hand. They both cry and Teju hugs Purvi. Sulo tells them to calm down. She tells Purvi, Ovi’s daughter is also yours.. you’re her mausi and mausi is like a mother.

Break 1…

Teju, Sulo, Savita, Sachu come to Ovi’s room now. They still have tears in their eyes and see Ovi’s daughter and congratulate each other for becoming grand grandmother. Teju tells Ovi today it’s big day for all of us, but I don’t know I cant feel this happiness because Purvi… Ovi says, I understand you totally.. even I am sad with what happened to Purvi. Teju leaves from there. Ovi tells Savita that they should not leave Purvi alone for any moment. she needs them more than Ovi. She requests them to go to Purvi.

Manav sits beside Teju. Teju tells him, we had seen so many dreams for Purvi and Ovi’s babies and had planned celebration too. I was so excited to become mausi. Manav tells Teju whatever happened was bad.. but we have to fight with this situation. We all will fight together. He then asks her, did you see Sunny? He is taking care of everyone like a family member. He went to temple with Archu. Whatever happens no one can separate you from Teju. They hug.

Purvi is looking at Ovi’s baby. Arjun comes there. Purvi speaks in her mind, you will forgive your mother, right? You’re my daughter.. part of my body,, but now I can only see you from a distance. Just like how Devki (God) gave her child away, I also gave you to Ovi. I found out today how hard it is to give your child away. But I know I have given to you in correct hands. It will be lots of pain for me to stay away from you, but I will manage because after a woman becomes a mother, her child is everything for her. She then turns around and sees Arjun. She leaves from there right away. Onir notices her leaving the room. Arjun comes out. Arjun tells Onir, Purvi was looking at the baby and when I came, she left all of a sudden without saying anything. She didn’t talk with me at all. Onir says she must be missing her child. She lost her child na.. she is not able to come out of it. Arjun says, I understand. Onir then tells him, more Purvi stays here, more she will get hurt. So we are leaving tonight. I think that will be good for Purvi. Arjun says, you’re right. The more purvi stays away from a child, better it will be for her. Onir leaves now.

Mittal comes to Pune’s hospital. He’s having a conversation with one of the doctors. Doctor tells him everything is fine. I have informed other connections as well. Mittal says, now listen to me carefully.. as long as Onir is here, you won’t move from here .. even for a second. Onir passes by from ther. (But I don’t think he listened the conversation).

Break 2..

He goes inside and gets surprised seeing Mr. Mittal. Mittal says I was talking about Purvi and Ovi. I was coming to Pune for some work and Punni told me about the incident. I got worried and decided to come here. I was just telling doctor to take care of Purvi Onir and the baby. Onir thanks him for his concern. Mittal goes to meet Ovi Purvi.

Onir tells nurse to get Purvi’s discharge papers ready. Manav is there. He asks him why are you discharging Purvi? Onir says, we are shifting to Mumbai. Manav says, but I think she is not perfectly fine yet. Onir says, I understand.. but I think she will feel better at home. Here she will keep missing her child. Manav says, maybe you’re right. Our extracare for Purvi is hurting her today.. and when she herself said she wants to go to home, then we will do like that.

Manav tells Onir, I want to share something with you. Purvi is not my blood, but I have a special place for her in my heart. She grown up with Archu and Archu was everything for her. When we returned from Canada, Purvi took us as a family. I was always wondering when Purvi, who gave happiness to everyone, will get happiness. Now I think God fulfilled my wish by making you her husband. You’re standing with her in every situation. Please keep supporting Purvi and never leave her. Onir says, baba don’t worry… I will never leave Purvi alone.

Episode ends.

Precap: Ovi (in wheelchair) is in Purvi’s room. Purvi is back in her regular clothes, (and ready to leave I guess). Right then a nurse comes there and says to Dr. Onir.. that baby. Purvi gets worried and asks nurse, what happened to baby? Nurse says she can’t breathe properly. Dr. Onir tells nurse he will check, but before that Purvi runs outside already. Ovi tells nurse, can’t you take care of a baby? She asks them to take her to the baby.

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