Pavitra Rishta 20th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 20th March 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 20th March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Ankita going to Shekhar’s house. She asks why did she come to his house. She says she needs his help and tells him about reexperimenting on Naren. She says what doctor said. Shekhar says are you mad, she can’t do this. Ankita says she wants to save Naren and can’t see him tied and being in pain. Shekhar says it will be dangerous. Ankita says she does not care if she dies, but she wants to save Naren. Shekhar says Naren’s family won’t allow him go out of house. If she tries this treatment, he will come in between Naren and her.

Pia describes food menu to Archana. She likes it. Savita scolds Neena for not finding her ring. Neena says she will call Robert. She says she does not want servant to search her ring. Neena at last finds the ring. Savita says

she is acting as if she has done favour to her by finding the ring. Pia says Archana that her mother-in-law is hotter than Kohlapuri chilli. Savita hears that and asks Pia what did she say. Archana says she did not say anything.

Archana says Pia is just afraid of her. She told her she is different than she looks. Savita says Archana is good, so she feels everyone is good. She says when Archana came to her house, she troubled her a lot. She did not realize she was a diamond, not a stone. She says she troubled her first, but then helped her so much. Archana fell and broke her limbs and she even took her to bathroom. Archana says she loves her a lot. Savita says even she loves her a lot. Pia says she saw many serials and films, but their relationship is very different. Savita says it is different but asks her to think before marrying. Archana says she is a kid. Savita says she will grow soon and just warned her.

Rushali and her husband are taking care of Naren. Shekhar with flowers and greets Naren. He asks is it necessary to tie Naren. Sunanda says even she does not like, but she does not have a choice as he hurts himself and others. Shekhar says he has hurt himself, but everyone is feeling the pain. Naren’s father says he can’t understand your words and asks him to come out.

Naren gets schizophrenic and starts shouting. Evryone comes and hold him. Rushali asks nurse to call doctor. Naren says he wants to meet Ahana. Ankita is walking on the road. She says god that she believes him because of Naren and prays to cure Naren. She wants Naren to come back to her soon. Shekhar calls Ankita and says he wants to meet her.

MAnav is looking at photo album. Archana asks why is he looking at old album..Manav says he trying to relive his past. He does not know who was the photographers in these parties and functions, but he is thankful to them that they captured his life’s each moment young in these photos. Archana asks him to watch photos. She shows him old pics and goes into remembers those moments. Pia comes with snacks and says about their past days. He asks how did she know that. She says Sulochana aji told her. He gives him tea and checks the pics. She asks Soham who is this. She then says she remembers she is Soham mama. She asks sorry for not remembering Soham. Archana says Manav you were right, we should thank the people who took these photographs. If they didn’t take these pics, we would not have remembered our Soham. I feel if Soham was alive, he would have a family and they would have loved him a lot. Pia serves them tea and asks how is it. They say it is perfect. She gets happy.

Shekhar meets Ankita and says she is right. Naren was very lively in college and now it looks like he has lost his friend. He says to bring back Naren he can do anything. He says he will go inside and check what is happening there and will try to gety Naren out. He goes from there.

Shashank as a reporter takes street children’s vidoes. He sees Ankita on the road pavement. He calls her and asks where is she. She says she has come with Naren to psychiatrist and cuts the call. She asks sorry to Shashank for lying.
Shashank thinks why did Ankita lie to him and why is she sitting on the road and crying. Shashank goes in front of Ankita and calls him.

Rushali tells her husband that in 1-2 days London clients are coming, what will they do when they don’t find Naren. They should distract them with a party. Sunanda asks how can they think of party when Naren is not well. Shekhar also backs Rushali. Sunanda asks what will they say clients if they ask about Naren. Rushali says she will tell Naren has gone on a business trip. She says if Raunakh was here, he would have handled the clients and asks Shekhar to bring out Raunakh on payrole. Shekhar says he is into rape case and cannot get payrole. Sunanda asks Rushali not to think of bringing Raunakh back, what will Ankita nd Naren thinks and commands Raunak will not come back to her home.

Precap: Shekhar sees nurse sleeping and he thinks to take Raunakh out.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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