Pavitra Rishta 20th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 20th February 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 20th February 2013 Written Update

Part one:

Episode begins with hospital onir is hugging to purvi..[ Flashblack] he remembering purvi’s words that he will support her na.. purvi is looking at her baby & she says to onir that you place my baby on ovi’s ward. onir takes purvi’s baby & purvi is looking at her baby emotionally… onir wake up & goes in ovi’s ward. purvi is crying… onir comes inside in ovi’s ward & place the baby near ovi’s bed… he takes ovi’s dead child & leaves from ovi’s word.. onir is walking & nurse comes & asks about both ladies deliveries.. onir tells i saved only one baby & he tells ward boy can you arrange incubator… [Flashback ends]

purvi says onir that i did rite na.. my decision was rite na.. via this baby arjun-ovi

relations will be soon fine. she says she has faith that her baby brings happiness in arjun-ovi’s life. onir tells yes.. our baby always with arjun-ovi for better future.. purvi again hugs onir.. both are crying…

Part Two:

In hospital manav is talking with sulochana on phone.. he says everything will fine soon & u don’t come here . we will soon come in mumbai but sulochana says no.. manav i will come there my granddaughter are in problems. manav says ok.. but when u leave plz inform me.

Manav tells sachin that sulo coming here.. DK comes & manav tells about ovi & purvi.. he tells i don’t know wht i do.. one side ovi delivered one baby girl & other side purvi lose her kid. Dk asks about archu. manav says she has gone in mandir with sunny. onir tells that everything will be fine soon. manav tells yes.. we will shift both ovi & purvi in mumbai. onir tells ovi’s baby still in incubator.

Arjun comes in purvi’s ward.. & says purvi… he sits near to her & says i m really soory purvi.. just bcoz of me you & onir lose your baby.. he says sorry purvi… purvi says no.. arjun don’t say anything like this then she says to herself that she does not lose her baby it’s ovi… Dk comes in purvi’s ward.

In karanjkar house sulochana is packing her bags.. she says to manju that she needs to hospital.. manju gets punni calls. punni invites manju for shopping.. manju informs about ovi delivered one baby girl but purvi miscarriage happen.. punni looks shocked.. manju says i m feeling very bad for purvi.. manju tells i m helping sulochana for packing her bags.. punni says when you free then you call me.

In mittal house punni informs mittal about purvi miscarriage. she says sulochana is going in that hospital.. punni takes name of that hospital.. mittal looks shocked to listen. punni asks what happen but mittal says nothing.. punni says to mitall that she wants some money for shopping.. she goes take money from lock up. mitall calls some one & says i want to meet you now.. imeediately… mittal want to leaves… punni asks where are you going..?? he says i have one important work..& he leaves.

In purvi’s ward onir comes & purvi lost in baby thoughts.. he asks are you not done your dinner.?? onir says you do first dinner.. purvi says no i don’t want to eat anything.. purvi asks onir that her baby drinks milk kya?? onir says we have to leave this place… but purvi says our baby is in incubator na… then she comes back in present.

Part 3:

In hospital onir says misty.. our baby is not our… you gives our baby to ovi & arjun… if you are thinking about ur baby then problems will create… onir tells to purvi that now you should try to forget ur baby.. purvi says i want to tried to forget my baby but i can’t do that.. onir tells that she can’t afford that everyone know truth.. purvi says that no.. i don’t want to any one know this truth.. onir says if you keep in touch with ur baby then that baby make you weak bcoz of ur mother’s love… onir tells that if you can’t live without ur baby then why you give ur baby to them.. she says for arjun-ovi.. onir says you should be strong purvi.. then purvi tells about archana & says she was so strong… she tells about she had lived without soham 18 years.. she tells now my baby in front of me but i can’t showering my love on her..

Episode ends.

Precap: In hospital sulochana, savita, teju & sachin are standing outside of purvi’s ward. sulo says no.. i can’t meet purvi in this condition.. but savita says if you lose ur strength then how will purvi come out from this conditon..

Update Credit to: NArESh

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