Pavitra Rishta 1st October 2013 Written Episode Update


Pavitra Rishta 1st October 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 1st October 2013 Written Update

Episode continues from yesterday. Savita’s angry lecture, Weddings are meant to join families, not break them apart!
Manav gets up and says, Yes, Archana, Ayi is absolutely right! You should have discussed this wth us before taking such a big decision! And u had said that Sachin’s wedding is such a special occasion for you! And u want to have a lavish wedding, then what kind of wedding planning is this? Whats wrong with you? Why are u trying to send Sachin away from the family?
Sachin steps forward: Baba, Ajji, its not Ayi’s fault, this decision is not hers, but mine! I booked a flat for myself! Because I want to live separate from my family!
Gauri looks at Sachin with surprise, Manav and Savita are even more shocked. Ovi, Teju, Damo all look surprised. Sachin

continues, Yes, u heard it right! After the wedding, I want to move into a new flat with Gauri! Because I want to save her from Soham! Its obvious that someday Soham will return to this house. And he will come face to face with Gauri and if he tries to misbehave with Gauri, then I wont be able to tolerate it! Its possible that I will raise my hand on him!
Sachin goes up to Manav and asks him, Baba, tell me, will u be able to see us fighting?
He goes up to his sisters and asks, Ovi, Teju, if that gunda misbehaves with ur sister in law, will u be able to tolerate that?
Sachin goes up to Savita, Aaji, u tell me, am I wrong in my ideas?
Savita cries, Sachin, you are afraid of Soham naa? But now hes not living in this house and there is very little possibility of him returning to this house. Why are u scared of him?
Sachin tells her, I have to think abt this! What guarantee is there that Soham wont return to this house? I thought abt the future and made this decision. Aaji, I have made this decision and its final, nobody can change it!
Savita cries, everybody is in silent and upset.
Gauri speaks up then, Sachin is right! I agree with his decision, after all Im his future wife!
Savita tells her, Gauri, Sachin wants to set up his own establishment, he wants to separate from his family. And ur agreeing to his decision, Beta?
Gauri says, Yes Ajji, Sachin is right, what is there in this house? There is no proper place to sit or sleep! If u stretch out your feet, they touch someone else’s foot. And if a guest comes over, someone has to give up their room and sleep on the couch here. On top of that, every morning u have to line up for water! And then daily exercise of lifting buckets of water upstairs everyday!
All Deshmukhs look upset and disturbed to hear this.
Manav says, Gauri beta, we actually enjoy doing these things, like lining up downstairs for water everyday or sleeping in a group here in the Hall when guests stay overnight. This gives us an opportunity to spend time with each other.
Gauri says, Baba, I understand, I live in a chawl too! But the togetherness, the affection ur talking about, we can have that at the flat also naa? Ovi, Teju, you two will have ur own room there!
Ovi and Teju are surprised, Teju asks, We will have our own rooms, means?
Gauri says, Yes, separate rooms for you…Sachin looks surprised and angry.
Gauri looks at Savita, Ajji, for u there will be a small Puja ghar (prayer room). Gauri touches Archu’s hand, And Ayi, over there u wont have to stand in line for water! You and Baba can enjoy tea instead. And we will all live there happily together! What say, Sachin?
Sachin looks angrily at Gauri. She continues, How does it matter if I live here or in the new flat? My main intention is to live with all of you! Doesn’t matter which house my grihapravesh (entering new house) is at…
Everyone smiles at her words, an angry Sachin asks her, Gauri, what are u saying?
Gauri smiles, Im saying the truth, Sachin!
Sachin says, No Gauri, only the two of us will live in that flat!
Gauri tells him, Alright Sachin, after the wedding, u can live in that flat, I will live here. With my whole family!
Sachin gets madder, Gauri, what are u saying? You will live without ur husband after marriage?
Gauri says, Sachin, for me, you and ur family, both are very important! When ur parents brought your proposal to my house, I didn’t even know you well enough. I had agreed to this proposal only because of them! I started loving ur family before I loved you. But if u want me to live with u in that new flat after wedding, then that’s not possible for me. Im sorry, Sachin, I cannot be divided in 2 parts. If u still don’t change ur decision, then it would be better that we don’t get married at all!
Everyone looks shocked, Sachin is furious!
Gauri turns to Archana, Ayi, when u gave me these bangles from that moment I started dreaming of becoming a bahu of ur family, not just Sachin’s wife! Ayi, if because of me, a son is separated from his mother, a brother from his sisters, and grandson from his grandparents, then I cannot stand this. Ayi, Im sorry, but I cannot marry ur son!
Archana manav are shocked, Savita and Damo are crying. Gauri opens her bangles and gives them to Archana.
Archana tries to talk to her but Gauri leaves, crying.
Archu gives Sachin an angry look and goes inside. The others just look shocked and crestfallen.

Next scene: at the Hospital
Purvi is coming in with a file in her hand. Shalini calls her name and happily greets her.
Purvi greets her and asks, What are u doing in the hospital today?
Shalini tells her Onir had left his file at home so she brought it for him.
Shalini asks Purvi, Are u free right now? If youre not too busy, can we go and talk in Onir’s cabin? Come…
Purvi agrees, she looks disturbed. Shalini asks her, Purvi, is anything troubling you? Did anything happen?
Purvi looks tearful but says, Nothing at all…
Shalu says, Come on, Purvi, Im ur good friend, u can share with me…
Purvi hesitantly tells her, Actually Arjun is angry with me for some days now. Its my fault, I…
Suddenly Purvi feels nauseous and covers her mouth!
Onir is shown leading Purvi out by the hand in his cabin. He tells Shalini: Theres some good news! Purvi, Congratulations! You’re pregnant!
Shalini is excited: Oh My God! Really? Congratulations! …she bends and hugs a sitting Purvi.
Onir says, Arjun will be very happy to hear this! I think we shd inform him abt this right now!
Shalini agrees. I will call him right now!
Purvi stops her, No Shalini! Don’t call him, I will tell Arjun myself.
Shalini agrees, Youre right! This is a special moment between husband and wife! You should share this news wih him first!
Purvi smiles but looks a bit worried.
Next scene: DK’s Office
Manav knocks and comes in. DK gets up and shakes hand with him. He says, Manav, so nice to see u!
Manav: Same here, Sir!
DK says, what a pleasant surprise! Are u joining work from today? Manav says he is..
DK asks him how hes feeling, Manav says much much better!
DK asks him how does it seem to join work after so long?
Manav tells him yes, it felt weird to stay at home, hes never taken such a long leave from work, he was sick, then Sachin’s problems, one after the other, so I had to take this long leave! But Sir, u must have a heavy workload now?
DK smiles, No not that much, and I know ur not the type of man to take a long leave without reason. I know ur passionate abt ur work! As far as work is concerned, Arjun and Purvi are managing everything, I also help them a little.
Manav smiles and nods, Sir, I didn’t get bored at home, but I wasn’t worried abt the business because I knew u are here and in ur presence nothing can go wrong! Your work, ur decisions, everything is flawless! Sir I trust u completely! This is the trust based on which our relationship, our friendship is at this level!
An employee knocks on the door, DK says Yes? He comes in. Manav continues, you deserve all the credit. The employee gives DK a file of the day’s meetings.
DK gets up, telling Manav that he has to leave for a meeting, theres a new project that they are developing. He asks Manav to look at the new project file and not to spend too much time working as hes not perfectly well yet.
DK leaves for the meeting, Manav starts looking at the project file, then he gets serious. He looks worried, says, How is this possible? How can DK Sir do like this?
Next scene: Kirloskar House
Arjun is talking on his phone while looking at a file, he says, Sheetal, we didn’t get the cash flow reports for Mr. Bakshi yet. So do one thing, call their company MD and tell them were sending all our invoices to them! I will call ur back!
He sits down to have lunch, reads the newspaper, a mobile rings, its Shalini. He calls Purvi that she has a phone call. Purvi doesn’t come so he picks up the call. Yes, Shalini, This is Arjun.
Shalini smiles, Arjun? How are you? Arjun says, Im okay, how are u?
Shalini says, Im good, I called on Purvi’s cell but u picked up?
Arjun says, Purvi actually I don’t know where she is busy, I called her but she didn’t come. Was there anything urgent?
Shalu says, No I just called to enquire abt Purvi.
Arjun tells her to leave a message and Purvi will call her later. Shalu says, No I will call her back. Its Okay, Bye!
Onir comes to shalini as shes hanging up. Onir asks, What happened? Didn’t u get to talk to her?
Shalini wonders, Purvi didn’t give the good news to Arjun Yet? It seemed that Arjun is still angry with Purvi.
Onir looks worried, he says, Its possible because of her own guilt, Purvi didn’t tell Arjun yet? But if she doesn’t tell him, how will she manage? I mean every pregnant woman needs her husband’s love and care at this time! In fact, its Arjun’s right to know about this!
Shalini agrees, it seems that WE will have to give Arjun this good news. They did so much for us, we can do this for them, right?
Onir looks thoughtful.

Next morning at Deshmukh chawl
Manav is angrily pacing in his bedroom and fretting, I don’t know why DK Sir took such a big decision? He signed a 25 Crore deal with that Shirish Sarmatkar. To do a partnership with such a guy means …Archana, in newspapers already news has come out, 6 of his buildings collapsed because he used duplicate materials! He has a bad reputation in the Market! He didn’t bother to inform me even before doing this deal with that guy!
Archana asks him to calm down but Manav rages, how can I calm down? I agree I didn’t go to work for a long time but why shd they neglect me for that? I trusted them so much and they went behind my back?
Archana suggests, Let us talk to DK Sir personally abt this!
Manav says. Theres nothing left to discuss, DK has finalized the deal! Theres an agreement!
Archana says, Manav, its also possible that DK Sir would tell u later, or maybe DK Sir doesn’t know the truth abt that guy! Manav, I don’t think DK Sir is the type of person to do this on purpose. Manav, DK Sir and Ashna Ji helped us when we were nothing! Whatever u are today is because of them! So not trusting him like this is not right, Manav I think u shd go and talk to DK yourself. I think u shd talk with him abt this!
Manav looks upset but agrees to talk to DK.

Next scene: Gauri’s house
Gauri’s mother Rajni is crying: Gauri what did u do, Beta? All wedding preparations are done! Wedding cards are being distributed! How can u refuse to get married at this time?
Umesh, Gauri’s father is angry and upset, he tells Gauri, You took this decision too fast! Why take such an emotional decision? After all, Sachin is ur future husband! Its ur duty to respect all his decisions!
Gauri is crying, Even if his decision is wrong? Baba, by staying away from his parents, I wont be happy or be able to make Sachin happy! I cannot live with that guilt! And people will also talk, they will question YOUR values! They will say you taught me all this! I cannot stand this, please Baba, don’t force me to change my decision!
Her father says, But why call off the wedding because of this? We can all sit down and find a solution for this naa? Just think, what will Archana ji, Manav ji and their family think abt us? They honored us by bringing this proposal, for ur happiness, they became enemies of their own son! And you?
Gauri is crying, baba I know they did a lot for us! That’s why I respect an dlove them a lot! Baba, that’s why I cannot take Sachin away from his mother, that’s why I took this decision! Please try to understand me!

Next scene: somewhere outside near tall Office buildings
Arjun is waiting, Onir joins him. Arjun greets him, Onir, u had called me?
Onir says, Look Arjun, I know there are some complications between u and Purvi, I don’t want these problems to continue.
Arjun frowns and asks, what are u talking about?
Onir says, Purvi told me abt ur and her argument…and during that time I also found out that..
Arjun interrupts him, Onir, Onir, I know ur my very good friend and u have a right to support me in my good and bad times! But that doesn’t mean u can interfere in my private affairs!
Onir protests, Arjun, u don’t understand me..
Arjun interrupts again, I can understand u, but probably u don’t understand me, Onir, this is between me and Purvi. It will be better if u don’t step into this matter. Purvi shd not have told u abt this but since she has told u I cant do anything abt this but I can just request u to stay away from this matter! Alright?
Onir tries to tell him again but Arjun cuts in, Look if u only want to talk abt this then I don’t want to..
Onir says, Arjun, I only want to say that Purvi needs ur attention and love! That’s it!
Arjun takes offence, Onir, shes my wife! I know very well what she needs and what she doesn’t…and I will take care of it! Thanks anyway!
Arjun pats Onir’s arm and goes, leaving Onir looking worried and upset.

Deshmukh chawl:
Archana is sitting on her bed, surrounded by Ovi, teju, Savita and Sundari also in the room. Archu says, I think Sachin has already decided he wants to live away from this house! So we shd support him!
Savita says, Archana, what are u saying?
Archu says, Ayi, Im saying this after a lot of thought! Sachin is not our enemy, hes the son of the house, if he wants to live separately from us, then we shd support his decision. He shd feel we are with him on this!
Teju says, But Ayi, Gauri?
Archu tells her, Don’t worry abt Gauri, I will explain to her…Im telling u I will bring her back, have faith in me!
Teju says, Ayi, I will give that good news to Dada first!
Manav is at the door watching Archu and family conference. He smiles.
Night time at D chawl
Sachin is in his room, Teju, Ovi and Manav come in. Teju yells, Dada, theres a good news! Ayi HAS agreed!
Sachin turns around, Ovi tells him, Yes, Ayi said she will go to Gauri herself and ask her to change her decision! And also u and Gauri can shift to the new flat!
Ovi continues, Theres another good news! I have decided, I will do the interior designing for ur new flat!
Teju cuts in, Ey, I will do the interior designing, u don’t know anything! U will just go around posing like a model!
Ovi gets angry and they start fighting as usual! Manav yells, Okay, both of u do it together!
Savita comes in: Listen, whoever does the interior design, The inauguration of the new flat will be by my hands only! I will cut the red ribbon!
Damo comes in, And I will frame a big picture of ur father, Sachin and hang it in ur new flat!
Sundari comes in, And yes, Sachu Dada, Archana vahini has said I will go with u two to live in the new flat, to help you! You will be newly married so Gauri vahini will need me to set up her house!
Manav joins in, Yes Beta, flat payments must be due, you don’t worry abt that at all! No need to take any loans, I will make those payments! Our gift to u both for ur wedding! We only want you two to be happy!

Arjun is yelling at Purvi: What have u done? What was the need to tell someone else about our fights? Why did u go and tell Onir that we are having problems so that a third person has to come and solve the problems between us?
Purvi is looking distressed and trying to speak but Arjun leaves angrily…

Update Credit to: Pallavi

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