Pavitra Rishta 1st May 2013 Written Episode Update


Pavitra Rishta 1st May 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 1st May 2013 Written Update

Purvi takes off her necklace and gives it to Onir saying this will get them some money. Onir says as long as I am here.. you don’t need to sell your jewelry. Purvi says, my jewelry is not greater than Pari. When you get job, then I will tell you myself to bring it back. Onir still doesn’t feel like taking it, but Pari cries in hunger so he has no option.

In Canada, Ovi is back on ramp. One guy praises her. He says because of model like you, people still make Indian face a showstropper. He asks her how she feels. Ovi doesn’t give much interest and says, nice. He asks, are you sure? Ovi is getting a call from Arjun, but she doesn’t pick up. That guy says I want to talk to you about other shows. She says, not now.. please leave now. He leaves.

Ovi is in her car now and again

gets call from Arjun, and she again disconnects.

Savita is very happy as Teju came back. She tells her you can go anytime to see Sunny’s mum and mausi. She then says that she misses Sunny now. He became member of this family so fast. Such a nice guy. Teju says, you’re missing him now.. but when he was here.. you made him do so much work. Savita tells Teju all that Sunny used to do and how he was taking care of everyone. Phone rings and Savita gets excited thinking it would be Sunny’s call. It indeed is his call. Sunny says he is missing everyone and especially scolding from Savita. Savita apologizes to him. He says, I never felt bad.. my mother also scolds me.. you must have scolded me for my good. Savita gets emotional and tells him to love Teju like this only.

Ovi is in her room now, recalling Pari’s truth. She gets calls from Arjun again and again and she keeps disconnecting.

Onir comes to a jewelry shop and gives purvi’s chain. But then he asks store owner to return him. Store owner returns and says why would you come to waste my time in early morning? He leaves the store.

Arjun now sends message to Ovi on chat. He says, I miss you a lot.. you were so happy night before.. I thought everything is perfect.. why did you leave all of a sudden? Ovi reads and has tears in her eyes. He says, I saw my old Ovi after long time.. seeing you, I felt like you want our rishta to go on.. I was confident that everything will be fine. But next morning, you left…. I still can’t believe it.. how could you do this to me? And that video of yours.. broke me down completely. Why did you go away when everything was settling down? This is not fair. You’re not like this.. you always wanted to be with me in my wins and losses. And today when I am going through bad time, then why are you not with me? Please forgive me.. please come back. I can see that you’re reading my messages, but not responding. Until you don’t reply me back, I will keep messaging you. Please talk to me. Ovi shuts down her laptop. Arjun sees her status as offline and gives up as well. He says to himself, please understand.. I want you to come back.

Soham seems to be tired and needs some help. His boss asks him to finish work as soon as possible. Soham says boxes are so heavy and on top of that sunshine.. so it’s taking time. His boss says he will look for someone else. Onir sees that and comes to help Soham. Soham tells him, you’re so educated.. this work is not for you. He takes boxes from his hand. Onir says he really needs money and work is work.. he will do it. Onir joins Soham in work of taking out mango boxes from a truck n putting them in a store. Arjun sees him doing that work. Soham tells his boss to give money to Onir and goes somewhere. His boss sees Onir and says to him, you’re same doctor who exchanged child right? Onir says please give me my money. Boss says, people like you only care about money.. he gives and leaves. Arjun says, seems like Onir’s financial condition is very bad. I’ll have to go and check.

Savita is at Purvi’s neighbor house. Arjun comes to Purvi’s house and Savita sees it. She wonders what he is dong there. Purvi and Arjun are still meeting after so much happened.. don’t know when they will change.

Purvi tells Arjun, you shouldn’t come here. Arjun says, I know.. but I came for Pari.. I haven’t seen her since so many days.. Purvi lets him inside. Savita tries to listen their conversation, but don’t think she listened anything as she gets surprised when Arjun goes in.

Arjun plays with Pari and Purvi smiles looking at them. Arjun sees her and asks her if he can play with her for while. Purvi says, yes (of course). Arjun says, I am happy that Pari is living with you.. and I am sorry that I came here all of a sudden. Ovi left all of a sudden, and I know you’re blaming yourself for that. That’s why maybe you want to stay away from me.. I know that you have your personal life and I don’t want to interfere.. but I can’t live without Pari. I am used to her. I agree that she spent very little time with me.. but my house seems empty without her. Purvi says, I understand your feelings.. until now Pari was with you.. and Ovi also must have loved her like a mother and I feel Ovi hasn’t forgotten Pari completely yet. Why don’t you try talking to her one more time? I think she will come back.

Purvi continues, I know you are missing Pari, but you shouldn’t come here.. and also I am told not to meet you. Arjun says, aaji must have told you that, right? And I am sorry if you have to face problems because of me.. I don’t want anything like that.. He gives Pari to Purvi and is leaving. He stops and says, i came for another reason as well. He gives money and says, it’s for Pari. Purvi says, I can’t take it. Arjun says, i know you won’t take it.. but it’s for Pari…I want to do something for her as well. And somewhere I am responsible for condition that you’re in today. Purvi still refuses. Arjun says, if not for yourself, then take it for Pari at least. She takes it now and Arjun leaves.

Precap: Sulo scolds Purvi in the hospital. She says from today, Arjun won’t come to see you and you won’t meet him either. By doing all this, your and Ovi’s both rishtas will break…

Update Credit to: DesiTvBoc

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