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The episode starts with Archana telling Ankita and her siblings that Raghav Matre is her son Soham Deshmukh. She says, he is my son. Everyone get surprised and look at Soham. Archana says, I was searching for him since long. She recalls seeing Ankita’s pics and then meeting with Soham once. Soham says, I am not your Soham. Soham was killed 20 years ago. I am Raghav Matre, Vishnu Lala. Ankita recalls Soham telling he is Vishnu Lala once. Archana says, you are my Soham. Everyone is shocked. Mansi recalls Archana enquiring about Soham. Archana says, these kids are our grand children. Our family is completed. Ankita asks, are you our aaji? Archana nods. Ankita calls her Archana Aaji. Soham asks them to leave. Archana cries and leaves, followed by Manav. Soham, Ankita and her siblings look sad.


gets happy knowing that Soham is alive and Ankita is Soham’s daughter. Teju says, that’s why she resembles our Aaji. Sulochana says, I felt some connection with her. Ovi says, we didn’t know that she is Soham dada’s daughter and did so much for us. Ovi says, Aayi and baba did Ankita’s kanyadaan. Savita asks Sachin, why you didn’t bring him here. Sachin says, he is not ready to come here. He didn’t forget Gauri incident till now. He is a thief, drunkard and a gambler. I would have sent him to jail. Manav comes and reminds him that Soham is his brother. He says, if he didn’t forget it then you also didn’t forget it. Archana says, Manav is right. Manav says, he didn’t have a family with him. Archana says, we shall help him forget everything. Savita asks, about his looks? Archana looks sad.

Sulochana asks, when we will meet him? Manav says, he don’t want to meet us. Don’t want to keep any relation with us. He even changed his name to Raghav matre. Sulochana says, it can’t happen. He might be angry to do that. Pari looks annoyed. Sulochana says, we shall be together. Ovi tells Pushti and her siblings that you have 5 more brothers and sisters. Savita tells Manav that relations doesn’t change with name. Sachin goes to his room. Neena follows him.

Soham confesses to his children that he changed his name as he hates his name Deshmukh. He says, they snatched my love. Ankita asks, love means……..Soham says, they are the one who snatched my Gauri from me. He tells her that he loved Gauri very much and says I left all my bad work for her. Flashback is shown. He says, I dreamt of marrying and loving her. Did you know what did they do with me. They decided Sachin and Gauri’s wedding.

Flash back is shown. Archana and Manav fixing Sachin and Gauri’s marriage. Soham tells Archana that he will die without Gauri. Archana tells him that Gauri is going to be his brother’s wife. He says, they told that I am not educated. He says, I stopped the marriage and took Gauri with me. They sent the police after us and I jumped into the pond. Shashank sympathizes with me. Soham says, I didn’t have any relation with them. Then I married and have children. I don’t have any relation with them then and now. Ankita and others listen tensedly.

Pari comes to Naren and tells him that Ankita is her sister. Naren says, it is unbelievable. Pari says, he is Soham’s daughter. Naren says, sorry I didn’t know. I sent him to jail. Pari says, Manav and Archana got him bailed. She says, she is happy, but can’t accept Ankita as her sister. She says, I can’t forget and accept her. Manav and Archana want them to live with them, but I can’t live with her. Naren says, let her come. you will be here with me in this house. They hug each other.

Ankita tells Archana that they can’t come with them. Archana asks, why? You are my kids. Ankita says, baba refused. Archana says, you are my grand kids, please come with me. I will make Soham agree. Manav says, your Aaji is right. Don’t get scared. we are your loved ones. Our home is waiting for you. Archana tells Ankita and Mansi that so many relatives are waiting for them. Sonu says, so many relatives. Archana says, you have a big family. She says, we did a mistake as we couldn’t recognize you. She folds her hands. Ankita asks her not to do that and calls her Aaji. Archana gets happy and asks them to come home.

Mansi tells Ankita that they shall go to Aaji’s house. She says, we didn’t get our relatives love until now. Ankita agrees to come with them.

Soham is drinking in the bar and says Manav Deshmukh came to snatched my kids. He says, I won’t go to his house and won’t allow my kids to go even. He says, they snatched my Gauri and now they are snatching my daughter’s love. They are my enemies.

Manav and Archana bring Ankita and her siblings home. Everyone is happy. Manav tells his family that they have to give them love and everything. Sulochana says, I know it is not easy for you to come, but soon we will become one. Savita asks them to take their blessings. Sulochana tells that Bappa listened to their prayers. Ankita and her siblings meet everyone. Ovi says, I can’t believe that Soham Dada’s kids are with us.

Soham comes to Deshmukh house and yells at Ankita for coming to Archana’s house. Archana says, I brought them here and asks him to talk to her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    1. Ya i just read it on that link..wht the hell r the production team doing..they r just rptng the thing again n again..the leap will be teaken aftr naren nd pari’s marraige.thats mean they will rpt arjun purvi nd ovi’s..i think that the director nd d script hv gone mad totally…they should now just stop this nuisense nd end dis shw..

      1. Yes i agree…they don’t have to put another leap…they can and they have to go on with this track……if they put another leap and track…the story will be even more borring…

  1. Soham maan bhi jaao…….

  2. Agree with pakhi…..we know Archana & Manav r very “Dayalu” but i think your house is Doraemons Pocket…unbelievable lots of people in one house……”pls off dis show enough”

  3. Bullshit….i cnt see dat pari wid naren……n wat abt narens memory……he loved ankita a lot

  4. Pari is just a b*t*h and when naren left her for his love ankita she will be a witch .thank god soham is reuniting with his family c’mon naren remember your memory now

  5. What is the problem with width mouth thick lips parie when Mr Big shot Mad Man Naren was crazy who was there for him money or no money I know thick lips could not handle him, Ankita did every thing for him she put her life in danger for him, where is aunty if width mouth and Naren real wants to know who the baby father is just common sense take a BLOOD TEST and that will solve all parie problem and she will stop lying to Mad man Naren the baby is innocent, she is not married YET and lying to Naren and fooling him then he is real stupid I hope Ankita stop working for him and take care of her self Please Naren get a BLOOD test before the wedding don’t listen to thick lip. Surprise.

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