Pavitra Rishta 1st February 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 1st February 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 1st February 2013 Written Update

Part 1:

Episode begins with in mittal house mittal says to punni i will marry when u will sign this papers. punni sees papers & says no i won’t sign this papers. he says ok.. you go at your house u tell ur parents that our marriage not happen. punni says i will go in media but mitaal says u can do it if you want. he says u sign this papers & enjoy ur marriage. punni signs the papers & mittal says to punni shaddi mubarakho..

At karanjkar house archu gives one necklace to purvi. purvi like it.. purvi tells it’s so expensive na but archu tells you take it as godh bahri ceremony gifts.. purvi confused & says godh bahri.. archu tells me & manav wants to do ur godhbahri.. purvi says it’s so expensive na.. archu says same gift for i purchase for you & ovi.. purvi agrees & take that necklace.

At karanjkar house purvi takes one baby cloth & goes near mirror & asks to her child how it is..? it’s gud na you like it na.. then her mobile phone rings.. she gets one calls & one man is speaking.. he tells purvi i knew ur one truth.. purvi says what truth… he says it doesn’t matter for you. he tells i knew the you are carrying not onir’s child it’s arjun’s child.. he start blackmailing & says i want to 3 lakhs. purvi asks who are you?? but that man does not tell his identity.. he tells u ready with 3 lakhs i will come in ur sister punni’s function.. that time you give me.. ok.. he cut off the call. purvi looks worried & confused.. ( i know who calls purvi. it’s her ex fiance.. means vinay..he only demands 3 lakhs.. very bad taste vinay..)

Part 2:

next Morning.. at karanjkar house the mehandi ceremony starts.. ruchi did mehandi on ovi’s hand.. ovi is praising ruchi’s. sulochana says wow.. it’s gud. manju comes & tells to girls for good & best mehandi on punni’s hand.. manju gets call from Dubai.. it’s rasika call. she tells rasika when will you come in punni’s marriage..? rasika is asking about punni.. manju tells on punni’s hands mehandi is there. she will call you later. vandita enters in house. manju welcomes vandita & says wedding is happen according court marriage but big reception will be there.. so you enjoy. sulochana says manju u are bride mother na.. so why not on ur hand mehandi..? manju says mehandi.. so many works are pending.. manju & sulochana goes in kitchen.. aniket is present in ceremony & he asks teju where is ur mehandi..? teju says i don’t like mehandi.. & teju asks what are you doing here. it’s ladies fucntion na.. aniket leaves,…

purvi is lost in blackmailing thoughts… punni comes & asks what happen…? everything is ok.. na you are thinking about me na. she tells i will not create problems now.. what i want to i get it.. then punni asks about mehandi A letter is where.. punni says sorry not A it’s O.. means onir na. teju comes near ovi & ovi shows her mehandi to teju.. teju says it’s so beautiful.. ovi asks teju what about your mehandi.. teju says i don’t like it but ovi says in ur wedding everything happen with you.. she tells i hope everything fine for ur & sunny’s relation.

At purvi’s bedroom onir says purvi are you busy? purvi replies no.. onir says come here.. onir gives one gift to purvi . purvi asks what it is.. he says u open it na.. purvi opens & she sees necklace.. he says you wear this necklace in godhbahri ceremony. purvi looks confused.. onir looking at her. he asks what happen.. purvi tells about archu that she was also gave same necklace to her.. onir says okk but you know na purvi i have got so many calls from hospital… but do you know na.. i want to help poor ppls.. so i don’t have enough money.. purvi says i knew it.. then purvi goes to place necklace in cupboard.. then her mobile phone rings.. onir takes & says private no.. who he is…?? purvi looks shocked.

Part 3:

onir pick up the call & says hello… he again says hello but blackmailer does not replies anything. the cut the call. then blackmailer calls again.. onir pick up the call. onir says hello but blackmailer cut the call. onir says who is calling purvi now..? purvi is thinking about blackmailer.. onir tells purvi go to sleep. both onir-purvi sleeps.

AT midnight purvi is not sleep bcoz she is lost in thoughts.. then she gets blackmailer’s call. she says hello.. blackmailer says before 2 times calling some one pick up the call. he says i want to 3 lakhs so you get ready i will come 2mrrow.. he starts balckmailing that if she will don’t give him money he will tell her family & arjun about that she is carrying arjun’s baby.. he cut the call. purvi is thinking & says how she will arrange 3 laksh now.. she wake up & goes near drawers & takes gold necklace in her hands & looking at the necklace.

Episode ends..

Precap: ovi says to arjun that purvi is so lucky.. she is orphan & now she got everything best likes a girl wants to in her life..

Update Credit to: NArESh

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