Pavitra Rishta 19th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 19th March 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 19th March 2014 Written Update

The episodes starts with Ankita hugging Naren and he murmuring Ahana unconsciously. Ankita sees his hands and legs tied and requests Sunanda to free him. Sunanda first resists but then agrees after Ankita pleads. Ankita gets happy and frees Naren’s hands and legs. Serial’s title song plays in the background. Ankita gives Naren water and takes care of him.

Pari sees Pushti waving her friend and scolds Pushti for being with her friend. She says her friend goes with her boyfriend saying she goes to Pushti’s house and warns her to be away from that girl. Pushti agrees and Pari goes. Pia comes and consoles Pushti.

Rushali is resting. Maid brings tea. She says she will check Naren first and then will have tea. Her husband asks her to have tea first and then go to check Naren.

Just then, she hears Naren shouting and being schizophrenic. Rushali rushes to Naren’s home and sees him untied.

Goons beat Soham for drinking in their bar without money. Sashank sees that and rescues Soham by giving 1000 rs to goons.

Rushali scolds Ankita for coming back to the house and asks her get out of her house. She asks who gave her permission. Sunanda says she gave her permission. Rushali says Naren’s parents are alive and they will take care of him and asks to stop playing with her son’s life. She asks Sunanda to stop supporting Ankita.. She asks Ankita to go from her house. Sunanda asks her to not take any decision in a hurry. Rushali asks her not to interfere and says she cannot take her son away from her, if she does not like, she will her house and property. She then asks her husband to come with her and says Sunanda is not a mother and does not know mother’s pain. Sunanda asks Ankita to go from her home. Kinnari gets happy listening that. Ankita goes from there.

Teju teaches Pari on laptop. Laptop’s hard disk crashes. She gets panicked. Pia comes and repairs laptop. Pari gets happy. Pia asks who is Aman. Pari says not to take Aman’s name. Pia asks sorry. Pari asks to remove Aman’s name from her laptop. Pia says she cannot as it is there in her lap from years. She then deletes Aman’s name from her laptop. Pari asks sorry and thanks her. Pia asks will Pari get alright, Teju says don’t worry.

Sashank brings Soham home. Mansi says it is his daily routine. Sashank asks who is Vishnu Lala. Mansi remembers Soham taking Vishnu Lala’s name says he must be Soham’s goon friend.

Ankita is walking and remembers Naren’s words and even his lawyer’s words of helping her when in need.

Pia is having pizza. Teju comes and says she should not eat this much cheese and will share pizza with her. Pia says her mom also says same thing and is very health conscious. Teju says her sister Ovi is also health conscious and she remembers her a lot. Pia says it is like Aman and Pari’s matter, looks like they love each other a lot. Teju says she is getting involved into her family matter much and asks her not to show so much interest.

Arjun asks Purvi why did she bring her here outside India. She says Ovi sent her to take care of him and help him with his treatment. It is important that he gets well soon and they will go to India after that. Arjun asks if his parents know about it. She asks him not to worry about that.

Precap: Naren’s lawyer asks Sunanda if it is important to tie Naren. Sunanda says even she does not like it, but Naren hurts himself and others.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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