Pavitra Rishta 19th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 19th July 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 19th July 2013 Written Update

Soham tells Archu what all Ovi told to him. He says, I saw pain in her eyes when she said she is giving divorce to Arjun. He asks why it takes long in getting divorce. Archu explains him according to Indian court, it takes at least 6 months and if Ovi stays in Canada, then she would have to come to India again and again… and that is why maybe she decided to stay here. Soham is concerned for Ovi as she might have to suffer from a lot in these 6 months.

Ovi comes to see Dk. Dk is surprised to see her. Ovi asks him, if her and his relationship will be affected because of her decision. Dk says, for me you’re still my daughter. I just want you to get what you want.

Gauri comes to Soham’s store. He’s taking lunch and no one else is there. Gauri cannot wait. She asks him if

she can take stuff by herself. Soham says, go ahead and then write down there what you took. Gauri takes her stuff and is leaving and another customer comes. Soham gets up, but his hands are dirty. Gauri gives the customer what he wanted. Soham is amazed. Gauri leaves.

Manav and Archu come where Ovi is living. They try to stop Ovi from going to Canada, but Ovi says, you know very well why I don’t want to stay here. I just came here for divorce procedure. Manav asks her if she is mentally prepared. Ovi says, I am very happy with my decision. Archu says, you know it will take 6 months, right? Ovi says, yes.. and 6 months is a lot for me. I just want to get divorce as soon as possible. She says to them at least they can help her in getting out of all this.. as she is not comfortable with this relationship.

Arjun returns home. Servant tells him Ovi came and give him a letter. In the letter, Ovi says, I came to see dad and I purposely came during time when you were not here. I have one thing of you which I am returning to you with this letter. It’s their wedding ring. Ovi says in the letter, it reminds me of you so I am returning you. I can never forget you because we are friends from childhood. Ovi continues, I really want you to get married to Purvi after our divorce. Don’t forget to invite me. I will definitely come. Arjun looks at the ring and says, I can never forget you either.. we are friends from childhood. I can’t forget my childhood that easily. I wish you all the happiness in the world, Ovi. Good luck.

Arjun and Purvi are in a restaurant for a meeting. Arjun tells her, I ordered coffee for you. Purvi says, coffee? You know I like tea. I want tea. Right then waiter comes and gives her tea. Arjun smiles.

Ovi is also in the same restaurant with her friend. Her friends sees Arjun and tells Ovi. Ovi turns back and sees Arjun. Arjun waves his hand, but Ovi turns her face. Purvi asks Arjun whom who you saying hi? Arjun says, Ovi. Purvi also turns back. Ovi’s friend tells her that there is a lady with him as well and if she know who she is. Ovi says, yes. Her friend says, you should go and check what they are doing. In end he is your husband. Ovi says, no.. I came here to give him divorce. Other hand, Purvi tells Arjun that he should go and meet her, but Arjun says, I don’t think she wants to meet me. Purvi says, maybe she felt bad seeing you with me. You should go to her, maybe she will like it. Ovi’s friend asks her if Purvi is his next girlfriend and if she is the reason for divorce. Ovi is quiet.

Arjun still says no to Purvi. He blames himself for not keeping Ovi happy and not fulfilling his promise to Purvi. He says, but if you still want me to go, then I can try. He gets up to go, but by then Ovi and her friend leave from there.

Soham is learning English and he loses patience. Archu tells him that he has to be patient to learn English. Soham says, watch now.. I will learn how to write and speak. Gauri comes there to give report to Archu. She says, everything is normal and under control. Soham says, why it wouldn’t be? In end he took care of him. Gauri has a little smile on her face. Archu goes in to get prasad for Gauri. Gauri sits beside Soham and teaches him English. Soham asks, what’s meaning of thank you and mention not? Gauri explains to him. Soham then thanks Gauri. Gauri says, I should be thanking you for coming to drop me last night and saving me from goons. Soham says, mention not. Gauri is amazed and says, you’re learning quick. Soham says, I enjoy this.. like how I enjoy fighting. Thats why I learned it right away. He shares a story how he beat someone. Gauri whispers. it’s impossible for him to become a gentleman. Soham asks, what did you say? Gauri says, what’s next word?

Onir is drinking tea. He hear some ladies talking about polio booth campaign. Onir gets information from them saying he knows someone who has a child. He is then calling to Purvi, but then changes his mind. But then again says, what if Purvi forgets about polio? He says he will have to inform her about this somehow.

Teju is playing with Pari. Purvi also comes to see Purvi before she leaves for the work. Onir is looking at them. Once the car starts, Onir quickly throws polio advertisement in the car and goes away. Manav tells Purvi it must be someone from that campaign.

Soham is going with some boxes. He’s about to drop them, but Onir helps him. Before Soham puts the boxes down and sees who it was who helped him, Onir goes away.

Onir then orders tea and Soham hears his voice. He goes to Onir and asks, what are you doing here? I have warned you already don’t try to create relationship with my sister again. Onir says, why would I? Our rishta is broken long time ago. Soham says, you will say that only now na.. she was with you during your bad time and what you did? Left her during her bad time. Gauri comes there. Onir says, I was also with her during her bad time. Soham loses his cool and is about to punch him. Gauri comes to stop him.

Episode ends.

Precap: Arjun gives a file (divorce papers maybe) to Ovi and says, just for your happiness.

Update Credit to: Desitvbox

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