Pavitra Rishta 18th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Pavitra Rishta 18th October 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 18th October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Ankita searching for the blue file in the room. Raunaq comes and closes the door. Ankita says she couldn’t find the office. Raunaq says it is party time and lets have fun. Ankita says she is not that type of girl. Raunaq says every girl says that in the beginning then they get accustom to luxuries. He says I want to help you and you have to cooperate. He pushes him on the sofa, Ankita slaps him and leaves the room. Arjun hears her voice and turns around. Shirish asks Arjun to come with him and says Raunaq is not looking around. Raunaq tells his friend that he will throw her from the office. He asks him to help. As Ankita is leaving the party, Raunaq’s friend stops him and says I have a doubt that this girl stole my wallet. Ankita says she don’t know him

and she didn’t steal.Watchman searches her purse and takes out the wallet. Raunaq smiles. Ankita says he must have done it to take revenge, he tried to force himself on me. Raunaq asks her to shut up and insults her saying lakhs of girls roam around him. He says you was trapping me. He says I know your type of girl, they can stoop at any level for money. either they blackmail or timepass. Ankita says she is poor but she is not like him. She says you think any poor girl compromises for you but I am not. She shouts at him. Raunaq says he is firing her from the office. Arjun looks on shocked while he captures her photo in his mobile, and thinks she is same like Archana. Everyone looks on..

Ankita is in the train and crying. Some woman asks what happened? Ankita says he fired me by tagging me as a thief. That woman says they will not believe us, our poverty is our curse. Ankita says what she will do now. She thought to take care of her siblings but what she will do now. She gives strength and asks Ankita to be hopeful.

Arjun looks at Ankita’s photo and recalls Ankita’s words that Raunaq took revenge on her.

Archana asks Purvi to celebrate her birthday and they will throw a party. Purvi refuses. Archana says we will celebrate for our own happiness and convinces her. Teju asks Pari to convince Purvi. Pari is also thinks about Purvi and says she will not come to the party. Sachin’s wife Nina says it is Purvi’s birthday party and it is going to be happening. She taunts Purvi. And says we shall call the media. Teju taunts her back. Pari says she have to go to office. Arjun calls on Deshmukh house, Purvi picks the call. Arjun hesitantly says hi and then asks her how is she? Purvi looks emotional and shocked. Pari asks about her file to Purvi, Arjun hears her voice.

Purvi says outside. Purvi is in tears. He asks is that Pari? She says yes. Purvi cancels the call saying I will call you later. Archana comes and asks what happened? Did Arjun called?Purvi gives a emotional and sad look. Meanwhile Arjun is on the road and is sad. Archana asks Purvi to talk to Arjun. Purvi says she don’t want to talk to him. Archana says one have to do the start in the marriage. She says Arjun was wrong and that’s why I am with you. He chose Ovi over you. When you were on stage on our anniversary day, I came to know that you are alone. Today you have became a good business woman but you are alone. You misses him and loves him even now. She says I don’t want you to do the same mistake which your aayi and baba did. She says you were seperated for 20 years and I didn’t force you because Arjun was wrong. She asks her to talk to him once. She says nobody gets a second chance. She asks her to talk to Arjun for her and Pari. Purvi is in thoughts.

Ankita is still in the train and thinks her siblings were happy with her job. She thinks Prashant dream has broken, his dream to study has broken. She thinks it is her responsibility to take care of them and she will never break their hopes.

Arjun and Purvi are thinking about each other. Arjun looks at his mobile while the song choti choti baatein…. yuhi aate jaate….. yaadein sehlake jaati hain….plays in the BG. Purvi is in dilemma whether to call Arjun or not. Arjun waits for Purvi’s call. Purvi recalls her fight with Arjun and that he said that he will not say her anything. She recalls about Arjun being Pia’s father. She recalls her argument with Arjun over their respective father’s. She recalls having seen Arjun with Ovi and her baby Pia. She recalls how she saw Ovi with Arjun.

Arjun thinks he have to talk to her. He did stop himself but today after listening her voice he can’t stop himself. He wonders, why she didn’t call him. Arjun keeps on waiting for her until the wee hours of morning.

Prashant tells Soham that he will kill him. Mansi asks but where will we go? Soham asks them to vacate the house and shifts to the nearby burial ground.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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