Pavitra Rishta 18th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 18th March 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 18th March 2014 Written Update

Doctor says Ankita he told her before that his experiment won’t be successfull. Ankita says she just wants to see Naren get normal. Doctor says he cannot do it as if something happens, he cannot take the responsibility. Ankita pleads him to do try it at least once and try some other experiment. Doctor says there is one way. If they can create the incident happened in London, they can get Naren to normalcy. If they can create that incident and if he can save Ahana, then Naren will be saved. Ankita says Ahana is dead and if she can sit in fire instead. Doctor says he cannot allow her to sit in fire, what if Naren does not save her. Ankita says Naren will come and save her, she is sure.

Pia brings cake to Pushti. Pushtieats that and says it is good and Pia is like her sister now

and they will enjoy. Pia says she has got one more sister Pari. She says pari has changed. Pia then asks about OVi and her daughter. Pushti gets silent. Pia asks why is she silent. Pushti says she will bring Pia and they will enjoy. Neena comes and scolds her for thinking about Ovi and says people in this house only think about Ovi. Archana hears that and asks her to stop talking bad about her daughters. Neena says because of OVi, Purvi was away from Arjun. Archana gets angry and says she does not want to hear anything against Ovi and goes. Pushti says Pia that everytime it happens, Archana gets angry when Neena says something to Ovi and Pia. Pia promises herself that she will bring back Ovi.

Naren calls Ahana in his sleep. Rushali is beside him, sleeping. Sunanda comes and asks Rushali to go and sleep and she will take care of Naren, else she will fall ill and who will take care of Naren. She insists her to go and sleep. Naren again calls Ahana. Rushali scolds Ankita for snatching her son from her and says she will not forgive Ankita. She then goes and Sunana sits besides Naren. Sunanda thinks Rushali was right, she would not have given permission and Naren would not have been in such a position. She prays god to help Naren. Sunanda then gets Ankita’s call who requests her to allow her to meet Naren. She says Rushali is very angry and asks her not to come. She says whatever happened today was not good and she should not come here. Naren is with his family and everybody is there to take care of him. She then cuts the call. Ankita cries and thinks what to do now.

Naren’s lawyer friend sees Ankita outside. He comes near him and asks what is she doing here and says he will drop her home. Ankita says she cannot go home. He asks her to come to his home, what will he say to Naren. He then says Naren is getting well because of him, though the experiment failed. Ankita asks him to drop at Naren’s house. He drops her there and asks her to go in. He says Naren is his very good friend and helped her always and he will help her now and goes.

It is morning now and Sunanda asks nurse to bring medicine for Naren. Nurse brings medicine. Sundanda comes out of the room and sees Ankita sleeping on the door. She gets worried for her and says Ankita always faces hardship and never loses hope. She then calls Ankita and asks what is she doing there. Ankita asks how is Naren. Sunanda says Naren is fine now and asks her to go. Ankita pleads to see Naren. Sunanda permits and asks her to come and see him before anybody sees her her.

Archana is upset. Manav asks why is she upset. She says some relationships are hard to follow. She is looking at Ankita’s pic and is happy she is married. Manav asks her to call her and check if she alright, even he wants to talk to her. What if she has some problem, who will she share with. He insists Archana to call Ankita. She calls her, but her number is out of reach. She then calls Mansi. Soham picks the call. Arhcana says she is Archana Deshmukh and wants to talk to Mansi. Soham is shocked to hear his mother’s voice. Soham gets emotional and says madam is not at home. Archana thinks he is servant and asks who is he. He says he is her servant. Archana asks to inform Mansi that she had called. MAnav says he would be her father. Soham thinks after many years he spoke to his mother but could not tell his identity. Archana thinks Ankita would have taken Mansi and her servant would have picked the call.

Ankita comes to Naren’s room and sees him sleeping. She hugs him.

Precap Rushali asks Ankita to get out of her house. Sunanda asks her to calm down. Rushali says Naren is her son and she will take his decisions, else she will leave the house

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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