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Pavitra Rishta 18th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts in Varanasi. The Panditji is talking to someone and asks him to be beware. He asks about his wife’s name initial and fools him to get money. He asks him to sprinkle Gangajal on the house to make his wife calm. Panditji’s wife comes and asks him to go. She tells him that Vaishnavi didn’t come home and asks him to look for her. Panditji says, she is a kid. She will be back. He tells her that something will happen today which hasn’t happened in the past. His daughter in law brings tea for him. Ranvijay brings Ankita home and takes her in the room. Daughter in law tells Panditji’s wife that Ranvijay took someone inside the room. Vaishnavi covers Ankita with blanket. Ranvijay’s family questions him about Ankita. Ranvijay says, she will stay here. Panditji’s

daughter in law says how can he bring someone. Panditji says, we will talk in the morning. Ankita gains consciousness in the night and sees the girl sleeping beside her.

She comes out of the room and sees Ranvijay. Ankita asks him, is this your home? Ranvijay asks her to speak low and says you was unconscious that’s why I brought you here. My daughter insisted me to bring you here. I listened to her. Ankita thanks her and is about to leave. Ranvijay warns her that the goons will be outside and asks her to go in the morning. Ankita gets sad.

Prashant speaks to the Ganesha and says tai and baba was snatched from us. He asks, why did you snatched her from us. She sacrificed her life for us. Why did you ruined her life? He gets emotional and says he didn’t know whether she is alive or not. Mansi comes and says I know you are very sad. She asks him to believe that Ankita is fine. Bappa will take care of her. Prashant says, if Bappa wanted then Ankita could be happy with Naren jiju. He tells Mansi that he thought be become rich and protect her, but he couldn’t protect her and you. Mansi asks him not to blame himself. Some neighbours going from there and taunts Prashant for not being able to handle his sister. Prashant gets angry and fights with them. Mansi falls and takes promise from Prashant that he won’t react to anyone’s sayings. She hugs her brother while crying .

Ankita thinks she doesn’t know whether she will have a baby girl or baby boy, but he will have their qualities. She thinks, he will be like Naren or her. She thinks he is not aware that the child is his and cries miserably. Naren gets flashes of some child and wakes up. Pari asks, what happened. Naren tells her that he saw a dream.

Pari tells him not to get over stressed. Naren asks her to sleep. Panditji’s daughter in law looks at Ranvijay and thinks he behaves like Raja Bhoj. Have to give him food here. Ranvijay asks her to serve him. She taunts him. She asks Ranvijay about Ankita. She taunts Ranvijay for being jobless. Ranvijay tells her that he have the food and asks her to keep the food outside the room so that Ankita eats it. Panditji’s wife asks her, she tells her thata Ranvijay asks her to keep the food for Ankita. She says, Ranvijay never allowed me to step inside the room and that woman is staying in his room. Panditji’s wife says, we can’t argue with him. He doesn’t listen to us. She asks Kavita to sleep. Mansi looks at her family pic and cries. Shashank comes and asks why you are crying. Mansi holds herself responsible for the happenings. Shashank says no. She says, if I allowed you and Ankita to marry each other then everyone would have been fine. Shashank makes her understand that it was a mutual decision. He says, I am very happy with you and loves you a lot. Mansi says I know, but….Shashank tells her that relations are made in heaven as God has made you for me. He asks her not to blame herself. He tells Ankita is very strong. She has done a big sacrificed. She will be fine. He hugs her.

Pari brings breakfast for Naren. Naren asks, why you are working? Pari says, she likes to work and wants to reach his heart. Naren hugs her and says I thought we have came back home soon. He looks at her forehead and says he will apply sindoor on her forehead. He gets flashes of applying sindoor on Ankita’s forehead. He stops and tells Pari that he felt someone’s presence in their room. Pari tells him that no one is here and asks him to fill her maang soon. Naren fills her maang with sindoor and gets tensed. She hugs him.

Naren comes back from office. Pari asks why you came late and asks him to be responsible. Naren asks what? Pari talks about his additional responsibilities.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. additional responsabilities ???????????

  2. Plz let naren get bk his memories ASAP

  3. Wht additipnal responsibilities???now plz dnt mk tht pari pregnentt..!!!

    1. So early ??? no…..they should not do that…. it’s been just 1 week or 1 month that they get married….
      same same story
      like ovi and purvi….

  4. This show is crap and no longer a pavitra rishta. They are making a joke about the purest relationship of marriage.

  5. Plz cut this crap soon and let that parish loose her happiness so she realises how much wrong she did with Ankita
    And plz plz let Ankita and ranvbijay track be shown more than that of stupid selfish parish and naren’s plz…

  6. Plz cut this crap soon and let that pari loose her happiness so she realises how much wrong she did with Ankita
    And plz plz let Ankita and ranvijay track be shown more than that of stupid selfish pari and naren’s plz…

  7. Same history repeating again
    This show will keep going on like this I hope Pari realises her mistakes

  8. What is so pavitra about this relation ship .OMG
    Please don’t humilate our culture . And the same old story
    2 sister with 1 boy .etc etc .

  9. Gosh….Fed up of this soapie….Just end it….Its a repeat of Purvi and Arjuns story….

  10. Omg! This series getting tired with so much confusion. Not again purvi and ovi story. They out of ideas thats why the are doing stupedness

  11. wen is dis shit finishing so sumthing gr8 can cum up instead of listening 2 “pavitra rishtaaaa tera mera maan ka” its bullshit…no stories left dats y cumin up wid idioticy maan…..

  12. we are bored withseeingallthis newsense u r making marriages asnewaence metagainnaranandankitaunlessstoptheshowwe r not interested in watching this nonsence

  13. Pari is so Ovi….should have learn atleast from her mom purvi how she sacrificed her love…

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