Pavitra Rishta 18th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 18th July 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 18th July 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Arjun dismissing the meeting. Now only Arjun and Purvi are there. Purvi is smiling. Arjun says, I saw you smiling during meeting as well. What’s the matter. Purvi says, I remembered something. Do you remember how you increased AC temperature to bother me. Arjun remembers it and smiles. Purvi continues, and today you adjusted AC’s temperature. Arjun says, you were the reason for whatever I was doing before. You were irritating me so much. They both argue now and tell each other, you used to irritate. Arjun says, tell me the truth, you were having fun in making me angry, right? That is why you used to irritate me. Both laugh. Arjun says, there you go. You were such a devil.

Purvi says, that time when you used to get angry.. I was enjoying so much. Your

face.. you used to look so funny. Both laugh again. Arjun says, I like seeing you like this. Vibrant.. Busy with work..very happy.. it seems like old Purvi is back.. the one whom I used to love a lot… and then moment of silence. Purvi then says, alright.. I will see you. She leaves.

Purvi is searching for an auto. Arjun comes and says, my driver is coming with car. I will drop you. Driver comes and says, our car is not starting.. will have to take it to the garage. Drive leaves.

Arjun tells Purvi, seems like you will have to give me lift in your rickshaw. Purvi laughs. An auto comes, but doesn’t stop. Purvi says, we will have to walk a bit and then find auto from there. They start walking. It’s muddy there. Purvi is about to slip, but Arjun catches her. Both have an eyelock. Arjun tells Purvi to be careful and leaves her. An auto passes from there and Arjun’s clothes and face get dirty. Purvi laughs seeing it. Another auto comes and this time Purvi’s clothes and face get dirty. Now Arjun laughs at her. Purvi shouts, don’t laugh at me. Arjun says, it was okay when you were laughing and I can’t. He tells her to go and wash her face. Purvi says same thing to him and both laugh. Arjun holds her hand and both carefully walk.

It’s raining and Teju wants to go out in the rain. Archu shares how her and her family used to go out in the rain. Teju says, it’s just different fun to get wet in rain with family. From that they get idea to do this now. Teju goes in and tells everyone that Archu is hurt. Everyone runs outside.

Archu and Teju then pull everyone out in the rain. Savita, Manav’s dad watch everyone enjoying in the rain from upstairs.

Purvi leaves as Pari is alone. Other family members dance and enjoy. Manav and Soham come face to face and everyone gets quiet for a bit. Then all again start enjoying. On a side, Archu tells Manav that she missed all this a lot and today when she is getting all this.. she is very happy. She hopes they stay happy like this forever. Suddenly, Ovi arrives there now. Everyone is surprised and happy to see Ovi there. Ovi hugs and greets everyone. Savita tells Ovi, it’s good you came. I was missing you and worrying about you a lot. Ovi says, I missed you a lot as well. I wanted to call, but timing never matched. I couldn’t control so decides to come here. Manav’s dad says, find a job here and stay with family. Savita calls everyone back now.

They come home and Purvi and Ovi come face to face. Purvi asks, when did you come? Archu says, just now. Archu then tells Ovi to change. Ovi says, I just came to meet you all. I will stay in the hotel. Everyone tells Ovi to stay here, but Ovi says, I won’t be able to stay here. Purvi says, I will go to aaji’s house. You can stay here. Ovi says, please.. you don’t need to go anywhere. And don’t let your life get affected because of me. Ovi says, I don’t want to talk about this anymore. You all stay happy like you were. You don’t need to bring any change in your life because of me. Ovi leaves. Soham follows her.

Ovi tells taxi driver to drop her at some hotel. Driver says, I put your bags on the stairs. Ovi goes to get them. Soham stops her and says, I know you’re not staying here because of Purvi. Ovi says, please let me go. I don’t want to share my problem. Soham says, why not? I am your elder brother.. and I worry for you. I know what you’re going through. But try to understand.. Purvi is going through bad phase as well. Onir betrayed Purvi. Ovi says, betrayal? Soham says, he was married before he married to Purvi and when Purvi found out the truth, he left her. Ovi cannot believe it. Soham says, we couldn’t believe it either, but Onir confessed this in front of everyone. When Onir left Purvi, she was complete broken down and she needed her family’s support. That is why aai brought her here. Ovi says, yes.. maybe you’re right that Purvi needs her family right now.. maybe more than me. And it’s good that I took this decision. Soham says, what decision? Ovi says, now Onir is gone from Purvi’s life and I am sure situation will bring Arjun and Purvi closer. I am telling the truth. I don’t have any problem with this relationship now. That is why I came to India to give divorce to Arjun. If I could do all this from Canada, then I would never come here.

Soham says, tell me the truth. Are you happy there? Staying away from your family? Ovi says, no I am not happy at all. But what can I do? There are so many memories of Arjun in India. If I stay in Canada, then I don’t remember them all. Soham says, I understand.. but don’t you think you’re going away from your family? Why are you punishing your family? They were always with you. I didn’t stay with my family for so long and now when I came here.. I am very happy. I will never leave them. You can be happy as well. It’s your right to be happy. Ovi says, no.. if I stay here then more problems will come. I don’t want anyone to have any problem because of me. I know decision that I took is very big, but I am happy with it. I think I did the right thing. Ovi leaves.

In the office, Purvi is thinking about Ovi’s words. Arjun comes and asks her for something, but Purvi is lost in her own thoughts. Arjun asks her, what’s the matter? Purvi tells him that Ovi is back. Arjun takes out his phone and asks, why she didn’t call me? He calls her, but she doesn’t pick up. Arjun then decides to call home, but Purvi says, no point. She is not saying there. Maybe because I live there. Because of me Ovi went away from her family. Arjun tells her not to blame herself for this and he will take care of this. He asks where she is staying. Purvi says, she didn’t tell this to anyone. She just said to aai wherever she is.. she is safe. Arjun says, maybe that is why she is not picking up my call. She doesn’t want to talk to me.

Archu is sad and standing alone. Manav comes there. Archu says, I don’t know what to do. Ovi came all of a sudden and it was good to see her. But then again she left because she doesn’t want to stay with Purvi. I don’t know how all this will be sorted out. Manav says, don’t worry.. everything will be fine with time. Did you see Ovi is not like how she used to be before? Archu says, meaning? Manav says, she has been very stubborn since childhood. He shares a childhood story and Archu smiles. Manav continues, but today, Ovi didn’t complain.. didn’t overreact. She didn’t ask us why we brought Purvi here.. when we brought here.. nothing. She is changed. Whatever she went through.. taught her everything that we couldn’t. Archu says, she has really grown up. Manav says, but the sad thing is.. she had to learn everything like this. Archu tells Manav not to worry because this time, Ovi won’t regret with her decision.

Episode ends.

Precap: Ovi is in a restaurant. Arjun and Purvi are also in the same restaurant. Ovi looks at Arjun. Arjun waves his hand, but Ovi turns her face. Purvi asks Arjun, whom you are saying hi? Arjun says, Ovi.

Update Credit to: DTB

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